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Dashiell: 15, Prince: 16, Serena: 16, Paris: 15, Nikki: 16

“Prince, don’t do it” I warned him.

“Do what” he asked innocently raising his eyebrows.

“You know what.”

“What” he asked again.

“If te do I’ll...”

“You’ll what?”

“Just don’t do it” I detto glaring at him.

“I prefer a più polite, gentler tone for when people are begging me not to do something.”

“I’m not begging” I retorted.

“Oh te aren’t” he detto his comedic tone coming through his voice.

“Just shut up.”

“Wrong answer” he detto laughing and from behind his back he pulled a red hand sized...
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Michael Jackson il Principe
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I had this dream last night so I thought I'd make it into a fanfic.

Me and my friend Damian walked to his Karate class I was going to sign up for Karate and just as me and my friend were at the counter signing my sheet for karate. There were a bunch of flashes and loud voices " ciao guys so hows karate going" " why are te picking a new place". Me and Damian look outside the door and 3 children are rushing in I reconize them as Prince, Paris, and Blanket I rush out and let the kids and the body guards in but block out the papz. " Hi I'm Kayla" I put my hand out for Paris to shake she seems kind...
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