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wantadog posted on Jan 13, 2014 at 06:25AM
Must I really explain this?

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più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
YES. Explain it
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Okay to the topic we were discussing in the mails.

We need to know the demon slave owners in Banished Part 2 eventually

But first. Who do we know that will be enslaved?
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
We never even answered the questions we had in the PTA planning forum.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Well Kaine's legion(Yes that includes Cornilius)And Andrew are enslaved.

Kaine some how managed to kill a exorcist's a gets away.Which is how Felix ends up tracking him down.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
XD Well that was a number. Numbers are hard to come up with. This is a list.

Derith is going to be enslaved while running an undercover rebellion
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Derith Nevas - Riku114 ~ Enslaved/Running Rebellion
Odessa - Wantadog
Zaebos - Wantadog
Nyle - Riku114 ~ Actually gonna be working with the exorcists
Dell - Wantadog
Hiratori Nabaskis - Riku114 ~ Either on the run or enslaved
Shirosune (Shiro or Sune) Kyotsuki - Riku114 ~ Dead
Teshira (Shira) Nicor - Riku114 ~ We all know shes Dead
Nayvis Crinic - Riku114 ~ Enslaved
Yui Terayuki - Riku114 ~ Shoukan Tenshi
Angela - Wantadog
Mei - Wantadog
Kazan - Wantadog
Kaine Callaghan - Cyrus498 ~ Run
Kibatsu - Wantadog - ????
Cornelius Conwell - Cyrus498 ~ Enslaved
S - Riku - ????
Sybbyl Mowbray - Wantadog
Zach - Riku114 ~ Dead
Shita - Wanta ~ Missing
Dimia Destrain - Wanta
Letholdus - Wanta
Shinigami - Wanta
Beatrix - Wanta
Selda - Wanta
Kaia - Riku ~ Shoukan Tenshi
Kage -Riku ~ shoukan Tenshi
Skylar Ufrazon - Riku ~ Enslaved or Dead
Nanatsu Takaume/Leviathan - Riku ~ Dead
Bob de Exclaviance - Riku ~ *laughs histerically from part of the battle scene I have planned for him* Definately Dead

Simon - Wantadog ~ Back at the zoo
Kira Magine - Riku114 ~ Shoukan Tenshi
Yukimi - Wantadog ~ Exorcist
Ventis - Riku114 ~ Exorcist
Shi - Wantadog
Tayn - Riku114 ~ Exorcist
Andrea -Wanta ~ Nussubg

Demon Lords:

Satan - NPC
Nerin - Wantadog
Devin Lygra - Riku114 ~ Dead
Hades - Wantadog
Nare Leviathan - Riku114 ~ Dead

Tell me what you know
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più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Note Wanta how I didnt fill yours in for you. Reveal what you want to a degree. If you didnt realize I left out some detail too
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Kaine~On the run
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
Simon will be back to his job at the zoo. Andrea and Shita will be mysteriously missing. No trace of them since the end of P1. Yukimi would obviously be on the exorcists side.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Should I make Felix now?On the character sheet?
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
I think that we should START to reveal the P2 characters around the time they face Nerin the second time.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Ah so who do you think is going to win Kaine or Zach?...Today I found myself oddly calling somebody a Knave XD
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Who do you fricken think? Zach is gonna be down for the count. I listed him as dead. Kaine isnt dying, at least yet. What do you god damn think?

>.> Im sorry. Felt like I had to do that.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
....Huh....I should remember things more often.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Well I got one of the masters already made due to a burst of inspiration XD
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
I see.