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posted by ninact99
Vegeta is hot, strong, and he has the best personality ever!!!!!! He is so witty & confident, & he never well he is just sooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv him soooooo much!!!!!!!! Every time i think of him i think of a sexy, cute, strong, and irrisistable sayain. I know that hes married to bulma but i still luv him! i think bulma should just die o get murdered of something! i want to marry him hav a sayain kid, and get really strong like all the sayains, then me and vegeta will become immortal and rule the universe, oh that is right after we destroy that horrible trador kakorot! ijust wish my dream would come tru!!!! vegeta is just the best & i know i detto it already like 100 times, but i just luv vegeta soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is the best sayain and the best character in the dragon ball series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by tammav5
Yana sakoya,11, became a care taker when she was 6 with her identical twin sister yasay. 1 anno fa they were diviso, spalato up after yasay was orderd to stay tien shinhan's care taker and yana was told she had to care for a saiyan prince named vegeta.
now its 2 weeks after she met her prince.she sat silently outside the tent waiting for him to wake up.

Yana: *thinking* i dont want to wake prince vegeta...but what if something happens? he'll most deffenitly scold me if i wake him and he will also scold me if i fight alone.

so she just waited.until she heard her prince come outside.

Yana: *bowing* good morning,...
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