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TAIKAMODO posted on Sep 25, 2016 at 12:23AM
Alfheim, better known as "The World of Fairies".

It is quite a serene world, full of strange plants, stranger creatures, and all manner of mythical beasts. From the menacing dragons to the jovial leprachauns, all forms of life exists in Alfheim, and all of it in peace and harmony. This is all because of our King, Oberon, who watched over us and guided us with his gentle hand, treating everyone, regardless of who they were, equally. Despite having ultimate control over the entire world, Oberon showed nothing but kindness and gave freedom to the people. All truly was well in Alfheim...

...Until King Oberon dropped dead.

Nobody knows what exactly happened. Some say he was poisoned, some say it was plain murder, some say he simply fell ill, and the skeptics think it may all be some grand conspiracy, that Oberon really isn't dead at all. But regardless of what you believe, it is an irrefutable truth that the world of Alfheim fell into chaos the moment the news spread. And despite what you're thinking, Oberon's death isn't what sent people into a frenzy, though we all grieved the loss of the King.

It was his crown.

You see, the King's Crown, better known as E.D.E.N, wasn't just some worthless accessory, it was a weapon. The ultimate weapon. The one who wears the Fairy Crown assumes ultimate control of Alfheim, and holds the whole world's source of magic at their fingertips. If you have any kind of a brain, then i'm sure you'll have pieced it together by now, but if you haven't, then i'll be blunt;

If you wear E.D.E.N, you become God.

So, naturally, everyone wanted to know who the next King was. Knowing who your God is is pretty important, right? Well, this is where that chaos comes from.

There is no King.

E.D.E.N can only be worn by who the past King decides is the next. The old passes the torch to the new. But, obviously, the previous King, Oberon, is dead. So, in the event there's no King to pass the crown, what happens? The crown takes it upon itself to find the next King, and splits into pieces that scatter across the world. Whoever can gather the pieces and rebuild the crown will have proven themselves worthy of being King.

But with no way to determine where those pieces are or even how many there are, just how will the next King find the crown? What was strong enough to kill Oberon, who at the time was on a God level of power? Who was responsible, and who will become the next Fairy King?

EXTRA INFO: The "Guides" Of E.D.E.N

The Crown of E.D.E.N comes with two "Guides", beings who act as advisors of the King. While they change appearance and title in accordance to each new King's desires, they go by the default names of "Adam" and "Eve" until told otherwise. "Adam" and "Eve" know all things related to the crown, but ultimately only serve the King. Meaning they cannot tell anyone the locations of the crown pieces unless ordered to do so. Obviously, there's nobody in Alfheim that can give them Orders at the moment.

EXTRA INFO: Magic & Mana

Magic is the life energy that flows through the world of Alfheim. All living thing exude Mana, or magical energy. The citizens of Alfheim harness this Mana to perform amazing feats known as Magic. The Fairy Crown, E.D.E.N, is able to generate and harness Mana from the very heart of Alfheim, the source of all Mana.

Mana can be harnessed to perform three types of Magic:

Elemental Magic, which uses Mana to generate and/or manipulate the elements of Nature(Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Plant, and Lightning)

Base Magic, which uses Mana to do things that don't manipulate Elements(Teleportation, Physical Buffs, etc.)

Summoning Magic, which uses Mana to call upon other, more powerful creatures whom you've made a Summoning Contract with.


1.) No godmodding during fights. As in, no unbeatable magic, controlling other people's characters, etc. Basically, no BS.

2.) Swearing/Explicit Themes are allowed, but not frequently.

3.) Try to keep some kind of direction going with your RPing. Not just page after page of random, pointless chatter.

4.) No one line posts unless there's a really good reason for it.

5.) Try to keep up a respectable level of spelling and grammar, so everyone understands you clearly.

6.) Keep outside Drama out of the RP.

7.) Inform the others in the RP before leaving for more than a day or two.

8.) Have fun!









Reason For Chasing The Crown:


Queen-"Elinor Isolde Duecannon-Válor"-666demon

Prince-"Leonidas": TAIKAMODO


"Adam" & "Eve"-TAIKAMODO

"Mama Ninny"(She's like their mom, but not, but she is. xP)-666demon

"E.D.E.N Storybook"

Made for when someone joins the RP late or comes back after a few days, the E.D.E.N Storybook is a summary of all that's happening in the RP.

Chapter 2: "Crossroads"

After the Royal Family's meltdown leaves Merivale broken, Regulus blinded by rage, Elinor ashamed and Leonidas a rouge from the Válor Family, Leonidas and an enraged Nathaniel chase down Silva through the alleys of Gracidea City. After Nathaniel is sent falling, seemingly to his death by Silva, Leonidas uses his Water Magic to capture Silva. But as he gets a closer look at the retired mercenary, he discovers that Silva's actually a girl! After an exchange of words between Leo and Nathaniel regarding Silva, Icarus finally catches up. Now with Leonidas, Nathaniel, Icarus and Silva all gathered together, what could possibly happen next?

Meanwhile at the palace, Ninny discovers that the wine was infused with some powerful drug-like magic by two of the guards that drove those who drank it into darkness. This magic was responsible for Elinor and more recently Merivale's behavio. Regulus killed the guards, as Merivale made up with her mother. Elinor decided to make a public statement on this, leaving Merivale and her hand maiden Tacia to prepare.
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più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
Name: Leonidas "Leo" Válor

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Neat, electric blue hair parted to the right, fair skin, and icy blue eyes. He wears a long sleeved white shirt beneath a long blue vest, white pants, and blue dress shoes.

Personality: Egotistical to the highest degree. As the son of the late King Oberon, he holds himself in the highrst regard, and considers everyone outside of the Válor family to be beneath him. He is very short tempered when it comes to people challenging his authority, expecting everyone to treat him like the King he feels he should be and becoming angry when they don't.

Backstory: As the privilaged son of the late King Oberon, Leonidas grew up in the lap of luxury. From a young age he was given the highest quality tutors and excelled at the top of his class, being touted as a prodigy who could one day surpass Oberon. The praise from tutors and fellow students alike just fed Leonidas's ego more and more, creating the egomaniac he is today. Due to his father's royal status and his mother's famed Hydromancy, he is a very talented fighter.

As he matured, Leonidas found himself constantly being compared to Oberon, constantly being placed in his father's shadow. Due to his prideful nature despising not being recognized as his own person, Leonidas slowly came to despise Oberon, and distance himself from both the man and his kind nature. Once Oberon tragically died, however, he fully embraced the Válor name.

Magic: Hydromancy, or Water Magic. He also has his "Golden Eyes", a Base Magic skill he acquired from his father, that increases his reaction speed by slowing down his perception of time. However, using the golden eyes for an extended period of time significantly drains him.

Reason For Chasing The Crown: To claim the throne he rightfully deserves, and become a greater King than Oberon ever was.
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più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
Name: Icarus Phallon

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wild, spiky white hair, fair skin, and honey brown eyes. He wears a sleeveless white shirt with a high collar that reaches his nose, baggy white shorts, and brown sandals. Around his neck, under his shirt, is a blue crescent moon necklace.

Personality: Carefree, adventurous, and a bit too childish. He is easily distracted and jumps at any chance to have fun. He can be a bit naíve and slow to figure things out, and has a tendency to assume everyone he meets is a good person. He's a hard worker, the product of being from a family of farmers, and is pretty friendly and open to anything. He has a humongous sweet tooth for sweets, and all it takes is the mention of something sweet to get him excited.

Backstory: Icarus is the son of Zerra and Beth Phallon, two former soldiers who served in King Oberon's Royal Guard until they died, shortly after the birth of Icarus. Despite his honorable lineage though, he was never informed of this and was instead sent to live with his grandfather, Merlin, on their farm. Growing up on the farm, surrounded by animals and nature, was what developed Icarus' free spirited personality and gentle side. His grandfather, a respected but never truly famous man, taught him "Machima", Merlin's own breed of Magic.

As Icarus matured, he developed a desire to one day travel the world and explore. He wanted to see everything Alfheim had to offer, but he didn't want to leave his grandfather behind. But on that fateful day, the day King Oberon dropped dead, Merlin vanished, without any trace whatsoever. Though he grieved, Icarus swore to find out what happened to his grandfather, even if he had to reach the ends of the world to do it. Of course, that was before he heard about E.D.E.N.

Upon hearing about the Crown, Icarus got the idea that maybe, just maybe, if he collected the crown pieces and became King, he could find out what happened to Merlin, if he was still alive, where he was, why he left without so much as a goodbye. So he decided he'd claim the crown, in order to find his grandfather.

Magic: "Machima", a type of Base Magic that increases all of your physical abilities. It's broken down into three "levels", with "Mach 1" being the lowest and "Mach 3" being the highest. The higher the Mach he goes to, the more stress he puts on his body.

Reason For Chasing The Crown: To find his grandfather, and the bonus of travelling the world.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
((Whats the maximum number of Magic powers one can possess?))
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
(Mah Baby! *runs and hugs you*)

Name: Mama Ninny

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark ebony skin, short black ethnic hair wrapped in a white and gold Gele *African headdress*, eyes as black as coal. She's a bit thicker than most of the servants bit that doesn't bother her, she takes it in pride.

Personality: She's sassy, can hold her own in a fight. She doesn't take shit from Leonidas at all. She's more of a mother figure than his own mother.

Backstory: She has been with the royal family since she was a girl. She took care of the children when they were young. When the king fell dead, the Queen pointed her finger at Ninny. "No No! Ninny loved his Majesty! Ninny no kill anyone!" She had cried out, falling on her knees and played the innocent slave role.

Magic: Black magic, your usual voodoo and hoodoo.

Reason For Chasing The Crown: Helping Leonidas because of course the kid is going to get himself in trouble with a lot of people.
 (Mah Baby! *runs and hugs you*) Name: Mama Ninny Age: 37 Gender: Female Appearance: Dark
più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
(@mcterra-No limit, as long as it's fair and there's good reasoning behind it.)

(@666demon-*Hugs back* Wazzup 6!)
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
(I didn't know i was bad.)
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
(I told you not to let go of my hand in the parking lot and you did)
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più di un anno fa mcterra said…
NAME: Nathaniel Ravenscroft

AGE: 17



PERSONALITY: Calm, coolheaded and composed. Isn't easily impressed or angered. Has the tendency of getting bored by things quickly. Has a plain look on his face most of the time.

BACKSTORY: He was born and grew up in a small family in a developing town, he lived without worry until he was about 8 years old, but at that point things took a turn for the worst. He lost his parents during a raid on his town by a clan of ruthless mercenaries known as Gomorrah. They killed every single person and left Nathaniel alone. They left him alive so that he could tell the world about them. They branded him with their insigna (a dragon swallowing its tail). Nathaniel was powerless as they burnt the sign on his back. They mercenaries left the ruins of the city, with Nathaniel now alone, miserable and abandoned. From then on he had to survive on his own.
It was when he was on the brink of death one day that he met Joshua. Till today Nathaniel doesn't know the real reason why Joshua chose him. The crows told him they had gotten the scent of his wounded and vengeful heart and they had come to him.
Joshua taught him the magic he knows and decided to help him on his quest for vengeance. It seemed impossible though because over the years, Gomorrah had grown and spread out across the world and Nathaniel wanted to kill each and everyone of them.
It was then that the king died and E.D.E.N was free for the taking. With such power he would be able to get the revenge he sought. Every single day, the pain from the insignia on his back reminded him of his purpose.

MAGIC: Atmokinesis or "Weather Magic" which grants him total control over weather permitting him to sense, create, shape and manipulate it., i.e. the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes.
He has equally signed a Summoning contract with an entity known as Joshua. Joshua is a mass of magical crows that are linked to Nathaniel. He is able to summon an indefinite number of them and with the psychic link he shares with them, he is able to see through their eyes. The crows are able to turn their feathers and beaks into black razor sharp metal, making them deadly weapons when used in combat.

REASON FOR CHASING THE CROWN: To get revenge over Gomorrah.
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 NAME: Nathaniel Ravenscroft AGE: 17 GENDER: Male APPEARANCE: Pic PERSONALITY: Calm, coolh
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
((Can't wait to start this.))
più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
(My bad, i saw a quarter rolling down the street and i wanted it.)
(Terra man, every time i think i'm getting better at making characters, you show up. xD)
(Without further ado...)

Leonidas-Gracidea City, Town Square

Leonidas hated spring. He really, truly did. All it did was make him sweat, give poisonous plants a chance to grow, and worst of all, give him those stupid summer allergies. He was getting fairly annoyed at the whole thing, sneezing every other second because of the pollen, his eyes begging him to rub them until they turned scarlet, his nose always stuffy on one side and runny on the other. It was quite literally the most infuriating thing he'd ever expe-


Sniffling, Leonidas glared at one man's glass of water as he passed an open bar-a common sight in Gracidea, the home of the world famous Hõya, a drink made from tree sap only found there-watching the glass vibrate with sadistic excitement in his icy blue eyes before the liquid inside splashed out and the glass shattered. Chuckling at the idiotic bewilderment of the man as he questioned his fellow barmates as to who did it, Leonidas brushed a few strands of cerulean hair behind his head.

"Idiots," He mumbled, laughing to himself, "These common people truly are idiots."

Icarus-Gracidea City, Main Entryway

"I'm finally here!" Icarus beamed, eyes sparkling with amazement as he surveyed the town in front of him. He'd been walking for what felt like forever to reach Gracidea City since leaving the farm behind, especially since he had no map and unlike fairies with proper education, had no idea how to fly. That meant he had to walk the entire way...

And that was a long, long walk.

But that was fine, because he was just happy to breathe new air each day, to see new sights and smell new scents and try new food and meet new people. He'd wanted to travel the world since he was young, after all. With that thought, Icarus ran excitedly into the city, a huge grin on his face like a toddler who'd gotten a new toy.

Crown or not, this place looked like fun.
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più di un anno fa 666demon said…
"Hush." A short woman dressed in a white tube top and wrap skirt had hissed under her breath at the prince. Glancing around, she checked if anyone was watching them, she knew the drunks liked to follow people like her. She didn't want to risk anything. She had made trips alone out here a few times and everyone had been scared off. They rounded a corner where no one could see or hear them. She stopped Leonidas and gripped his chin underhanded, pulling him down slightly so she could scold him.

"Now you listen to me, Boy. To them-" She pointed the way they just came, a thick heavy accent that sounded as if she had lived on the islands laced her words. " -you are royalty. I can't touch you if you step out of line. But here, where we're going you are nothing more than a person. You are an equal and if you behave like a spoiled *tama, I will have no problem treating you like a spoiled tama. Do you understand?"

(*Tama = Infant in Samoan.)
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
A lone crow flew over Gracidea City. The bird looked down at the big city. Its glowing red eyes surveyed the buildings and the people below. It landed once in a while to observe more closely before taking off again, circling over the city. Anyone would see and pay no attentiion to it, thinking it was just an ordinary bird.

That was so far from the truth. The images the crow took in were tranferred to Nathaniel's mind through their psychic link. His right eye was shut and it was through it that he was viewing Gracidea City from the sky. He was standing some meters away from the city gates. Moments later, the crow flew back to him and landed on his shoulder.

"Good job." He said and the bird disappeared in a gust of black smoke.

Nathaniel picked his suitcase and began his short walk towards the city. He had gotten intel about a retired Gomorrah member residing in the city. He intended to get more information from the man concerning the rest of the clan.

Even though all those vengeful thoughts plagued his mind, Nathaniel's expression remained the same. He kept his plain look. That was the type of guy he was.

As Nathaniel walked in, he looked up and noticed how cloudy the sky was. Rainclouds would amass soon. Nope, not today. Nathaniel looked up at the sky and the clouds immediately parted, revealing the bright sun. He had just arrived in Gracidea City, rain wasn't going to welcome him.
più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
"Hn. Whatever," Leonidas grumbled, rolling his eyes. He was used to Ninny's scolding by now, having heard it since he was a toddler, but it still irritated him. He was the future King of Alfheim, yet she treated him like some regular person. Despite that though, she had never treated him unfairly, and she was one of the few people who had his respect. So rather than argue, he turned his attention to the whole reason they were in this dump to begin with;

The Crown.

He'd heard about a mercenary clan known as the Gomorrah, a clan who's spy network was supposedly so large that it spread all around Alfheim. Naturally, that would mean they would have some kind of information on the Crown, so he began seeking them out. His searching led him to Gracidea City, the home of a retired Gomorrah only known by the code name of "Silva". Now, he just had to find him.

Icarus, a boy who'd spent his whole surrounded by nature, detected it immediately. He'd expected rain from the moment he'd woken up that morning, having looked at the clouds and made that prediction. But, as if by some kind on interference, the clouds had vanished completely. That wasn't natural, which meant that someone else had caused it. Tensing up, Icarus continued into the city.
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
"Go on and test me. See where that gets you ended up." She dug her nails into his cheeks a little before letting go, walking down the ally and arriving into a ghetto. Children were running and playing an women were doing their laundry. A woman looked up, her bright green eyes meeting Ninny's "Ninny!" The woman smiled and hugged the royal servant. "Wawa! You look as beautiful as the sun! The boy's allergies are acting up again and I have nothing for him. I was wondering if I could possibly...?" she trailed off.

Wawa caught on and told them to follow her inside her home. It was your standard present home; splintering wood walls, leaking ceiling, cold stone slab floors. There was room however, that had nice wood flooring and stone walls. This was where Wawa liked to sell and trade her herbs. "Trichosanthes Root?" The younger woman held up a tan root that looked like masses more than root.

"He won't eat it anymore." The thicker woman shrugged, giving Leo a look.

"Spoiled Tama. Should be grateful ad eat what's given to you. Never know who might need it the most." The thinner said, putting a good amount of the root in a basket for the two.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Nathaniel kept walking with his suitcase swinging slightly at his side. He looked around at all the people scurrying about. To be honest, he didn't know where to start his search. He had grown up in a little town and during his time with Joshua they had never been to such a big city, prefering to go from one village and small town to the next.

So he had to admit he was a little lost. From where he was standing, people just randomly passed him by, none even taking the time to look at him.

<<You should look for a tavern or an inn or something. Don't just stand there like an idiot.>> Joshua's voice resounded in his head.

Nathaniel rolled his eyes. Joshua didn't always talk with much courtesy. "I'm lost Joshua. I have no idea where I could find one of such establishments."

<<Then ask someone moron. Last time I checked you stilll had a mouth and not a beak yet.>>

Nathaniel sighed "Its alright. No need to be so mean with me."

<<You're not made of sugar. Words won't kill you>>

Nathaniel asked a man where he could find the nearest bar or inn from there and the man told him to keep walking, that it was just ahead. Nathaniel thanked him with a curt nod and kept walking. He needed to ask where he could find a man named Silva. The retired Gomorrah member. All he had was a rough drawing of the man and nothing else. It wasn't much but he believed it could be useful nonetheless.

After a moment's walk, Nathaniel found himself in what seemed to be a ghetto. "Ermm...Joshua. I think I'm lost again."

<<Well done sunshine. You won't cease to make me proud.>>

Nathaniel looked around. Could there be an inn in this sort of place. He kept walking though. He couldn't just stand idly around. Joshua would scold him again.

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più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
"I eat what i want," Leo huffed indignantly, before his face shriveled up, "And i don't want to eat that disgusting root." He despised that stuff with a burning passion. Having been force fed it when he was younger for the same allergies he had now, he was very well acquainted with the horrible taste of the Trichosanthes. He wanted no part of-


Leo growled after his involuntary sneeze. Now was the worst possible time for his allergies to act up. Sniffling a bit, Leo crossed his arms. "Let's just go."
più di un anno fa 666demon said…

Ninny's hand raised again, her eyes sharp and daring Leo to act up again. Her eyebrows furrowed, her smile now gone and replaced with a scolding frown. "What did I just tell you in the ally??! You wanna act a fool? See where that gets you." her voice cold, sharp like a blade. She stood up straight, her head held high as she looked at him. "Now you be polite and thank this woman for giving me herbs to make those allergies go away or there'll be more where that came from." She took the basket, her whole demeanor changing as she thanked Wawa with a smile on her face.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Nathaniel went on walking, looking around if he could find an inn or a bar. He passed by one of the houses in the ghetto. As he did, he heard what sounded like an argument or something of that sort. Someone was speaking with a raised voice. What followed was a sneeze...and then...a slap?

Nathaniel stopped and looked. He raised a brow. His curiousity took over and he peeked in through an open window. He saw two women and a boy.

<<They seem to be a lively bunch>> Joshua said <<You should ask them.>>

Nathaniel nodded "Erm...excuse me." He called out to them "I'm a little lost here. I was wondering if you could help me."
più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
Name: Cedany Arkwright

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark, tangled hair, sunkissed skin, olive green eyes,

Personality: She's fierce and tempered, and her spirit is the strongest you will ever see. She's clever and cautious, one helluva survivor. Her face bears the haunted look of a scarred past, but her eye hold a spark of a soul that refuses to be broken.

Backstory: Cedany's mother died in childbirth, and her father was a well-known member of Gomorrah. He raised Cedany to be the same. She was seen as a "promising member" going on raids robbing, destroying, and murdering villages from the age of only eleven. However, when she was thirteen she was part of one of Gomorrah's most brutal attacks, referred to as the Buring of Galspar, and watched an innocent man burned alive in front of her. His horrified face contorted as it melted, and it haunted her mind even in her dreams. After that moment, Cedany began to question Gomorrah's ways. A month later, she tried to run from home one night, but her father woke and caught her a few feet from the door. Left with no choice, she told him she didn't want to be part of Gomorrah, and she was leaving to live a free and honorable life somewhere far away. Her father beat her half to death, slashing her face with a knife and threatening to kill her if she ever tried to leave again. Two days later, desperate to free herself from Gomorrah, Cedany stabbed her father to death in his sleep. She fled for a place called Alfheim, having heard stories of its benevolent king, King Oberon. She arrived one week after her fourteenth birthday and lived freely, taking a job at a tavern, but relying on odd jobs and occasionally (though she tried to avoid it) thievery to get by. She was careful to hide the insignia branded on her upper arm, but she must not have been careful enough because a few months after her arrival, rumor began to spread of a Gomorrah member living among the townsfolk. Cedany worried of what her past association with Gomorrah could lead to, so to avoid being caught she took up residence in an old shack and began posing as an elderly man. She let word spread of an allusive retired Gomorrah member called Silva. After King Oberon's death, Cedany got word of E.D.E.N. and decided to find the crown in order to stop Gomorrah's evil doings and find reconciliation for the wrongs of her past.

Magic: Cedany inherited her magic from her mother, but was never taught how to properly use it. She is mastering the use of her telekinetic abilities, and on occasion can perform transmutation or sometimes can even speak in other's minds (she cannot read their thoughts, however)

Reason for Chasing the Crown: Stopping Gomorrah, thus finding redemption
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più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
((Hey I know my profile isn't the best, sorry about that. It's late and my mind is all but drained- you know how it is, I'm sure! I hope no one minds what I did with Silva, I'll change if there are any objections. Looking forward to role playing with y'all!!))
più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
(Wazzup, and Welcome to the RP! I think that profile was actually pretty good, and i have no issues with Silva, so unless Terra does, you're all clear!)

Leo, rubbing his slightly sore and tingling cheek, turned his attention to the boy who'd called out to them. A tourist, He thought in sarcastic cheer, It must be my birthday.

"We aren't natives of this lame town," Leo huffed, "We know about as much about it as you do."
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
There was some cursing in another language from the women. It sounded like anger from the thinner one and panic from the thicker. Ninny feared that this man had seen her slap the prince. Did this man even know who Leo was? Oh the thought of a whip across her back made her shiver.
The thinner of the woman walked over, He green eyes and peppery colored hair clashing with her dark skin. She leaned against the window, folding her arms across the bottom half of her chest as she bend over to look at Nathaniel "There's a inn if you walk back the way you came and more in the heart of the city. It'll cost you pretty much but one of my girls can give you a bed if you don't have that much."
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
(Nice idea you got there Firebird. I have no issue either. I think it'll even make the plot more interesting.)
(That's the Gomorrah insignia btw)
 (Nice idea te got there Firebird. I have no issue either. I think it'll even make the plot più inte
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
"Oh thanks...I guess." Nathaniel replied. He was quite confused though. Their reactions were unexpected. One seemed to be panicking and the other seemed to be angry. And in spite of the calm way in which the woman had spoken to him, Nathaniel could tell she was uneasy.

Nathaniel glanced at the boy. He was rubbing his cheek. Was he the one who had gotten slapped?

He looked at the woman infront of him and considered her proposal. Well, he didn't have much money so if could find an inn where he wouldn't have to pay much, it was an entirely good thing.

"Well," He continued "I don't have much money so I would be really grateful if you helped me out." Why she was willing to help a total stranger though was another mystery.
più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
Cedany's old, worn-out, black boots drug across the cobblestone streets. The hood of a long olive green cloak obscured her face, and many layers obscured her figure. Rarely did she wander near the heart of town, and when she did she stuck to the back alleys when she could. However, her search for the crown had led her on many trips to the village library. She had slung a brown leather bag over her shoulder filled with the books she'd borrowed her last visit. Books on the royal history, legends of Alfsheim, anything that might hold information on the crown. So far, it all proved absolutely and entirely completely useless. Three months and she had nothing. Not a single lead. Luckily, Cedany wasn't the quitting type. She rounded the last corner before reaching the library, securing the bag on her shoulder and pulling her hood farther down to shadow her face. The only way to keep her from being discovered was to keep turning head towards Silva. And so, she played the part.
più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
"Lost and no money? Sounds like you were totally prepared for this," Leo rolled his eyes with a smug look on his face, "Bravo." Placing his hands behind his head, he turned his head away from Nathaniel, instead taking in the view of the wall. "I don't see why i should waste money on some loser like you."
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più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
Name: Merivale "Mer" Válor
(Pronounced mare-i-vah-lee)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Raven hair with streaks of red that is always either curled or straightened, medium height, medium build, icy blue eyes and fair skin to match her brother's

Personality: Merivale has a lot of "spunk". She is passionate, courageous, and willing to fight for what she believes in. She has the qualities that make a good leader and is extremely well-spoken. She greatly admired her father's kindness and tries to be like him in that aspect, but often feels she comes up short.

Backstory: Merivale, while the older siblings was often overlooked for her younger brother Leonidas, as he was the first-born son. His magic was stronger too and almost all of Alfheim thought he would grow to be Alfheim's next great leader. However she too receive the land's finest tutors and instructors. She became quite the scholar and also became quite skilled at combat and riding, in addition to the flute (her father insisting every lady should learn to play and instrument). She greatly admired her father, and her and Leo were quite close as children but as their views diverged they grew farther apart. Despite his determination that he should be Alfheim's next ruler, Merivale also searches for the crown, believing him too arrogant and self-obsessed to lead. She has tried to keep her search hidden from him, though she knows he has begun to suspect.

Magic: Fire magic- Merivale's magic is not as strong as her brothers, but she studied hard and learned to use it through disciplined coaching, so she is very good at wielding it.

Reason For Chasing The Crown: To ensure the kingdom does not fall to her brother
più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
(Oh my....let the family drama begin lol. Leonidas and Merivale are polar opposites, I like it!)
Firebird06721 commented…
Thanks!!! I was going for that approach! più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
Wawa nodded, giving Nathaniel a gold coin and telling him to give that to a woman named Maybell. She also gave him a little care package of herbs he might have need of for protection. She filled up a small jar with a blend of Asafoetida powder, Arrow root powder and Boldo leaves. "Now this is my special blend. It wards off evil like you wouldn't believe. Just don't go sniffing the powder. Some stupid cow did that and he ended up dead." She said with a small smile before letting him go.

"Leo, I think I got everything I need. Now come on and let's go home. I want to see how your sister is doing. without me. That poor girl, I hope she ate something." Ninny said, thanking her friend again with a hug before they left. She hoped nothing bad happened to Mer, oh Ninny would be so heartbroken if her little firecracker hurt. But she could also blame their mother. That woman had started to neglect her children after her husband died. And the last time she ever showed something to her children is when they were young.
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
Name: Elinor Isolde Duecannon-Válor

Age: 46

Gender: Female

Appearance: Raven hair with graying streaks due to age, medium height, slim build, turquoise eyes and fair skin to match her children.

Personality: Before Oberon died she was alive, adventurous and as kind as her beloved. Now without Oberon she is just a shell of what she once was. She rarely comes out of her room, only to eat and go to the bathroom. Sometimes she'll wander out into the huge garden and get lost i here for days. But when she comes into contact with her children, on a good day, she pays them no attention like they're not even there. But on a bad day she's abusive, she'll straight up beat them for no reason and scream at them.

Backstory: Elinor was alive, happy and well when her beloved Oberon was here. There would be feasts every night, the gates were open and there was so much dancing and singing. There would be no punishments for the children, just unconditional love. But then Oberon fell. She felt like she died along with him. She closed the gates, she stopped the balls, stopped the feasts. She even lashed out at Ninny and accused her of killing him. But now, she doesn't even pay attention to her children. She even forgot she had them until one day Mer fell out of a tree and broke her arm when she was younger.

Magic: Surprisingly, Necromancy.

Reason For Chasing The Crown: None, she doesn't care anymore now that her husband is dead.
più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
Mer sat in her bedroom pouring over old texts. She knew she didn't have long before Leo and Mama Ninny returned. No doubt they were scowering the village for news on the crown. Mer thought this was silly when their was so much information to be found in the castle. She took more notes in her journal as she poured over some of the books. As she reached the end of one of them, she pulled the chest out from under her bed. She unlocked it with a key that hung around her neck and neatly placed the books she'd gather that day inside atop the other books, diaries, and scrolls that had anything to do with E.D.E.N.. She locked the chest and pushed in back under the bed, tucking the key into her dress.
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
There was a knock on the door, a servant had come by, announcing that it was time for lunch. But she looked both ways down the hall before poking her head back in. "I would be very careful, your highness. Her Majesty is very upset that your brother and Nanny took off." The girl warned her before taking off. In the dining room, Elinor sipped on her glass of wine, wondering where that little brat and that worm could have gone off to now. It had been a full morning since they were gone and now her daughter was a second late for lunch? The queen had never been so appalled by such heathenism in her life.

Ninny felt something, a shift in the air as they walked. Something bad was going to happen. She could just feel it but she didn't know what it was. "Leonidas, we need to hurry. Now." The nanny walked a little faster, pleading to the man above the sky that Mer would be ok and unharmed when they got back.
più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
"Thank you. I shall keep that in mind." Mer replied. She kept a calm, polite tone that she hoped would mask her disgust with her mother that someone should have to warn her daughter to be careful when she was upset. Mer stepped out of her room, and cautiously made her way to the dining hall. She wasn't in the mood to deal with one of her mother's fits of anger, and so she walked with all the grace and formality she could manage. Hopefully, it would be enough to compensate for being two minutes late for a meal. However, she knew if her mother was in a bad mood that it wouldn't be. Mer had come to despise her mother. She held a lot of resentment for the way she neglected her role as their mother after their father's death. She treated them like they didn't exist, and that was on good days. Mama Ninny was always more of a mother to her and Leo than she was. Mer steeped into the dining hall exercising the greatest of caution. The sight of her mother sent so much rage broiling up in her, Mer felt as though her fury could set her afire where she stood. So much so that she had to avoid looking her mother directly in the eyes, rather focusing just past the queen's left ear.
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più di un anno fa mcterra said…
<<Loser?>> Joshua's voice resonated in Nathaniel's head <<Who in the world is this impetuous brat?>>

"Just ignore him, Joshua." Nathaniel replied in his mind "He just got slapped. Anyone would be bitter in his place. He surely didn't mean that."

<<There are days you really amaze me with your naivety.>>

Nathaniel glanced once at Leo before ignoring him and recieving the stuff the woman offered him. "Thank you." He said with a raised brow. "You're so kind to me but you don't even know me. I just asked for some help and you've given me way more than I asked for."

He looked at the items in his hands. "I'm surprised people like you still exist in this world."

<<It could still be a trap Nathan. You shouldn't just trust people anyhow.>>
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Name: Regulus "Thunder Lion" Leone

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Beastman

Appearance: Pic (He has golden lion eyes)

Personality: He is a loyal, straight and strict man. He has a deep sense of honor and he takes immense pride in doing justice and shunning evil. He is brave and never flees in the face of danger.

Backstory: The Leones were a tribe of blond beast people renowned for their connection to nature, their ability to morph into lions and their most noticeable trait, their golden lion eyes. They were blessed with longevity and superhuman aptitudes. And because of that, they were hunted.
They were taken as slaves, as circus freaks, their manes and skins were used to manufacture expensive decorations and their eyes were ripped out and sold to the most avid collectors. Due to that, the Leones slowly became extinct, with only a few of them still living on.
This hunt went on for centuries till King Oberon stepped on the throne and put an end to the vile and cruel acts performed on the Leones. He abolished the malpractices and punished its perpetrators. But unfortunately the Leone tribe couldn't be restored so easily. Centuries of hunting and slaying had done permanent damage.
It was during one of his travels that King Oberon found a young blind Leone boy. He had been a slave and circus freak his whole life, constantly being maltreated and his rare eyes had been ripped out and sold. Oberon was surprised the boy had survived so long with his battered body and without his eyesight. The King took pity upon the boy and used his magic to heal the boy and restore his eyes.
He took the boy under his wing, raising him like his son alongside the prince and princess. Oberon named him Regulus and taught him magic and combat.
Regulus was trained under the finest instructors and by the time he was 15 he was already a full-fledged knight. By 20 he had been named head of the King's personal guard, earning himself the nickname "Thunder Lion" due to his origins and the nature of his magic.
When Oberon was murdered, Regulus was devastated. He had lost the only man he had ever considered as a father. He was deeply disturbed by it, wondering who or what could kill such a man.
He knew about E.D.E.N and he decided to find it; He wanted to make Oberon's murderer pay and if possible, bring his foster father back to life; something the queen had failed to do with her Necromancy magic.

Magic: He possesses Golden Electrokinesis (Lightning Magic), being able to summon and tame it as he wishes.
He equally possesses his family's hereditary magic "Lion Soul", which permits him to mimic lion traits and morph into a golden lion. He has a humanoid form and a full form.
Being a beastman, he is able to communicate and "command" animals with his "King Stare" and draw more power from nature.

Reason For Chasing The Crown: To get revenge over the King's murderer and to bring him back.
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 Name: Regulus "Thunder Lion" Leone Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Beastman Appearance: Pic (H
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
Not all people who use Black magic and Hoodoo are considered monsters." Wawa replied, looking at the children playing, running around and chasing each other and calling out made up spells. Her eyes always looking back to one child, her little girl, as she laughed and played. "Yet we live in fear of enslavement or slaughter. We never stay in one place for too long. Always moving, never getting to be at peace. Even when the King was alive we never got the peace he had promised for all." She shook her head, shrugging. "I pray to the men and women beyond the sky that this next leader will not be as blind to us as him."

"Where's your brother and that street rat?" Elinor demanded her daughter's attention, glaring over her wine glass. She would scold her for not being on time later. There wad no doubt in her mind that her Mer despised her, and she was ok with that. It was Ninny's fault anyway, the woman kept babying them instead of showing them how to behave like good little children. In her own eyes she was a great mother, even now. When her daughter said nothing, she looked up more, sat up straighter and put her glass down. "Merivale, didn't I teach you anything?! You answer when someone is talking to you! Now where is your brother and that street rat??" She raised her voice just a tiny bit.
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più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Nathaniel nodded. He understood her. Living in constant fear, always running inorder to survive. Nathanile knew how that felt all too well. When he had lost his homen he had had to struggle to survive, he had had to fend for himself. And he had been just a child. There had been times that he had faced hostility from people just because of the cursed brand he carried. That was the kind of the life he had been forced to live.

Nathaniel looked down at the items again. "I truly am grateful for all this. You're a good person. I hope you one day find a place you can call home and the peace you deserve."
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
"Keep your head high!! Focus!! Never lose your opponent from sight!! The least mistake could end up being your last!!"

Regulus barked orders at the trainees. New recruits had arrived a few days ago. Young boys, ranging from the ages of 12 - 18. As the head of the Kingsguard, it was his job to train them and mould them into fine and brave knights. He took the task with utmost seriousness.

With the death of Oberon and the wide hunt for E.D.E.N going on, the Royal family needed more protection than ever. Many people obviously believed the royal family knew the crown's secrets and many were ready to go after them to get it. Regulus couldn't allow that. He had protected his king, and he would protect his family, even if he had to give his life.

That was why Regulus had requested for the number of guards, knights and recruits to be increased. He had equally decided to personally take charge of their apprenticeship. He was the best afterall. And only he could bring forth the best.

"Remember." He continued "Regularize your breath!! Your feet should be firm on the ground!! Combat has a rythm!! You have to set yours!! Once the rythm is disrupted, your opponent's defense crumbles like a house of cards!!" Now, attack me!!"

Regulus was surrouned by 6 young recruits. Each of them was wielding a wooden sword and a wooden shield. They circled him like predators eyeing their prey. He had taught them about intimidation. Seemed like they had been quite attentive. Regulus was weaponless, preferring to face them barehanded. Without warning, the first sprang forward, going in for a quick stab. Regulus stroke the boy's wrist, disarming him swiftly and kicking his feet off the ground.

The beastman then spun around just in time to face another boy who had gotten right behind him with his sword raised high. Regulus caught his arm while it was still up. While holding on to the arm, he threw the boy over his shoulder. The recruit hit the ground with his back. Regulus took a step back and ducked to dodge the simutaneous attacks of two others. His arms lashed forward like whips and he caught both boys by their necks. He lifted both of them and slammed them on the ground.

The last two boys attacked together two. Regulus quickly seized one's sword and kicked him away. He then used it to attack the other who blocked as much as he could with his shield. It wasn't long before Regulus overpowered him and the boy found himself on the floor.

"Get back on your feet!! The day is far from over!!" He looked up at the sky. It would soon be lunch time and Ninny wasn't back with Leo yet. The queen wouldn't be happy. "Tristan." He called out to one of the other instructors "Take over."

He left the training grounds and went into the castle. He discarded his practice gear and wore something more presentable. A while later he walked into the dining hall. He bowed twice. "My Queen...Princess..." He then stood next to door like he always did whenever they had their meals. Regulus could feel how cold the atmosphere was in between those two. Once a loving mother and her lovely daughter, after Oberon's death, they had just become strangers.
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più di un anno fa 666demon said…
The queen looked up from where she was sitting, a perfect eyebrow arched in question. "i'm sorry, I don't think I allowed you to come in. Shouldn't you be in chains and amusing the children, Beast?" The mother questioned passive aggressively. Turning her attention to her 'adoptive son'. And after all this, Leonidas and the street rat weren't here. She found it funny though how Ninny, a black magic user and voodoo, could have more of a parental image than her. It was probably a spell the thug had made up.

"You know, while you're here, I have noticed a weakness in the witch and my children. It's themselves. For instance, Merivale and I were just talking about manners. And I simply said something along the lines of throwing the rat where she belongs. And you know what Merivale did? She sat up straighter, looked me in the eye and spoke like a young lady!" Elinor seemed happier, or maybe it was the wine. She did like her wine.
più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
Merivale's face flushed an angry crimson. Never had she loathed her mother quite as much as she did now. Ninny was like her family, and she loved Regulus like a real brother. She admired his courage, his bravery, and his selflessness. She could not stand to let her mother speak that way of him. Mer rose from the table slamming her hands down so hard silverware clattered off the table, hitting the floor with a startling metallic sound. "Shut your mouth, mother!!!" Mer screamed, reaching her breaking point. "That isn't true and I won't stand for your lies and your cruelty any longer!!" She snatched the wine glass from her mother's hand. "I think you've had enough, mother." she grumbled angrily between her teeth.
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
Elinor looked up to her daughter then down a the cold metal hand of her two most trusted guards standing her up. She leaned on them for support. They both took her to the garden. When The queen was gone, two of the servants brought out food for Mer and Regulus. Elinor had ordered them not to feed them but she was too off her rocker and they wanted to apologize to their princess and the adoptive son.
più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Chains? Beast?

As she said those words, Regulus mind travelled back to the time when he had been a blind slave boy. He couldn't see but he could remember the metallic sound of the heavy chains and he could equally remember how he had been called Beast as he had been beaten over and over again.

His golden eyes darkened for an instant but then he remembered it wasn't Elinor talking. It was the woman who had replaced her after Oberon's death. A woman ravaged by grief and alcohol. Regulus exhaled. He couldn't blame her at all.

Back in the days, Elinor had been a good woman and a kind mother. He had loved too. Almost as much as he had loved Oberon.

"My Queen you..." It was then that Mer snapped. Regulus had hardly ever seen her so furious. She scolded Elinor. Regulus had expected the Queen to react violently, but then she had just slumped and let her guards carry her out.

Regulus walked to Mer. He waved for the servants to leave them alone after they had brought out the food. "Mer, are you okay?" He asked.
più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
Mer looked on at her mother, her face softening, relaxing, but her eyes remained fully alive with her dissipating rage. She sank back in to her chair calmly, slowly, still gripping her mothers half full wine glass in her hand.
Servants appeared bringing them food, and she managed to whisper a quiet, detached "Thank you." She lifted her napkin off the table, meaning to place it on her lap, but as she grew distracted, she crumpled it into a ball in her hand. Her finger tips scorched the white cloth, as she kneaded it around in her hand. Finally, she let her hand fall to the table, letting out a shaky sigh. Mer didn't look at Regulus, she didn't look at anything at all. She didn't respond to him either, she barely processed his speech. Though she opened her mouth to several times to speak, she only found she had no words left.
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più di un anno fa mcterra said…
Regulus sighed. This was getting out of hand. The recent events had destroyed the royal family. Things had changed radically. Something had to be done before it was too late.

He looked at Mer "You shouldn't be so hard on her." He said, referring to Elinor "Its not her fault." He could equally see how much it was affecting Merivale.
più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
Merivale found this greatly frustrating. At first, she too had tried not to blame her mother, but it wasn't like they all weren't dealing with the same thing. And you could tell a lot about a person from the way they handled life's challenges. A bit of detachment and a few misdirected insults she could have handled, but her mother had hit her, shoved her, and beaten her, and she had said things that were unforgivable. She'd done nothing but cater to her mother's every need, and she was just so tired of it. And she was the one being too harsh? After all her mother had done? "I shouldn't be so hard on her, Regulous? It's every bit her fault. We're all dealing with the same thing, and I'm sorry but her grieving doesn't excuse the way she's treating us. If she can't handle this, then she never should've been a mother at all."
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più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
"And here we are, my absolutely favorite place in Alfheim!" Leo said loudly as he and Ninny entered the dining hall, rolling his eyes to go alongside his blatantly sarcastic comment. Being the only son and therfore too important to hurt, Leo could get away with saying and doing things just a bit more then Merivale could. Not that it mattered much, as that only meant the few times she had been mad enough to beat him, it was so vicious that he was hardly concious afterwards.

Noticing the only two in the room were Regulus and Mer, he sighed. Mer must've angered Mother again, though judging by the fact she looked unharmed, it hadn't been enough to warrant a beating. "And my two favorite siblings," He smirked, before turning to Regulus, "Well, one sibling and some forest trash father dragged in." Laughing at his own joke, Leo gave the room another look, before placing his hands behind his head.

"In any case, since we did come all the way back to this hell hole for lunch, i might as well eat something," And with that, the bluenette boy took a seat right next to Mer, if only to irritate her further, and picked up a napkin.

"Outta the way, outta the way!" Icarus shouted as he blazed through the streets of Gracidea, eyes wide in panic. Inches away from him was a wild boar who looked to be attempting to tear the boy in half. Icarus wasn't too excited at that idea though. Making a sharp turn after nearly crashing into a merchant, the white haired boy spotted more people in the way. A boy and a lady, as far as he could tell.

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più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
"Shut up, Leo." Mer ordered, exasperated. "No one's in the mood for your egotistical tangents." She slid her plate of food in front of him. "Have mine, I'm not hungry."
più di un anno fa TAIKAMODO said…
"Ooooh, big words there, sister. Egotistical tangents? I think you might be finally using that ash filled brain of yours. I'm so proud," He chuckled, before looking down at her, now his, plate of food. A long time ago he would've known his mother had helped prepare the meal despite not needing to lift a finger, but that was then, and now he wouldn't touch her food with a ten foot pole. It was likely full of her evil magic or something, and he wanted no part of that. Picking up a piece of Yülfa Bread*, one of his favorite things to eat and the only thing that could make him genuinely smile, he took a large bite.

His eyes immediately lit up with happiness as he chewed, a grin on his face. "The only good thing about this lame castle," He said after swallowing, "Is the bread."

Yülfa Bread: Made with wheat from the Yülfa's fields, the Yülfa being a village of Leprauchaun farmers. The bread is as sweet as honey and soft as a pillow, but still hard enough to hold and chew. It is a rare and expensive delicacy in Alfheim.
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più di un anno fa Firebird06721 said…
Her grip tightened around her mother's glass, and she gritted her teeth at his immaturity at such an innopropriate time, but she didn't fire back at him. Leo was a child, he was in no way fit to rule the kingdom, she thought. Mer loved her brother, but she also loved her kingdom and her people, and she wouldn't see Leo destroy what her father had worked for his whole life. That was why she had to find the crown. It permeated her mind, as she sat there, thinking. She was so close to finding a new lead, she could taste it. Mer decided to go back to her books, it'd be nice to be alone too. "I'm going to my quarters she announced, rising from the table.