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QueenCordelia bacheca

brileyforever77 detto …
Amore the new spot look! :D postato più di un anno fa
QueenCordelia commentato…
thank you! charmed-buffy made it for me before she left :'( più di un anno fa
HaleyDewit commentato…
Doesn't charmed-buffy have like a bunch of other accounts? più di un anno fa
Nevermind5555 commentato…
what I know she has a baby :) she's a mom for few months now:) She was absent for a long time because, well te know how it is:) so probably now she's totally busy with her little son :) più di un anno fa
ReadyRandy detto …
Joined! :) <3 postato più di un anno fa
QueenCordelia commentato…
thank te girl! :D <23333 più di un anno fa
cool1234girl detto …
joined! cool club:-) postato più di un anno fa
QueenCordelia commentato…
Thank you! <3 più di un anno fa