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Hades_Shadow posted on Nov 30, 2015 at 12:43AM
Gotham City, the City of Nightmares. Where those inside the justice department are just as corrupt as the criminals. Its history is a long and bloody tale of crime, corruption, and death. It has the highest homicide rate of any city in North America. It has suffered disasters both man-made and natural. It has been home to both villains and vigilantes. This is their story.

You have the Decision of what path you will take, will you stand up against crime or commit it? will you help then downtrodden or take advantage of them? Will you be the hero Gotham needs or the one it deserves?


NOTE: This is based off of the TV Series GOTHAM. Bruce Wayne and other select Characters are at the age of 12, others are a bit older, this takes place a month or so after the Murdering of the Wayne's

Now basic RULES for both sides is as follows:

1. Have fun!
2. No Godmodding. No one in Gotham has really had a Super Power, but they can be allowed when Metropolis, Star City, and Central City are introduced.
3. Swearing is permitted, but excessive swearing will be called out.
4. OC Characters are the Suggestion, but message me if you want to play as an already designed hero or villain
5. Romance is allowed, but remember No Sex.
6. Have fun!


Secret Identity Name:
Physical Appearance:
Good, Evil, or Neutral?
Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral?

Undercover Name:
Costume (if any):
Weapons (if any):

 Gotham City, the City of Nightmares. Where those inside the justice department are just as corrupt as
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più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Secret Identity Name: Keshav Mahto
Age: 21
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135
Physical Appearance: Albino, Dyed black streaks in his hair, except his head and neck he has Tiger stripe tattoos all over his body, lean muscle.
Apparel: White tuxedo, black shirt, red tie and four point pocket square.
Good, Evil, or Neutral? Neutral
Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral? Lawful when Keshav, Chaotic when Snow Tiger

Undercover Name: Snow Tiger
Costume (if any): Shirtless, White Tiger fur pants, Steel Toe Combat Boots.
Weapons (if any): Boot Knifes, Chain Belt, Titanium Clawed Gauntlets, Blowdart Gun.
Equipment: Tracking Darts and Tracker, Poison Darts, Tranquilizer Darts.

Background: Born in Nepal, Keshav was trained by the Shaolin Monks in the ways of Martial arts and Meditation. When he was 16 his city was attacked by masked men, when he resisted and fought back, they kidnapped him and brought him to their lair. That was when he was introduced to a man named Ra's al Ghul, and this was the League of Shadows. He was then trained for 5 years in their ways of combat, but secretly disagreed with their belief of exact justice. He then escaped and went into Gotham, starting as a pickpocket, but is now a good Cat Burglar.
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più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Secret Identity Name: Crow
Age: ???
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Physical Appearance: Pic 1
Apparel: Pic 1
Good, Evil, or Neutral? Evil
Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral? Neutral

Undercover Name: The Left Hand Of God
Costume (if any): N/A
Weapons (if any): A bulletproof briefcase in which he carries an entire arsenal of collapsible bladed weapons.
Equipment: His briefcase.

Some think he's a ghost, others think he's just a myth and doesn't really exist. He is known as The Left Hand Of God. Nothing else is known about him, not even his real name, where he comes from or what his true objectives are. Many have never even seen his face.
He is one of Gotham's finest assassins. One of the best and most wanted. He lives an existence of killing.
He is never seen and he never leaves any trace wherever he goes. Not even those who employ him are lucky enough to speak with him directly. Crow is a living mystery and one of Gotham's deadliest men.
He is also always seen with a black suit and black gloves, and holding a briefcase.
Strangely enough, black crows are always seen whenever he is around and they always precede his entrance.
Added to the fact that he is clouded in mystery, Crow is a very cold, composed and calculative person, who seems near emotionless. He seldom speaks and has the tendency of disappearing from and appearing in places unnoticed.
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 Secret Identity Name: corvo Age: ??? Height: ??? Weight: ??? Physical Appearance: Pic 1 Apparel:
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Snow Tiger - I walk along the city streets, appearing as a thug. As I walk people try to move around me to keep moving. When they do this they really open themselves for pick pocketing. I have already taken 3 wallets, 2 watches, a full cigar case, and a work ID Badge. I'll fence everything but the badge, the badge is an opportunity to test my new skills.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
(( BTW I was totally going to use the name Crow for my Hero! hahahaha, I got a good laugh when I saw your character ))
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
Secret Identity Name: Anthony Felix
Age: 29
Height: ??
Weight: ???
Physical Appearance: Picture 2
Apparel: Picture 2
Good, Evil, or Neutral: Good
Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral: Chaotic

Undercover Name: Black Death
Costume (if any): Pic 1
Weapons (if any): Staff and other poisonous mixtures
Equipment: Pack filled with all his mixtures

Background: Anthony wasn't born with much. His parents were barely supporting the family when he was younger and he had to make due with what he had. He discovered an interest in all the creatures that used the roam the place where they lived. There was a lot vermin around and he decided to study them and learn how their bodies were capable of carrying diseases. After a few years of observing Anthony was able to make poisons and other venomous mixtures from the blood of the vermin. His mother came down with a life threatening disease and since they were poor they couldn't get any medical help. Anthony worked around the clock to find a cure for his mother and after a few months he finally managed to create one. But when it was complete, his house was attack by a gang, his cure was destroyed and his parents were killed. While Anthony went through the wreckage he found a mask. He donned this mask and hunted down the men that killed his family and killed every last one of them. After this he decided to purge the world of evil through any means necessary
 Secret Identity Name: Anthony Felix Age: 29 Height: ?? Weight: ??? Physical Appearance: Picture 2
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Secret Identity Name: Cyrus Westbrook
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175
Physical Appearance: slightly tanned, muscular, brown hair, brown eyes
Apparel: Orange Hoodie, Brown Leather Jacket, Motorcycle Goggles, Brown Leather Gloves, Brown leather Motorcycle pants, Brown boots.
Good, Evil, or Neutral? Good
Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral? Neutral

Undercover Name: Screech
Costume (if any): Bulletproof Suit in orange and brown
Weapons (if any): Orange Electric batons, Pepperball Pistol
Equipment: Sonic Manipulation Gloves, Grappling hook gun, Electric Proof Zipline bar, Gliding Cape, Motorcycle

Background: Raised on the Streets of Gotham, he learned how to fend for himself. At age 16 he was about to pick pocket a man when he realized it was Thomas Wayne. He swiftly apologized and gave Thomas his wallet back. Mr. Wayne being moved by his honesty, allowed him to work for him under the Direction of Alfred Pennyworth as a Body Guard, Handyman, and Mechanic for Wayne Manor. Once the Wayne's were Murdered, Cyrus vowed to avenge their death, legacy, and fulfill their vision of making Gotham a Safe place.
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 Secret Identity Name: Cyrus Westbrook Age: 19 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 175 Physical Appearance: sli
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
((Oh really? I'm the one getting a good laugh now.))
Right above Gotham, crows circled in the sky. Some of them let out loud caws as they flapped their wings. They looked down at the city with blood red eyes.
A low crow flew down unnoticed towards a dilapidated building. It perched on a window sill and cawed. It was so dark inside that it was almost impossible to see what was in the room from outside. The crow had a piece of paper in its beak. A gloved hand emerged from the darkness.
The crow deposited the paper in the hand and with another caw, it took off.
A figure seemed to melt out from the darkness and stood infront of the window. The glass sockets of his gas mask were as blood red as his crow's eyes.
The Left Hand Of God unfolded the paper and read what was written. Without a word, he took out a lighter and ignited the paper. He let it drop as it burnt then turned and vanished once more into the darkness.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Cyrus - I drive my Motorcycle into downtown Gotham, I see alot of kids in the streets, one of them Hails me down and I stop in front of her. I normally avoid doing so, but she is a native to Gotham, and I have known her for years. "Cat, haven't you learned the streets are not safe at night?" "Sure have, but they always have someone more like you they would rather beat on, I'm a nobody to them" she replies, "just ... Promise me to stay safe" I say revving my engine, "No worries you old hoot" she says as I leave, Old Hoot, she doesnt know how true that may be I think before heading to my usual hangout to change into my Screech uniform.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
From the alleyways of Gotham multiple agonizing screams were heard. They all stopped one by one and the area went silent. A robber holding a family at gunpoint had his arm pierced from behind. He dropped the gun and screamed in agony while the family made it's escape. "Don't those rich people know they'll get themselves killed in these alleyways ?" The robber looked up to see who was speaking a shivered in fear, "Yo-you're-B--Bl-" before he could finish his rolled back into his head and he fell over dead. "Black Death was what you were looking for. I'm tired of you scum praying on the innocent, you're not gonna do as you please anymore. Especially with that Bat running around not finishing you off"
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
The Left Hand Of God looked down from the roof of the building on which he was standing. From where he was standing, the drop would be more than deadly for an ordinary man.
The Left Hand Of God was no ordinary man.
Below him in an alleyway stood his prey... a little girl. Not more than 8 years or 10. All alone. In a dark alleyway, scribbling something on one of the brick walls with red chalk.
His glass eyes glinted under the moonlight. He stepped over the edge of the building's roof...
...and began free falling at 6 m/s.
He kept his body straight as he fell. In midair, he clicked his briefcase open and quickly took out a katana that slid to its full length in seconds. He spun the katana in his hand and pointed the tip of the blade down. He was aiming for the back of the girl's neck.
It would be over in a flash.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
(( Vegeta just an FYI, Bruce is 12 at this point in time ))

Snow Tiger - I go and look at the Building I obtained the key card to, it reads 'WAYNE HEALTHCARE' I stare at it, then head to home, where I can find its blueprints to know how to rob it.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Would've been handy to know that before hand)
Seconds before The Left Hand of God could connect with the little girl Black Death shoved her out of the way and blocked the tip with his staff. He looked in The Left Hand of God's glass eyes before hiding his under the shadow of his mask. "So strong silent type or are you going to explain your actions ?"
Hades_Shadow commented…
(( Sorry, forgot to mention it is based off of the TV Series Gotham )) più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
(( mcterra, is the girl important, or not really? I probably will send Screech that way ))
Screech - I head to my supplier of new tech, "Sparky, what do you have for me today?" I ask, to which this man responds, "Hypersonic Audio Receptors, with a built in Police scanner" he proudly states, I hold up these receptors, "so a Hearing aid?" I say sarcastically "With a built in Police Scanner" He says a little more roughly, "as well, unlike hearing aids you can focus them in on the sound you want to hear." I put them on and see what he means. I hear many sounds around the area, one of which was the unsheathing of a blade, "Sorry Spark, gotta go!" I say as I dash off in the direction of the noise. "Hey you owe me Screech!" he yells after me.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Crow somersaulted and landed meters away. He stood up and eyed Black Death curiously. He actually cocked his head to the side. To Crow, this was a completely new feeling. He wasn't used to people getting in his way. He eyed Black Death for another moment without a word.
Unexpectedly, he whipped a throwing knife from his briefcase and hurled it at the little girl with deadly accuracy, aiming for her head.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
((She is important Hades. The more heroes try to save her, the better.))
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
As Crow hurled the knife at the girl Black Death moved into it's path. It hit him right in the stomach but he seemed unfazed. A strange liquid poured out, it was green in colour and had a vile stench to it. Black Death dipped his staff in the liquid and pointed it at Crow. Without saying a word he rushed towards him and tossed a dart towards his shoulder
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Crow held up his briefcase and hit the dart aside.
Confusion began setting in The Left Hand's mind. What the hell was going on? Who was this guy? Why was he getting in his way?
Crow had never missed a target. He couldn't afford to have such a thing happen. The little girl backed up against one of the brick walls, fear clearly etched on her face.
Taking advantage of the fight, she turned and continued scribbling quickly on the wall, aiming to finish what she had started.
Crow couldn't let that happen. He would have to dice the fool before him to accomplish his mission.
So be it.
The blade of Crow's katana glinted as he slashed at Black Death.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
Black Death managed to hold his staff up and kicked Crow in the abdomen. "I can see that little girl is important to you and I want you to know something. You're not going anywhere near her, do you understand that ?"
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
(( sorry my post did not go through ))

Screech - I see the two men fighting, unknowing who was the original offender I send a sonic blast with the same sound as nails on a chalk board at both, throwing both weapons off course as I shot my grappling hook next to them on the roof so I could get to their level.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Snow Tiger - I change into my tuxedo when I get home, covering every inch of tattoo in nice formal wear and white gloves, I would need to blend in with the Clientele to access the building, that much I knew from the start.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Crow took a couple of steps back and dropped his katana to the ground when he heard the sonic blast. He was still confused when another guy emerged from nowhere and landed next to them. Crow eyed the new guy in surprise too. Another guy getting in his way. What the hell was going on?
Meanwhile, the little girl kept scribbling even faster, hurrying to finish off.
Without any remorse, The Left Hand Of God whipped out another throwing knife and hurled it once again at the little girl. The knife spun forward and stabbed the hand with which the girl was writing. It pierced right through and pinned her hand to the wall.
The little girl screamed in pain as loud as she could and let go of the red chalk as blood oozed from the wound on her little trembling hand.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Screech - Seeing Crow's Action, I pull out a Baton in my right hand and Pepperball Gun in my left. I swing the Baton, getting behind his left knee and allowing it to buckle due to the Pressure, one he is subdued on the Ground for the time being, I head to the girl. If they kill each other up there less work for me, but I will not let this girl get in the middle of the Grudgematch. I get to her and nurse her hand before I look at her Chalk drawing.
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più di un anno fa mcterra said…
((Hades, they were at ground level already. Not on a building, but down in an alleyway.))
The red uncompleted chalk drawing on the wall depicted a face. A young woman's face. It was nicely sketched, too good to be an 8-year-old's drawing.
The little girl sobbed weakly as Screech nursed her hand. When he had bandaged it completely, she looked up at Screech with pleading eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Sir, its my mother." She said as she pointed at the drawing, with a sad, little voice "I-I was drawing my mother. Please Sir...I beg you...Please, let me complete it." She said.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
(( Changed it ))

Screech - "Alright but be quick about it" I say back in a hushed tone "It might get ugly here" I say leveling the Pepperball pistol at the others, preparing for the inevitable attack.
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 (( Changed it )) Screech - "Alright but be quick about it" I say back in a hushed tone "It might g
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
The little girl nodded and picked up her piece of red chalk with her good hand. She rushed to the wall and painfully continued drawing.

The Left Hand Of God was up and ready to fight again. He turned his attention from Black Death and focused it on Screech. These two were starting to piss him off. He noticed that the little girl had begun drawing again. Crow kept the katana and pulled out bladed nunchucks.
Flailing them rapidly around with one hand, like a ninja, Crow attacked Screech, each whip of the nunchucks aimed at Screech's face and joints.
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più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
I shoot at Crow four times, Hitting him twice in the chest with Pepperballs, before Manipulating my body to Take the blows from the Nunchucks on their blunted shafts. It hurt, but it hurt a lot less than blades. The Pepperball impacts not only started to bruise, but the pepper started to penetrate irritating skin and eyes. My goggles protecting my eyes, I Put away my gun and pull both Batons,and get back in the way of Crow and the Girl, "Face it Assassin, You will have to tear through me first."
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
The Left Hand Of God was pushed back when the pepperballs hit him. Unfortunately for his assailant, the pepper didn't penetrate his suit completely though he could feel bruises on his chest, and his gas mask protected his eyes.
It didn't stop Crow. Tear through him? The Left Hand Of God intended to do just that. Still flailing the nunchucks around, Crow attacked again, this aiming for the knees.
He swung the nunchucks downwards slicing cleanly and deeply across Screech's kneecaps.

A smile spread across the little girl's face as her drawing approached completion.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
While the other two were busy Black Death stood back against the wall next to the little girl. He watched them fight before turning to the little girl, "So tell me kid, ever heard of a pencil and paper ? Why are you drawing your mother on a wall in a Gotham alleyway ?"
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Screech - I winch in pain at the Incisions on my knees. Mental note, make Sparky pay for not adding blade proof material to my suit yet. I then use my Batons to Block the next couple of blows before exchanging some of my own. Hitting with one onto his stomach and the other on his forearm at the same time. when both come in contact with Crow an Electric Shock hits him full force from his right arm to his abdomen, working as if a Taser just hit those points.

Keshav - I start researching the floor schematics of the Wayne Healthcare building, and seeing if any scheduled events could mask my movements. A Charity event to raise funds to restore Gotham Central Hospital was being held in two days, I start mapping my moves preemptively to prepare for the heist of a lifetime.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Crow got down on one knee when he felt the electricity course through his body. He could feel his stomach and arm starting to go numb. He almost cursed beneath his breath. With his other hand, he swung his briefcase and smashed it hard against Screech's face, breaking his nose in the process.

The little girl didn't look up at Black Death. The smile on her face widened and turned evil. "Its to summon the thing that ate her." She said in her little voice as she completed the drawing.
She had drawn her mother's face and had inscribed a weird rune on her forehead.
The drawing began glowing and the bricks on the walls began cracking.
"Now I..." The girl began but abruptly stopped. She spat out blood as she stopped speaking. She looked down and saw a blade sticking out from her neck.
It was Crow's katana. From behind her, Crow had managed to hurl his katana at her with deadly accuracy.
The little girl coughed out more blood and looked up at the drawing as it glowed even more and the ground began trembling.
Crow stood up and walked to the girl. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled his katana out from her neck. Tears welled in the little girl's eyes as she dropped dead.
Crow then turned to look up at the wall.
Some of the bricks literally exploded and a large circular hole appeared on the wall. A bright white light emanated from the wide hole.
"Fools." Crow said, in a low, cold voice.
Suddenly, multitudes of bats began pouring out from the luminous hole. There was then a loud blood curdling scream from the hole that tore the air and resonated in the night.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Screech - After seeing all my hard work avail to nothing I amp up my Sonic gloves and allow them to blast out to work like a dog whistle. The blasts continual fluctuation causes the bats to lose their locations and fly around blind, and stunning both of the men, I then rush to Handcuff Crow for the crime he committed.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
A giant human arm suddenly emerges from the still-widening hole. With its hand wide-open, it slams its palm down on Screech, slamming him hard on the ground and smashing the pavement. Another arm emerges and this time it slams its hand on a nearby building.
Another loud scream is heard coming from the hole as the ground keeps shaking.
Crow wakes up and gets to his feet. "Moron." He says. "I'm not the one you should be trying to arrest at the moment. You've got worse things to worry about."
A large inhuman eye appears inside the hole. The iris is crimson and there's a long black slit in the middle. The eye is bloodshot, with red veins all around.
If the idiots hadn't tried to defend the girl, she wouldn't have succeeded.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Screech - seeing the upcoming calamity, I do the only thing I know to stop it. I pull out the pepper pistol and fire the remaining four shots at the wall, three hitting interceptions of chalk to break the portal, and the other directly in its eye to blind it. The creature starts wailing in pain.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
While Crow was preoccupied with the large eye, Black Death took the opportunity to pierce his neck and inject him with a weakening poison. "Do you know what would've helped before hand ? Telling me what your motive was in the first place"
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Screech - the creature is temporarily stalled, I am unsure if I did any good. When I really get my breath back I say, "poison guy, I've seen you before" I say still a bit woozy
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Keshav - once I get a good plan, empty the stolen wallets, use the credit cards online to purchase disposable cards at the highest value I can, and find out the price of my items I've taken, I get to bed to rest up, it will be a busy day ahead. And I intend to make the most of it.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Crow felt his limbs growing numb. Added to the numbing effect of the electric shock he had gotten earlier, Crow felt he was in quite a bad posture. That was the first time such a thing was happening to him.
Crow was proud but not stupid. He didn't bother giving Black Death a reply.
Out of a sudden, a thick mass of crow descended from the sky and literally poured down into the alleyway.
Then just as they had come, they all flew away into the night sky.
Crow was gone.

The creature let out another scream. Another giant arm burst out from the hole and its huge hand closed around Screech. It clenched its fingers hard around Screech, crushing various bones.
The hole widened even more exposing another eye like the first. Another scream resonated and the monster focused its attention on Black Death.
The creature swung one its hands down and slammed Black Death hard against a nearby wall, pulverizing the wall in the process.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
As the hand slammed Black Death through the wall, he quickly pierced the hand with his staff. His staff contained a paralyzing poison which took effect immediately. Black Death then came out of the wall acting as if he was unfazed. He rushed towards the wall and smacked the eye with the back of his staff with full force
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
(( I am slightly confused why the little orphan girl summoned a demon baby from a wall, or why that it even exists in Gotham, but hey I'm chill with it ))

Screech - I winch in pain, let's hope I don't need those ones I say as I go to my last resort. I bite the monsters hand. It starts howling again and it drops me. I start switching the clips on my pepper gun, "Poison, I have an idea, keep it distracted." I say cocking the pepper gun and firing 1 round in the previous eye and 2 in the new one. It's bound to not have much strength left. I start army crawling toward the wall.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Sure I'll do that later)
Black Death didn't respond to anything that Screech said and continued to whack the eye with his staff
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più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Screech - alright, great distraction, go team, go team go I think while still crawling, finally I reach the chalk rune and erase it, the wall then become solid again, and the monster is forced back in. I collapse, exhausted.
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più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Screech - I hit my tracker letting Phil, a Wayne's Medical doctor I have known for years, know where I am at. He comes and helps me in his Van, "you sure took a beating today" "I know, something supernatural, can you fix me up?" I ask, "yes, recovery will be a week before back out to the scene, but you need to explain it to the Boss" I let my mind try to find a good excuse to say.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
After it was all over, a lone crow flew down from the sky and landed on a building over the alleyway. It looked down at the alleyway, inspecting each detail with its blood red eyes.

Not far away, another crow flew down and landed on the roof of the van in which Screech was. It began looking quickly from side to side like any ordinary bird would do as the van drove away.

The Left Hand Of God was back in the dilapidated building. He had cleaned himself, sharpened and arranged his blades, put a new suit on and fixed himself up. He was back in shape, and it was like he hadn't even been hurt some minutes ago.
There was a table with a silver platter on it before him. At his feet, there was a sporting bag. The Left Hand Of God unzipped the bag and took out a head...a human head.
It was the little girl's head, cleanly decapitated. He placed the head on the silver platter. He then pulled out a smartphone from his pocket and took a few shots of the head.
When he was done, he shoved the head back into the sporting bag and vanished into the shadows.
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Screech - once the has driven around enough, it finally goes to Wayne Healthcare have been changed in the van to my regular clothes. As I am brought in the doctor starts to put the bones back in place, then uses a infrared light to mend the bones back through the tissue. The then splints my leg and forearm, "you can still walk and use them, just don't do any 'activity' on them" he explains. "He better not" comes a voice from the shadows, the voice belonging to Alfred Pennyworth, "What in the Bloody Hell were you thinking?"
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
Keshav - after 8 hours of perfect sleep I wake up, get dressed in my tuxedo, rub charcoal in my hair to make it look black, put in contacts that make my natural pink eyes look like normal green eyes. Then I head out to do some shopping.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Well I man if the plot calls for it. Sorry though, had like 4 hours of sleep last night so I'm not thinking straight and I don't know what else to do at this point)
più di un anno fa Hades_Shadow said…
(( its alright, I understand, I am going to do something soon though, maybe Anthony and Cyrus can know each other, but don't know the other is the Vigilantes they are. That could be intriguing ... ))

Cyrus - "Alfred, what are you doing here?" I say in shock, "The better question is what are you doing on a Bloody Hospital bed, you were out crusading again, and It's starting to take its toll on you." He yells, clearly not in a happy mood "Hey, at least we know the Bone Growth technology is a success" I retort. "Don't Play with me boy, if you were not like a son to me I would fire you, What example would you give Master Bruce if he found out? I don't even want to think about what he would do next"

Keshav - as I head to the store to find something, I bump into a man wearing a weird mask, "Sorry sir" I say as I start to keep walking.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
((I love that idea Hades. It could make things really interesting.))
A lone crow landed on the window sill of the hospital room in which Cyrus was. It acted like an ordinary bird but its full attention was one what was going on in the room and the man on the bed. It watched the whole time in silence.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(I'm all for that)
"God do hate shopping at retail"Anthony said to himself coming out of a store and held his rib, "Damn that thing did a number on me, need to get back home to get more healing potions since I really don't want to put up with this"