gioco di ruolo casuale The Ones That Don't Belong

Sableye21 posted on May 21, 2014 at 12:48AM

You arrive in a town called Stonesville. The people are weird we you see them,some pale skinned. Everybody is like that. It's like YOU DON"T BELONG. don't know it but they're after you. Every time humans come into Stoneville...there's always bloody murder. Some of those pale skinned creature [why can't I already say Vampires already lol] will help you...some won't. Now your a escape.....just you and your other people you find on the way.....Find a way out of Stonesville.....and get to safety without getting bit [Turning into deadly one/vamps] or eaten...

Character Sheet:

[Mine....MY OC!...COPYRIGHT lol....)

Human/Anti Vamp [Helps Human]/Deadly Vamps/Other?: Dragon/Human
(Yes..I will allow demons ect.)

Name: Stephano or S*doesn't have last name*
Age: ??? Looks 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Laid-Back,Gets furious when friends are in danger,and gots lots of confidence when dealing with stuff.
Appearance: Pic
Bio: N/A (Allow if your an Other,and least 2-3 lines for humans and anit-vamps


Sex and Cursing aloud....about Sex...please don't put really descriptive words
Everything else is allowed to do....YAy xD


You guys can do an Interview if you like......This is for anybody to join....and this rp is for my rping career and for my friends. I've been off lately so this is my arrival intro...


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