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 March 3, 2009 in London, UK }
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Michael Jackson
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march 15 today is my brithdy. daddy came running up the stairs to get me up he was so happy. he swung open my bedroom door swiped me out of my culla, presepe and into his arms. he detto happy brithday sweetie. still in a daze of sleep i hugged my daddy. daddy let my stay in my pjs because it was my brithday. he carried me downstairs on his hip, he was still trying to get me happy for my brithday. when we got down the bend of the stairway daddy turned so i could see all gifts. daddy detto lets go wake up grandma and grandpa for brefast. we went and woke them up and then sat down at the cucina tavolo to...
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October 18 it’s the giorno I start rehearsals for my legacy tour and we were on our way to the local concerto arena. Uncle Frank was in the car and said” successivo week I lined up a meeting for te with a costume designer.” I detto as I shut the car off” sounds good to me”. We got out of the car and went inside the building. As we walked down the hallway uncle Frank said” I already picked your backup dancers, and I think te are going to like them a lot”. I opened the door and said” why do te say that?” I looked up and saw all of the dancers my dad had picked for his This Is It tour....
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