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revina posted on Jan 07, 2008 at 03:13AM
I am about to buy the DVD. Just confused which DVD contains these 2 scenes :

1. the US alternate ending
(post wedding scene at Pemberley),

2. this scene I read on Wikipedia P& P :"the British version also included
a brief scene showing the Darcys and the Bingleys emerging from a small church and
entering a carriage after their double wedding".

are they on the single disc or the double disc?

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più di un anno fa tessajanuary said…
The second one I'm pretty sure is refering to the scene from the A&E 1995 version of P&P (the miniseries one). I haven't seen the different ending on the British version of the 2005 movie though, so I can't be sure. Where are you buying it? (i.e. where do you live?) That will make a difference to what ending you get on the DVD.
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più di un anno fa revina said…
the second scene, I haven't seen it, just read it on wikipedia.
I live in Jakarta (Indonesia). Have bought the dvd, still considering, is it better to buy the region 1 (U.S) or region 2?

The post-wedding scene at pemberley, is it on dvd region 1?
più di un anno fa revina said…
sorry, I meant I haven't bought the dvd, still thinking, would it be best to buy single or double disc? region 1 or 2?
più di un anno fa Jillywinkles said…
I have the single disc U.S. version, and that goes straight into the extra ending scene. I didn't even know there was another version until I heard about it online.

I always tend to buy the double-discs though--the ones that have the most stuff.

Also, you should definitely buy the BBC version--the 1995 mini-series. It's expensive to buy, so you might want to rent it first to see if you like it, but imo it's definitely worth it.
più di un anno fa Kendra07 said…
Does anyone know what music playing on DVD bonus materials?(when talking about Chatsworth(its history,first duke of Devonshyre the beginning) and in the politics of dating(at the end when Knightley talks about Darcy's and E. first skin-on-scin)such a beutiful melody..Is it Dario Marianelli or not?Please,help