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xXDreamWriterXx posted on Dec 15, 2014 at 02:41PM
So it is the same high school for "troublemaker" supernaturals but this time, the babies are all grown up and are attending the school! Like parent, like child.

What "trouble" did you cause?:

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più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Name: Sora Braz
Age: Just turning 16.
Gender: Male.
Species: Vampire
Powers: Vampire powers and some shadow powers (his mom's side of the family)
What "trouble" did you cause?: hes bitten a huge amount of people, but won't tell his parents he still does.
Apperance: best i could find on my downloads. Sorry its so big. My phone always does that.
Bio: well his mom is Cc Braz and his father is Jake Braz. Ever since he's been maybe 10 or 11 hes been biting people secretly and sucking their blood. Either almost killing them, or killing them. He's kinda on the silent, prefers to be alone side.
Other: hes closer to his dad than his mom
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 Name: Sora Braz Age: Just turning 16. Gender: Male. Species: Vampire Powers: Vampire powers and s
xXDreamWriterXx commented…
Sora is so hot! più di un anno fa
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lol più di un anno fa
wolfmaster3000 commented…
I like the blood lad reference ^_^ più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Name: Aki Freedman
Age: 15(younger)(soon to be turning 16)
Gender: Female
Species: Shadow Snow Fairy
Powers: Snow/Ice control, shadow control
What "trouble" did you cause?: accidentally froze a group of students...for the third time.
Appearance: Just pretend they have ocean blue eyes
Bio: Lives with her parents, Miki Freedman and Russell Freedman, and her twin, Daisuke. She loves flying to high places and going on adventures.
Other: She has a best friend that is also going to the school. Can sense when her brother is in danger.

Name: Daisuke Freedman
Age: 15(older)(soon to be turning 16)
Gender: Male
Species: Ice Shadow Warlock
Powers: power over the shadows(more than Aki) and ice.
What "trouble" did you cause?: He kept scaring guys that mess with his sister with his shadow power
Appearance: Ocean blue eyes...ocean blue eyes....ocean blue eyes!
Bio: Same as Aki's. He is a bit of a flirt and is overprotective of his twin.
Other: He can sense when Aki is in danger.
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 Name: Aki Freedman Age: 15(younger)(soon to be turning 16) Gender: Female Species: Shadow Snow Fai
sieluvzsoul commented…
Awwwww.....theyre so adorable più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(They sound awesome!)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(Hehe! Thanks! So does sora. Sounds just like his father! XD)
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più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(Lol thanks! And yep!! Like father like son!! XD)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(Lol! Do want me to start or you?)
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(Can you? Pleeeasssee?)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(Lol alright)

Daisuke and Aki were getting stuff out of their lockers which were right next to each other. Aki looked around the crowed hallway before looking back at her twin. "Have you seen Sora yet?"
Daisuke looked around and shook his head. "No but I'm sure he will make it in time. We have to hand in our essays today."
Aki nodded. "I know! It took forever to write it! If mom didn't come home early from work and helped me, I would have never finished."
"I told you I would help you." He said as he closed his locker.
"I know but you had yours and I didn't want you worrying about me." Aki said as she closed her locker as well.
Daisuke rustled her hair some. "I'm your big brother. It's my job to worry."
Aki pouted and fixed her hair. "Jeez! I hate when you do that!"
Daisuke just laughed.
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Sora pushed his way through the crowd, mumbling apologies not looking up. When he saw Aki aand Daisuke at their lockers. "Hey guys."
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Aki smiled and waved. "Hey Sora! You made it!"
Daisuke smiled. "Hey, we thought you were going to be late again."
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Sora shrugged. "I wasn't even planning on coming. But my Dad and Mom forced me..." He flipped his hair from his eyes.
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più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Aki nodded. "Well it's important that you get your education you know? Come on!" She grabbed his hand. "Let's make the most of it! Let's just hand in our homework, sit in class, pretend to listen and move on."
Daisuke frowned. "And this is why you struggle with your assignments. You don't pay attention."
Aki pouted. "But it can get so boring. Right sora?" She looked at him.
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Sora nodded. "Yep...but it's still best to pay attention 5% of the time. I have no idea why I have all A's"
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più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Aki sighed as they all began to walk to their class. "That's cause vampires are just naturally smart and stuff. I'm so jealous. I wish I got at least one A. Only B's and C's."
"Study more and you might get an A." Daisuke said.
"I know but studying is so boring!" Aki whinned.
Daisuke sighed. "Yeah but mom and dad won't be happy if you get anything lower than a C."
Aki nodded a bit. "Yeah, yeah. I know, I know."
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(I'm gonna respond throughout the school day)

Sora yawned. "If ya want. I can help you study someday Aki."
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…

Aki gasped. "Really? You would really do that?"
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Sora nodded. "Sure. Helping a friend is cool every once in a while. And I've got nothin else to do." He scratched the back of his head.
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Aki smiled brightly. "Yes! Super excited!"
They reached the classroom and the twins headed for the seats next to the window. Daisuke sat behind Aki.
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Sora sat in his seat and lyed his head in his arms.
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
A girl with long blood red hair walked in and sat in from of Sora.
Aki waved at her best friend. "Hey Shana!"
Shana smiled shyly and waved. "Hello..."
"You ready for another boring day?"
Shana shrugged. "I guess..."
The teacher came in and began class.
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più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(Oh quick this 1 gonna have romance?)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(It can if you want.)
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(Yay!! But how should the couples be? Like I'll make a girl for Daisuke and a boy for Aki?)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(Yeah that's sounds about right.)
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(And what about Sora?)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(Kk, Shana it is!! should i make them now?)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(If you want. It's your choice. You can wait or do it now.)
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(later. Time skip?)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(Okay but when? After school or maybe lunch?)
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(Whenever you want)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(I guess lunch then.)

Aki walked her tray of food over to the table Shana sat with Daiauke walk behind with his own tray of food. Aki sat next to her and smiled. "So what are you planning on doing after class?"
Shana shrugged as Daisuke sat across from them. "I don't know. Just go home I guess."
"Really? Than do you want to hang out with us? We are going to the arcade!"
Daisuke nodded. "Yeah. It would be more fun with more people. Especially with a pretty girl like you." He winked at her.
Shana smiled shyly. "Maybe..."
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Sora suddenly appeared sitting by Daisuke. "You're such a flirt. Leave the poor girl alone dude."
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Daisuke frowned slightly. "What? I was just being friendly."
Aki giggled. "I don't think you two have properly met. Sora, this is my best friend, Shana. Shana, this is our cousin, Sora."
Shana waves slightly. "Hello..."
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Name: Shana Fai
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
Powers: Fire control
What "trouble" did you cause?: Burned down her previous school
Appearance: pic
Bio: Unknown
Other: She is best friends with Aki and doesn't talk much to anyone else.
 Name: Shana Fai Age: 16 Gender: Female Species: Unknown Powers: fuoco control What "trouble" did
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Sora smiles slightly. "Hey Shana. Pleasure to meet you."
A orange haired girl ran over. "Sora." She tripped and tumbled to the floor. But looked up quickly. "Sora!!"
Sora facepalms.
A purple haired guy walked over and helped her up. "Yo Sora. Who's these people."
"My cousins and their friend I just met. Y'all haven't met my cousins yet?"
"Aight then. Guys this is Arcileenne. And her cousin, Arein." Sora said.
"Hi, hi!!" Arci said.
"Hey." Arein said.
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Daisuke smiled. "Hey there."
Aki waved. "Hi!"
Shana waved slightly to them. "Nice to meet you."
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
(Shes so adorable. Ill do these 2 in a sec)
"Sora. Your cousins seem so cool. And so does she. But whos she." Arci said.
"Shit I forgot to mention her. That's Shana." Sora said.
"Cool. Nice to meet you all." Both said.
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più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(Thanks! And kk.)
Aki motioned to the table. "Want to join us? We have plenty of room!"
Daisuke nodded. "Yeah. Let's all sit together."
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più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Name: Arcileene Dupree (Arci)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Species: animal and nature faerie
Powers: youll see later on
What "trouble" did you cause?: she sent a wolf to maul a bully of hers
Appearance: her hair is way longer and has red highlights. And her eyes are green not blue XD
Bio: she lives with her cousin and his parents in a large condo. She was ditched there by her parents because they didn't want her. She has a scar on her chest from when her dad sliced her with a knife as a baby. Her go lucky personality is just a cover up of the pain inside. (Sorry if that's too dramatic. I can change it if you'd like)
Other: she cant see out of her left eye. And her curls always fall into her face. Sora bit her before and she vowed to keep him safe. Not because she loves him.

Name: Arein Dupree
Age: 16
Gender: male
Species: demon (not evil)
Powers: you'll find out later
What "trouble" did you cause?: he's lost control of his powers as always when angered and killed someone by accident
Appearance: pic
Bio: his cousin lives with him. He's kind and strange. Almost distant.
Other: he's close to his cousin and only his true love can keep him calm when angered.
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 Name: Arcileene Dupree (Arci) Age: 15 Gender: female Species: animal and nature faerie Powers: y
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
"OMG duh. We've never been invited to sit with others. We would usually sit alone...oh Sora do you need some...." Arci started.
"Nope. I still haven't even told my mom or dad yet." Sora said twirling a strand of hair around his finger.
"That's..." Arci sighed. She shook her head and sat down.
Arein sat down as well.
"Dummy dumb." Arci said flicking Sora's forehead.
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Aki stared at Sora, confused. "Huh? What haven't you told them?"
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
"Nothing important." Sora said rubbing his forehead.
Arci got on her knees and leaned over Sora's head towards Arein. "He's a bad liar huh cousin?"
"Yup. Horrible." Arein said.
"Get your boobs off my head...." Sora said.
Arci sat back down.
(Oh yeah. Arci is quite the charecter.)
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
(Lol. I can tell.)
Daisuke laughed. "Usually guys would love to get some boobs on them. I never heard a guy say that before."
Aki rolled her eyes. "Because not everyone is a pervert like you."
Daisuke frowned at his sister. "I am not a pervert! "
"So are!" She said.
"So are not!"
They glared at each other before turning away with their arms crossed.
Shana couldn't help but giggle slightly at their behavior.
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
"Uh..." Arein said.
"They've been that way ever since we were children...." Sora said.
"You all grew up together?"Arci said.
Sora nodded.
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Aki nodded, looking at Arci. "Yup! Our moms' are best friends so we got to hang out together a lot!"
Daisuke nodded. "Plus the fact our dad and his mom are siblings meant that they visited often."
"Uh huh! Our parents are just super close to each other." She said. "I want the same thing when I grow up. I want to be always super close to my brother and his future wife."
Daisuke smiled at his twin. "I feel the same way about you."
Aki smiled.
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
Sora nodded and yawned.
"That's so cute!!!" Arci said. She leaned over Sora's head again. "Hey big cousin!!! Do you want to be close to me and my future husband."
Arein looked at her. "Yeah."
"Arcileenne....." Sora said.
Arci giggled and stayed where she was.
Sora looked at Shana. "Shana you're being quiet. Is there something that interests you that you want us to talk about."
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Shana jumped slightly at the sound of her name. She smiled shyly and shook her head. "No, not really. I like listening to you guys talk. It's very interesting."
Aki linked arms with her. "You should join in too! No reason to be shy. Do you want me to be close to you and your future husband?"
Shana blushed slightly. "I never thought about that. But...I do want to remain friends with you forever. If that's okay with you."
Aki hugged her tightly. "Oh you are so cute! Of course! We are going to be best friends forever!"
Daisuke chuckled. "You guys are so cute. Why don't we all be friends forever?"
Aki gasped. "Oh! I like that idea!"
più di un anno fa sieluvzsoul said…
"Huh? Who?" Arci said messing with her cousin's purple hair.
più di un anno fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Daisuke looked at Arci and smiled charmingly. "Everyone here of course. Let's all be friends."