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PTA and Banished Domanda

If te had to pick one thing to have added to this club as a "show" o "bonus" what would it be?

da "show" I mean like a weekly o biweekly thing that is on a set schedule. Kind of like Riku's "Battle" thing.

da "bonus" I mean something like my alternate ending to Nerin's Death, which would be less of a scheduled thing and più like when I think of something and have the time to write it.
 wantadog posted più di un anno fa
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PTA and Banished Risposte

Riku114 said:
Well, before we go on to say shows and bonuses, I would like to also say we need to get an icona and banner going for it. Im thinking of trying to figure one out sometime later, clearly there will be options.

As for shows and bonuses......... Ill modifica when I get any ideas.

[EDIT 1] Im going to be adding my ideas as they come to head. Well I was thinking of doing this thing where it was like a quick interview articolo that I saw in random Role Playing. Its where there is a long set of domande to have a character answer and the owner of the character would play as one of their characters and respond to them in first person. Not sure though. Just something I had considered doing before. It could probably be a good articolo show.
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posted più di un anno fa 
The Kaine show!

It's where Kaine has a new job as a news reporter and he interviews random people in hell about a random subject and eventually at some point he calls them a knave while interviewing them
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posted più di un anno fa 
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