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shadowcon99 posted on Aug 30, 2016 at 08:08PM
So demon_wolf and I have decided to reboot an old favorite of ours.

This is a ninja rp. I really wanted to use my long time ago character Emerit. So I am making a ninja rp. Im pretty sure there already is a ninja rp somewhere on here, but I'm making a new one.

As it goes this is like a ninja school. You are trained by a teacher to go out into the real world and become great assasins and such. There is an actual school called Grandstand. Those that are teachers here are very strong and know what the hell they are doing, so if you do disobey them there will be hell to pay.

You are tought how to pick out the criminals and how to deliever their punishment.

You can be a teacher, student, regular person. Or an enemy that wants to destroy the school.

Emerit (Headmaster as well)- demon_wolf
Felix- shadowcon99

This whole closed and open thing makes no sense to me so if this sounds interesting to you feel free to post a profile and join up.

Looking forward to writing again and having fun RPing again.

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più di un anno fa shadowcon99 said…
Name: Felix
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Golden-brown
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 210
Position: Teacher

Kuroi was born into a family of very prestigious ninjas. The Kage clan was known for being able to kill someone without leaving a single drop of blood anywhere. At a young age Kuroi was groomed to be the perfect assassin as was the rest of his family. However when he turned 13 Kuroi made one mistake and his life took a turn for the worst. While training alone in the forest Kuroi found an odd shrine after approaching the shrine and touching the symbol on the front he was branded with the markings of a Sannin those who are cast from society and can perform jutsu.After his father saw the markings he was banished from his clan.

Abilities: He signed a pact with a demon when he was young but rarely envokes its powers, vast knowledge and skill with chained and throwing weapons, and his stealth skill is rivaled by no one
 Name: Felix Age: 24 Sex: Male Species: Human Hair: Black Eyes: Golden-brown Height: 6’5” W
più di un anno fa brodxe said…
(Sounds really cool! Just wondering what is the age range of the students?)
più di un anno fa shadowcon99 said…
(Typical High school student age)
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Name: Seiji Kimura
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Scarlet
Eyes: Crimson
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 190
Position: Student

Seiji lost his parents at a young age and was taken in by his grandfather, Aono Kimura, a retired ninja and the former head of the Kimura clan. Aono raised Seiji with an iron hard. He was extremely hard on the boy, both as an instructor and as a parent. He taught Seiji all he knew concerning Ninjutsu forging him into a skilled warrior. By the time he was fifteen, Seiji rivaled with some of the most skilled masters.
Seiji had one main problem though; he was terribly cocky and overconfident. He believed he could do everything on his own. Aono saw that as his major weakness and decided to send him to Grandstand where he would learn how to work with other ninjas and hopefully meet a fellow student that would rival him and even possibly change him.

Abilities: Even before joinig the Academy, Seiji was already very skilled in Ninjutsu mastering all eighteen disciplines of the Bujinkan, making him a proficient and deadly weapon user as well as a skilled Mystic Martial Arts and Assassination Arts user, being able to channel the destructive potential of both and using them effficiently.
He equally inherited his clan's Typhokinesis (smoke manipulation) ability and was born with Adaptive Muscle Memory, the ability to replicate movement just by seeing it.
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 Name: Seiji Kimura Age: 18 Sex: Male Species: Human Hair: Scarlet Eyes: Crimson Height: 5’9
più di un anno fa demon_wolf said…
Name: Emerit Finch
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Hair: Blackish blue
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105Lbs

Emerit was born to a family with a lot of money. They were part of the rising middle class that all of England feared and ranted about so often. Though they feared them, though, many of the families, finding their money wells drying up, went to these middle class families for saving. The Finch family, like many of the other middle class, wanted the titles of the 'old money' and when the opportunity presented itself, and an Earl came to court Emerit, the family was more than happy to have it. Emerit was married to the old Earl on her 14th birthday. He died shortly after, without ever having consumated the marriage. It wouldn't have made a difference had no one made claim to the dead Earl's title and his new fortune. The man's family challenged it though. They did not want any children Emerit might later bare, to carry the title of Earl if they weren't deserved. A doctor's examination concluded she was still 'intact' and Emerit was placed out of her own home and left penniless. Her family disowned her after that. She became a well rounded women, in the sense that she now spends most of her time tracking down criminals and killing them. She has learned that a sword or gun can be more company than any human can. And a gun or sword can be more depended on. Abilities: telepathy, knows how to handle a swords, small knives, and guns with perfect skill. She has a healing ability that rivals Wolverine's without his adamantium. A gunshot wound can be healed in minutes. Her power even extends to reattaching severed limbs. Her enhanced healing factor has given her enhanced senses as well as physical capabilities.
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più di un anno fa demon_wolf said…
(Using her original character detail. I will adjust her according to the roleplay.)
più di un anno fa shadowcon99 said…
I was waiting for more people to join but if this is it we can start I guess
più di un anno fa mcterra said…