Michael Jackson il Principe My Interview With Girls-Who-Think-They-Know-Prince

pmjlover1997 posted on Jan 10, 2011 at 10:00PM
ok,just to let you know this isn't a real interview i was just bored. oh, and these girls are just random girls i made up. ok let's start with the blondie girl
me: hey,blondie girl
blonde girl: hey,have i told that my boyfriend is PRINCE MICHAEL JACKSON can you beleive it??????? *starts screaming*
me: no i don't believe you,and please,stop your screaming! and...... how can you go out with him when his dad said he can't date any girls (or boys?) (lol,i was joking about that so don't get angry) until he is 14?
blonde girl: OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! MY BOYFRIEND IS DATING A BOY *starts to cry* we were so happy together how the f*** can he back stabb me like that i'm gonna tell the whole school!
me: oh no,please don't i was only joking prince isn't gay!!!!!!!!! come back!!!!!!!!!!!!
blonde girl: *gets runned over by a car*
me: R.I.P bitch! next girl!
red-head girl: hey,my name is michelle
me: hi,my name is Lisa-Marie
red-head girl: oops,sorry, i got a text from my boyfriend.... OMG!!!!!!!!!
me: what?!
red-head girl: prince michael jackson just asked me out
!!!!!!! *hugs me*
me: hey,keep the uniform clean and anyways i don't think prince has a cell phone so.... your are a liar
red-head girl: but how did you know?
me: i know girls who have lots of dreams but your dream of prince texting you and asking you out won't happen sorry
red-head girl: ummm i'm gonna go now so...
me: bye next girl!
girl with black hair: OMG!!!!!!!!!!
me: what now!?
girl with black hair: you look like MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: umm thank-you would you like some water *begins to pour water*
girl with black hair: you sound like him also!!!!!!!! OMG your are Michael Jackson
me: i'm very confused here
me: how can i be MJ if i'm a female and i didn't tell the world that i died!
girl with black hair + everyone: *starts chasing me*
me: oh crap *starts running*
everyone + girl: *gets beaten up by some big guy*
well,that's the end of my interview! it was quite weird but i was only bored so see ya later

 ok,just to let te know this isn't a real interview i was just bored. oh, and these girls are just ra
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più di un anno fa SashaPrince4ver said…
I don't get it..?
più di un anno fa kimijonas said…
big smile
più di un anno fa blank_et said…
uhmm..... *crickets sounds* ookay... (O_O)
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa ms-prince said…
love it RIP BITCH lmao
più di un anno fa pmjlover1997 said…
yeah i know it's kind of random but the world would boring if we didn't have any weird people
più di un anno fa SashaPrince4ver said…
I still don't get it.
più di un anno fa blank_et said…
^ lol XD
più di un anno fa FluroUndies said…
lol :P