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SugarLipsMJ posted on Jul 25, 2011 at 07:57PM
I don't know if uv noticed this but some of @pariisjaxn 's (real Paris on twitter) retweets r just.... wrong I guess( at least for her age ).. See for urself!

I bet you were BORN naked!. ( she deleted this one)

You know what bitch?
Go step on a Lego. Barefoot.

By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you deleted and blocked.
You may now kiss my ass.

&go ahead Date the slut.Pay no attention to all the other girls a million times better then her.Im done trying.I give up.She wins..as usual

I'm sorry slut, but unfortunately there isn't a
"clear history" button for your vagina

.. What r ur thoughts??? Don't hate it's only a question.

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più di un anno fa princemjforlife said…
They were all retweets from a twitter called girl tweets or something like that.
più di un anno fa xoMPPBxo said…
Eh, it's not that bad. She's a teenager, she's angst-y.
più di un anno fa Amy_PmjLuv said…
Well i do it MjSugarLips check out my page @roroloro
più di un anno fa Walsh97 said…
It seems to me that she might has something against slutty girls.
più di un anno fa TLCMichaelfan02 said…
I find it hilarious. She's just like me and my friends.
più di un anno fa blank_et said…
Paris is putting this thick wall.
Like she have this attitude like us, dont mess with me and my family bitch or else Im gonna kick your vagina
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più di un anno fa SugarLipsMJ said…
più di un anno fa mjjoan said…
u see guys she is just like any of us
she is nomal
thats what nomal teens do to there haters