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Kat-chan posted on May 29, 2016 at 12:40AM
There are some people in this world who have talents that most people can only dream about. These people are called Lights.

Most people know nothing of the existence of Lights. These people are called Darks. There are also Dims, who know of Lights and yet are normal. Most Dims ignore Lights or fear them. However, there is a group of Dims known as The Masquerade who do neither of these things.

The Masquerade are a group of Dims dedicated to capturing Lights, supposedly for the safety of society. Once the Lights are in their possession, they are put through countless tests, most of which are neither safe nor humane.

Some Lights have managed to avoid detection by The Masquerade. Others have been captured but escaped. Most are still in their keeping. Many Lights both outside and inside The Masquerade formed a secret group known as The Shaded who plot to Overthrow The Masquerade and free the Lights.

And what about you? Where does your allegiance stand?

Fill out:

Light, Dark or Dim:
If Light, abilities:
If Light or Dim, weapon (optional):
Organization: (Masquerade, Shaded, none or Other)

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