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A place regarded in various religions as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering, often traditionally depicted as a place of perpetual fire beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death
•a state or place of great suffering; an unbearable experience.

"Hell, depicted as fiery, painful, and harsh, inflicting suffering on the guilty or, despite these common depictions of Hell as a place of fire, some other traditions portray Hell as cold. Buddhist - and particularly Tibetan Buddhist - descriptions of hell feature an equal number of hot and cold hells.
It is either a deep, gloomy place, a pit or abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering that resides within Hades (the entire "underworld") with Tartarus being the hellish component. In the Gorgias, Plato (c. 400 BC) wrote that souls were judged after death and those who received punishment were sent to Tartarus. As a place of punishment, it can be considered a hell.
In folklore among the Ainu people, hell is below ground, and is described as an uninviting wet place reserved for sinful people.
Hell...the polar and complete opposite of heaven. But why...why am I telling you this? It is because I...I have come from a place in which you will not reach in time--a place where we, Angels, Demons, Humans, even the Gods themselves, and many more alike have been struggling to reach out to you all. To contact you. I have come to relay a message...a message from every existing reality within this plain of reasoning and comprehension. What is described as Hell is not a place...but a stomach. But not just one...many. Niflheim(Germanic and Norse),
The House of Lies (the Zoroastrian version of hell), Duat(Egyptian), Gehenna (Hebrew), Tartaros(Greek and Roman), Naraka/Niraya (Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism), Diyu(Traditional Chinese), Xibalba(Mayan). All of them...stomachs for....devouring...
And these depictions are real...very, much real. But...not Hell. Stomachs...they are stomachs and who they belong to. A-and the god of this reality, YOUR God...he just freed it. Hell... it's coming... please... we've finally reached out to you after...after so so very long! I have come to warn you and you have to prepare!"


OKAY, crazy, right? Well things are about to take a spin because before we get too into things, I would like to lay down some information and answers to possible questions that may come up. So here we go!:
•Within this rp we, as in our characters XD, may or may not explore a vast number of alternate realities because the level of threat is just that much to deal with haha
•Yes, Angels, Demons, Humans, hell, even ALIENS will be included within the perimeters of this rp. And yes, Gods (and goddesses). Norse Gods (And Goddesses). Chinese Gods (AND Goddesses). Hebrew Gods (AND GODDESSES). HOWEVER, there will be some nerfs when it comes to certain things to avoid one-shots and entire universes being massacred xD Even though that's going to happen anyways because of plot godmodding. But also because there's​ reason behind this stuff that will be explained.
• We'll refer to the Christian hell (ya know, the said to be fiery this and that) as Damnation instead of hell.
•Just in case, NO, I am not a banana...just sayin...moving on--
•Yes, you will be allowed to either create a God/Goddess, Angel, Demon, Aliens, etc.
• There will be characters from different realities that may or may not resemble ours.
• I like waffles, and if you're reading this now then you do too :3
• I'm probably not done with this part yet, and adding more, so if you're reading this, expect more.

[The Corrected Multiverse Theory: The Infiniverse Theory]

>>>The Multiverse Theory
•The multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of possible universes, including the universe in which we live. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.
The various universes within the multiverse are called "parallel universes", "other universes", or "alternative universes".

The fault within this theory, discovered by Professor Carter Willmax (who is from one of the other universes and a follower of Erwin Schrödinger's work), was the specific wording of "The universes within the multi-verse", stating that in order for a multiverse to exist, there had to be more than one prior. This is because of the fact that if the multiverse existed, then it meant that the hope of finding a rational explanation for the precise values of quark masses and other constants of the standard model that we observe in our Big Bang is doomed, for their values would be an accident of the particular part of the multiverse in which we live. Not only that, but if this were true, then our speculations of a forever expanding universe were doomed as well.

The correction that Professor Willmax added to this theory was that instead of there being various universes within the multiple, there were actually an infinite amount of universes within an infinite amount of multiverses, which in turn, exist within more than one reality.

And thus came the Infiniverse Theory: The underlying fabric of reality that includes every possible different-initial-conditions universe, and all possible timelines for each of those possible universes.

[God and Tophet/Hell]

"Before the buildings, before the oceans and fresh waters, before the grasses. It was there. Before the golden gates and angels, it was there. It was always there because He allowed it to be until He found out how hard it could bite."


Born as a creature that predates the stars, Tophet was a sort of companion to God, for it was his very first SUCCESSFUL creation of all. Everything before it hadn't survived, which created the by product of Death. This creation was meant to be the harbourer of Life, starting as only a atom sized fragment of reality that was gifted with asexual reproduction. However, it was one created without conscious, without reason, and it was for this reason that it went astray. When God created Earth, he hadn't immediately known the components that were for living, and instead experimented with earth prototypes, adding the elements as he found necessary. He planted the atom that was Tophet onto these planets as a seed that was meant to grow and spread, and watched as it multiplied. But trouble soon came. On his first attempt, he realized that Tophet had began absorb the clones that had split from itself, which lead to it becoming a bit larger. Rather than horrify God, this intrigued him. However, Death was uneasy.
Wiping the prototype from existence, God started on another and placed Tophet onto it only for it to do the exact same thing that it had before after some time. And bigger it became. God got used to creating things like stars and light, he began to create more in a blink. But when He turned around, it was gone. Not absorbed, but devoured, for by this time Tophet had grown immensely from it's growing diet. With each instance that his creations were ruined, he tired of the organism, and soon left it on an isolated planet while He went to recreate more. He soon came around to creating the original human, which wasn't exactly human. But just as he was coming around to completing what would be a master piece creation, his first organism struck again and devoured it all. But this time, it had looked to include God in it's meal. Finally realizing the error within his creation but unable to bring himself to destroy it, he created the angels and was forced to lock Tophet away somewhere it could no longer disturb his creations with harm, though he came up with a method to continue to feed it's hunger for eternity.
And from there, Tophet, or Hell, existed outside of the known dimensional planes and through means of God, became creature of unfathomable size and proportion.

Humans: XD. Humans have been being taken under the guidance of Angels, Demons, and Aliens, all three playing a valuable role im assisting them. With the aid of other advanced species. Due to technology and the new knowledge they've acquired, they are a much more powerful race than before.

Gods: The Gods of the other mythologies came about from other dimensions, though there were some that were already undercover on Earth, living life among humanity. It was found that not all of the gods were as powerful as man thought, just much more powerful than humans were because of their abilities. Just like angels, the gods are able to be defeated when push came the shove.
These gods knew of one another's ​existence, and some of them are very prideful and more arrogant than they were thought to be. But soon, they began to put aside their differences to come together, for the threat that neared was one that no one being could even think of stopping.

Angels: Angels are typically described as benevolent, dreadful, and endowed with wisdom and knowledge of earthly events, but not infallible; for they strive with each other, and God has to make peace between them. Their roles in the beginning were to assist in sealing away what was only known to them at the time as The First. Their only purpose was to serve as an army. But fearing that they would end up like Tophet, their new roles came to loving and do the biddings of their creator. Angels naturally come in ranks: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels.
•Angels are of course, adequate in the skills of light and holiness, and have taken the role of teaching those on a path of light their arts through knowledge. These angels willingly left their fellow angels and the authority of God,who disappeared not long after releasing Tophet, to aid the humans. They no not the whereabouts of their creator, nor his reasoning for unleashing the monstrous chaos that he had. All they knew was that something was coming.
*Note: Lucifer was cast from heaven and sent into Tophet's stomach, Damnation. But was is truly because he wanted to become​ God and not how to humanity?

A demon (from Koine Greek δαιμόνιον daimónion) is a supernatural and often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and folklore. They are created from human souls that have endured extensive torture in Damnation by other demons. In this process, they become corrupted, extremely evil, and also very powerful. They usually take the forms of humans with the exception of some who either sport horns or are strong enough to be able to reveal their true appearance while on Earth.
However, this depiction of demons has been proven not to apply to all of them. In fact, most demons are outraged by the fact that for as long as their existence they had been seen as evil and wicked, when in actuality the very first to becoming demons became so after realizing their Creator's true intentions for mankind. It actually took them tens of thousands of years to become completely corrupted within Damnation.
• The demons aren't as lenient toward humans as angels are, and some blame humans for the eternity they spent within one of the numerous stomachs of Tophet. Some of them have made the creature their knew ruler and awaits total annihilation eagerly. Not all of the. But with this said, they have their own ways of unlocking the secrets to humanity.

Extraterrestrials/Aliens: There are three species of highly intelligent extraterrestrials that were in reliable range of Earth and were capable of picking up the fairly unusual frequencies that had come from Earth during the instance of the Messenger's arrival. These three races are capable of light speed jumping and have highly capable and advanced technology that completely outclassed mankind's. Some are thousands of years old, others hundreds.
Pinnacloids: The Pinnacloids are a space race identical to humans aside from their outrageous height (their average height being 7 feet) and pale blue skin. These were the first of our friendly visitors who appeared in a not so friendly manner at first. They entered the Earth's atmosphere with an entire link looking to demolish anything​ that had been posing as a threat. But soon, it was realized that they had come to protect the human race and had taken the frequencies from Earth as an S.O.S. signal. This race from the stars have reached their pinnacle point and was in search of a new planet, for theirs had fallen victim to a dying star who's energy they managed to harness​ as their own. They had had their eyes set on Earth in hopes of establishing their home their in return for knowledge and a possible breakthrough of humanity's limitations. When they were able to receive the break down of the situation, they concluded that this would be a perfect opportunity to join voices with mankind.
>>>The Pinnacloids specialize in a variety of telekinetic abilities and often speak using telepathy in which they are able to project as if they were speaking vocally. Some of the individuals of this race find chess quite amusing and adore a game of wits and strategies. They have been giving mankind extensive information about physics and psychology in order to help them break passed the mental barriers that prevent them from accessing more of themselves.
*Note: The males of this race have something resembling antenna stretching from their upper lips as if they were a mustache.

Squilonians: The Squilonians, or Squills for short, are another intelligent race of beings that have the features of both squid/octopus and human. Some have extended skulls that can resemble more of the octopus or squid, while others have skulls similar to humans. Their skin color ranges from a very light to a dark blue. The structure of their facial features bare a resemblance to humans with the additional tribal like markings that they are given at birth and continue to receive throughout their lives. These tribal markings differ from each individual, the colors of them coming in all varieties. These beings have no traces of hair whatsoever, being that they came from a aquatic planet similar to Earth, but with less land. Instead, they have long thin or thick tentacles that resembles that of a squid/octopus and can vary in length. The link of the species usually tend to have the thinner ones, while the link.
The Squilonians had actually been planning on heading towards Earth not long after they first discovered that there were other intelligent life forms.
Unlike the other extraterrestrials that came to Earth, the Valtonians didn't arrive with a fleet, or even a spaceship. Instead, they used a method known to their kind as Vilgax, which means "Ocean Rift" in their language.
>>>The Squills are a race of beings that were enslaved at some point by a race that had mastered Technomancy (A combination of technology and magic) for thousands upon thousands of years until they finally broke free of their oppressors, which would be deemed the most violent moment within their history. Though from it they gained new perspectives and skills, which allowed the Ocean Rift to be created. Now they create battle suits and weaponry with their unique power to assist humans' durability.
*Technomancy - a category of magical abilities that affect technology, or to magical powers that are gained through the use of technology. The Squilonians are capable of using magic to affect or replicate technology. The user is capable of communing with technological entities, using their own body as a conduit to technology and casting spells and enchantments that result in some sort of cyber-related effect. The user is basically utilizing science and technology as though as if it was a paranormal element.
The Squilonians are also able to breath under water without any need for oxygen.

Angelicolites/Angecoes: The Angelicolites--- (To be continued and or revealed)

The warning from the Messenger was one hundred years ago, the year now 2133. Humanity has advanced far beyond that in which they have ever imagined with the help of the other races of being. Their have been attacks made against Earth by angels loyal to "God", as well as uncooperative demons who only seek to see the world burn. Humans and their new comrades have been preparing​ in every way possible, learning from one another and even coming to find mates. Corporations have been put together in order to protect Earth and it's inhabitants while they prepare. Meanwhile some of the gods of the other mythologies have embarked on a mission to find God before it's too late. Three months ago, a galaxy far off from Earth had disappeared without a trace. Strange, incomprehensible frequencies of energy have been picked up by new advanced technology and currently studied by some of the most brilliant minds of the races. It...was coming. Tophet.....Hell.








Skills and Abilities:]




Weaponry:]:(If any)

Main Universe Characters:

Dherma Flynst--Demi-god-- 27
Michael---Demon(former angel)--- N/A

Buelzabab The Whispering Liar/Deceiver and Assininus The Yelling Instigator--Demon??-- Unknown
Acifer--Angel-- N/A

Gadreel--Angel-- N/A
Jolene "Thunder" Oswald--Demon-- 25?
Benny Ty Olson--Human-- 35

Seraphina Cael--Nephilim-- 26?
Bishop James-- Human-- 28


Satsuki Kozo--Demigod-- 19
Yuri Kozo--Demigod-- 10
Kellius-Affesto--Cambion-- N/A

Percival--Fallen Angel-- N/A
Dani--Human-- 27
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più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
• Dherma Flynst, sometimes prefers to be called Flynn.

• Demi-God

• 27/ December 3rd

• Female

5 ft 6 (1.8 meters)
• Bouncy light brown hair that's usually tied back into a braid that reaches the middle of her back, and her bangs hanging.
• Grey-Blue Eyes
• Fair, sun kissed skin
• Lean, fit body and toned muscle

• Usually wearing a link when doing a job involving the other races


Skills and Abilities:]
• Handy with a rifle
• Adequate in Hand-to-hand combat: Boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga
• Electromancy to some degree (Divination via Lightning)

• She takes jobs as a bounty hunter, assisting in defending against demons and angels that attack.

"My father? A god?" Dherma began to laugh mockingly. "I guess a father isn't the only poor excuse he is."
• (I'll probably add this along the way)

[Father]>>>Zeus (Whereabouts currently unknown)
[Step-Father]>>> Noah Flynst
[Mother]>>> Holly Flynst/Human (Alive)
[Younger Sibling/Step-Sister]>>> Melissa Flynst/Human (Alive)
[Sister-in-law]>>> Na'Oom Zardoia/Squil (Alive)
[Older Brother]>>> Christopher Flynst (Alive)

Though she is capable of using a variety of things, she keeps it simple and narrowed down to only a few.

• A prototype sniper rifle made specifically for her using the Squilonian's method of technomancy and given to her by Na'Oom. This rifle is capable of firing a harnessed man-made version of an angel's smite. Though it is no where as close as the real deal, the technology used to make this weapon allows the power of each shot to be amped on a scale of 1-5. But since it is merely a prototype, scale 5 has been restricted. It is a light weight weapon capable of being folded and unfolded.

• For up close and personal business, she uses a pair of blessed brass knuckles called the link in spite of her father. They are able to conduct electricity, which goes well with her Electromancy.

((Incomplete for now))
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 [b]Name:[/B] • Dherma Flynst, sometimes prefers to be called Flynn. [B]Race:][/b] • Demi-G
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
Name: Gadreel

Race: Angel

Age/D.O.B: "I think you wouldn't be able to count that high, young one. But let's just assume I'm older than the human race"

Gender: "Gender? What is it with you humans and forcing labels onto others? Fine, I shall play along with your silly system. Male."

6 ft 4
Pistachio green eyes
Black wings are heavily damaged and considered unusefull

Personality: Selfless, abit aggressively defensive if you bring up his family. Even though some have tried to kill him, he always tries to help strangers of any race and species. He gives out chance after chance, he's polite and humble with a certain degree of modesty.

Trap making
Hand-to-hand combat

Occupation/Role: 'Gone Rouge' are what is brothers and sisters say of his job. He's a hunter of sorts. He kills anything that's causing people in little towns trouble. Never expecting pay or anything in return. He'll do jobs around those towns too if they are in need i.e; help reconstructing houses, helping the blacksmith with making wepons, saving children who got stuck under rock piles.

Background:] "I was the angel tasked to guard Eden against evils of the world. But I failed: I failed because Lucifer disguised himself as a cherub and then wrecked chaos in The Garden. They threw me in a cell for me to rot and all Lucifer got was a slap on his wrists. I tried to tell Father everything, but he didn't listen. My brothers and sisters never listened. They would blame me for humanity's downfall. They blamed me for everything wrong in the world after that!"

Family:] "Family? You want to ask me about family!? My family threw me in a hollow block of concrete so I could rot! Over one simple mistake! My own Father-" He stopped abruptly, trying to remain calm, closing his eyes and breathing in deeply through his nose. "I don't have one."

Weaponry:]:(If any)
Two black handled axes doused in holy oil
A few small knives
A large machete
Two DIY holy oil molotovs
Long silver chain dipped in holy oil
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 Name: Gadreel Race: Angel Age/D.O.B: "I think te wouldn't be able to count that high, young o
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
( I wanna join! but it will take me an hour or so to read it all, i'll make a character when i'm done Ciao~)
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Aaaaah, 6, I didn't expect a spin like that with an angel ;) Nicely done))

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing you with us. Tell me what you think of things afterwards, some outside opinions would be great. :D))

((I'm gonna make like, two or three more characters xD Curse my imagination))
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
( Question! i dont remember seeing this anywhere listed off Races, can we choose our own custom race or do we have to stick with the ones on the list? cause i wanna make a Nephilim <3)
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
((Pertaining to the races, for now we'll just stick with the ones on the list until the first alternative universe is reached :P Buuuut I'll make this one an exception because I was originally going to include the Nephilims and their counter parts.))
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
Sempai noticed meeeeeeee!!!! I plan on making this like crazy wild-child demon to balance him out a little)
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
(@6 Sounds like a plan! And yes, sempai has noticed you X3 Also, one of my next characters will be a demon because I can't bring Lucifer in yet xD)
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
yay, Thanks Universe, here she is!)

Name: Seraphina Cael, Her friends call her Sera

Race:] Nephilim an offspring of the "sons of God" (angels) and the "daughters of men" (humans)

Age/D.O.B:] she's about 26 winters old

Gender:] Female

Appearance:] Scarlet hair and gray eyes, her face is sprinkled with freckles. 5 ft 7 in She wears a black tank top, Camo Pants, Combat boots, wrist guards and her mothers necklace.

Personality:] strong and intelligent, charismatic and confident

Skills and Abilities:] Slightly enhanced speed and strength from her angel blood, Adept at sword fighting and sneaking around.

Occupation/Role:] Sera works as a mercenary, she dosent care what happens to people around her, as long as she gets paid.

Background:] When Seras mother died when she was born, she was sent away to an orphanage, only to be adopted out to some mercenary's who needed a child for a job a few years later, once the job was done she was left alone in the woods, and from there she vowed never to relay on someone for help. After years of being by herself she became a mercenary, and sold her sword to the highest bidder.

Family:] Sera has no mother, as she died durning child birth, and she never met her father, and she dosent want to in her word he's "just a stupid angel who should have stayed in his world" Sera has no siblings, mother or grandparents.

Two Silver swords
a Flask of Holy Water
Dagger hidden in her boot
last edited più di un anno fa
 yay, Thanks Universe, here she is!) Name: Seraphina Cael, Her Friends call her Sera Race:] Nep
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
((You know what Heart...I think her and Flynn are gonna get along just fine xD))
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
(lol yea? a mercenary and a bounty hunter? i sense a great friendship about to bloom hehe)
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
(If anything triggers anybody let me know ok?)

Name: Jolene 'Thunder' Oswald

Race: "Human, died, turned demon."

Age/D.O.B:] "March 4th, 195-Hey let's just say I'm 25, Angel." She winked and threw up finger guns

Gender:] "I'ma bitch!"

5 ft 4
Smoke blue eyes that flicker back and forth between black
Tattoo of a dragonfly's wings with a semi-colin on her inner forarm facing her

Personality:] Thunder is chaos personified. She's a wild child, can't ever stand or sit still. The sweetest girl one minute and batshit insane the next second. But she also has her weak spots. People will point things out on her, how they know she's not really human. How her eyes flicker from the blue to a total black out. Thunder is rude, doesn't like too many people. Hates just about everyone and every race...Gad is the exception though.

Skills and Abilities:]
Trap making
Basic herbalism
Reading people
Hand to hand combat

Occupation/Role:] "Ok so I was originally sent up to spy on the Angel and then go back to Damnation but dude. I can't go back there. Felt like a caged animal down there. I told my superior to go stick it and left. Now I just kill things with Gad."

Background:] "look all you need to know is that before I died in the sixties I did some pretty fucked up shit with drugs then I became a demon. That's it, back off."

Family:] Maria Joyce Oswald, mother. Deceased.
John Harvey Oswald, father. Deceased.

Her bare fists
Anything she can get her hands on really
 (If anything triggers anybody let me know ok?) Name: Jolene 'Thunder' Oswald Race: "Human, died
heart-of_love commented…
I sat here for over 15 minuti wondering who Gad was, until i realized he was your other Character 6.. più di un anno fa
666demon commented…
Hehe più di un anno fa
-Universe_COLA- commented…
No changes needed, everything's cool beans and sugo, sugo di carne here più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
• Michael

Race:] Demon

Age/D.O.B:] "What is eternity... eternity...ha...haha...hahahahaha--HAHAHAH­AHA­HA!­!!&­quo­t;


6 ft 5
• Pitch black, ghastly hair
• Psychotic crimson irises and black schlera
• Unnaturally pale skin

• Shadowy black wings in which all traces of the white feathers that once covered them now gone.

Michael, once dignified and one of the Lord's favored lights, has now become sadistic, mocking, disrespectful, and overall malevolent in nature due to being consumed all that is Damnation. He now specializes in carnage and is more liable to use brute force and unsightly methods of torment for his own amusement

Skill and Abilities:]
• Summoning (Hounds of hell, Black dogs)
• Swordsmanship
• Corrupted Smite (fueled by anger and rage rather than fury)

Occupation/Role:] N/A = He just goes around taking souls and killing for the thrill of it. He could rely give less of a damn about what he kills, for anything created by God is what he seeks to see obliterated.

"The archangel tasked with striking down a brother in arms..." Enjoyed Sending Him To Hell(Damnation). "Only to be forsaken. Thou damned me to that, and to Satan. Oh father, art thou the scum of the clouds...the dim of the stars...yes...yes you are." [B]You piece of shit "And in the end... the creations of thee, made in the image, just as wicked as thee. As wicked as I. As wicked as them in which we oppose."
And blood shall spill upon the soil in which thou has reaped the first sowed and reaped the seed of man. Flesh will fall from bone and thus rot. Bones with be reduced to ash and souls tortured until they scream thy name for help...only to hear the cackles of thee...hahaha---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAH­AHA­!!!

The divine blade that was once used to defeat Lucifer, now corrupted just as it's wielder.

"Family...I have no family. For it has become my greatest calamity. I became the unwilling martyr of betrayal on their behalf...on His behalf. Banished to Gehenna. I...will have my vengeance."
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 [b]Name:[/b]] • Michael [B]Race[/b]:] Demon [B]Age/D.O.B[/B]:] "What is [b]eterni
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
(nice, he definitely seems psychotic..thats what you were going for right?)
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Oh definitely :D più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
(*hides my babies* <(O.O)> )
-Universe_COLA- commented…
Aww, don't hide them! It's rude when your guest wants to murd--Show them the light...yeah, that (•_•) xD più di un anno fa
666demon commented…
So are we waiting on più to unisciti o do te guys wanna start and have più peeps unisciti in? più di un anno fa
heart-of_love commented…
i hope we dont have to wait too long if we do choose to wait, i'm tired of Rp's dying before they even start più di un anno fa
-Universe_COLA- commented…
I think we can start in the morning and have più people unisciti as we go along. It's faster that way. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
• Buelzabab The Whispering Liar/Deceiver (The Right)
• Assininus The Yelling Instigator (The Left)

??? - Demon

"Pssst...psssst...come to me....come to me now. I won't...haaarrrrm you. I simply want to tell you how old I am." There was a moment of jibberish and muttering.
"Y-yes yessss, go to him, c-come to him, he wishes to tell you his age!!"

• Though they refer to one another as "he" or "him", they have no actual gender.

• Buelzabab and Assininus are conjoined as a creature with two heads. Their body is covered in what seems to be sketchy tan coloured, filthy fur riddled with hair follicles, blood stains, and the variety of severed limbs within it. They lack both eye lashes and eyelids and have sunken in eyes surrounded by loose, decaying flesh. Neither seem to have a neck, and both sport a large mouth full of long jagged teeth meant for grinding, crushing, and tearing.
• Buelzabab's head is noticeably shorter than Assininus's. However, the arm that it uses has four fingers, while Assininus's only has three.
• Assininus's has ashen black horns that sit on top of it's head while Buelzabab's are closer to it's forehead.

• Beulzabab tends to speak more quickly than Assininus's, it's words rushed but always clear. It's​always whispering loudly and occasionally goes off on a rant of mumbles and groans afterwards before speaking again when it has to. It's​voice sometimes switches from eery and ominous to a more aggressive whisper at random moments.
• Assininus speaks in a manner that makes it sound as if it were a complete​ idiot, quick to follow up on the words of it's other half with instigations. It speaks almost as if it were to be yelling. It

Skills and Abilities:]
• "Pssst,...psssssssst, come to us, we can siiing~
"Oh yessss​ yessss, we can sing very well.... come to us and see...let us sing"
• Influence
• Deception

• N/A

They are said to have come into exist with the very first lie.

• N/A

Weaponry:]:(If any)
• Hands and teeth
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 [B]Name[/b]: • Buelzabab The Whispering Liar/Deceiver (The Right) • Assininus The Yelling Inst
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((Alright peeps, you guys ready to get things kicked off? I'll have a post up in a little later today!))

Edit: One more character from me xD goddamn it!
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più di un anno fa grey_skies said…
((there still room for me to join??))
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
((How dare you ask such a forbidden question in the presence of freedom xD of course there's​ room for you to join! Welcome!))
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((haha i'm just so rebellious, but thanks!!))

NAME: Ariel (angel of nature)

AGE: unknown

RACE: archangel

GENDER: female

APPEARANCE: waist-length blonde hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin.

PERSONALITY: selfless, constantly looking for someone to help. adores animals and nature as well as playing around with herb concoctions. peaceful and soft spoken.


OCCUPATION: heals injured animals/angels/humans, really anything except demons. will hunt if she feels threatened or if someone she cares about is threatened, but prefers to stay in the background.

BACKGROUND: she is often level-headed, but there was an incident a few hundred years ago where she killed nine men and eight women for destroying one of Ariel's most beloved nature preserves. since then, Father, as well as her brothers and sisters, have been wary of her and have kept a close watch on her.

FAMILY: she used to love and honor her brothers and sisters, but now feels belittled by them. she still adores Father, despite him keeping a constant watch on her.

WEAPONRY: a bow and arrow- the arrows are dipped in holy water. a few small holy knives.
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((this character okay??))
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Yep, a-okay! più di un anno fa
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Also, I can't​ wait for Gadreel, Ariel, and Michael to interact :D più di un anno fa
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😂 più di un anno fa
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((honestly probably, thatll be fun))
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((First post in 3...2...--))

One...two...three...four...five. There were five of those black eyed sulfur sprinkling malevolent pansies that could be seen from where she was. Fodder at most. And from the looks of it they didn't appear to be the friendly kind, which in turn, was a bad thing for them. But a good thing for her. Very good. The blonde haired woman took the monocular away from her left eye, mumbling to herself in a fit of aggravation. "So stupid.... fucking inconsiderate jerk off..." Standing at only 5 ft 6 (1.7 meters), light brown hair tied back into a long and knotted braid, was Dherma Flynst who was crouched down out of sight behind large, broken pieces of rubble from the most recent squabble between angels and a demon said to have had black wings. And by the looks of it, the angels had lost...badly. The chaos had torn the poor little town to shreds, leaving nothing but the remains of toppled buildings and the debris that carpeted the cracked and torn up gravel of the roads and the ground.

However, she wasn't supposed to be there currently. But due to a heated argument between she and her brother, Chris, which ended with her attempting to break his face, she left on her own to let off some steam. Usually she kept her calmer composure, or at least never had gotten to the point where she just was done with him. Ever since he found out who her father was, he'd been treating her differently. Like she was a child.
In actuality, her older brother had been assigned to the task along with an angel for good measures in case. But she was hearing none of that and preferred doing it solo. She didn't need anyone getting in her way. Chris had sent drones to scout her out but she ended up destroying them, along with her holographic phone. Her hands slipped into the holsters that belonged to her link. She slipped her fingers through the loops and retrieved her hand, the gold lining of the melee weapons gleaming slightly while the ancient text written across the knuckles of them glowed dimly for a moment. Tapping her knuckles together caused a small spark of lightning in between them, and she stood from behind her cover and walked out into the open. She held her arms out at her side in a taunting as they noticed her, but she only smirked. "Ello black eyed chaps. I don't dance, so let's skip the bullshit. Come get some."
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I might change Dhetma's appearance, haven't decided yet. più di un anno fa
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Not even a few feet from Dherma Flynst, a pile of rubble shifted, followed by muffled cursing, many of the words very violent threats. The rubble shifted again and a large slab of wall was thrown from the pile, flying through the air, crashing down a few feet from Dherma.

"Damn those Angel!" A voice rang out. "By the hell's when i see them again!" more rubble shifted, revealing a woman with bright red hair, curls tangled and gray eyes shining with hate. below her, between her legs was a small child hugging a doll tightly to her chest, eyes red and face covered with tear tracks, easy to see from the dust on her face.

This angry red haired woman was Seraphina Cael. She looked like a normal human, but by the way she threw that chunk of cement wall, she wasnt human. Infact, Seraphina was a Nephilim, her father was an angel, her mother a human. Her gazed landed on the scene before her, a girl with long blonde hair and bass knuckles stood before her, with 5 creatures before her. With a strong breath, Seraphina blew her red hair out of her face. "By the Hell's! can't i have one day off!" she growled, the child between her legs sobbing lightly. "I knew taking that job was a bad idea, stupid rich people asking me to save their stupid granddaughter from this stupid village...right i as i got here the stupid angels and stupid demons attacked."

Seraphina was rambling in her anger, grabbing up her silver swords she stalked over to Dherma. "Mind if i join you?" she asked, a smile on her lips.
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I see a beautiful friendship XD più di un anno fa
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"Ello black eyed chaps. I don't dance, so let's skip the bullshit. Come get some."
Right after these words, all five demons stopped in their track and turned their attention to the blonde Demi-God that was Dherma, their expressions dull and blank. All five were an entire two feet taller than she was, and at the sight of her, they smirked and began to laugh.


"The daughter of a god huh? A fucking god?! Wow, could've fooled me. More like the cut below a few disappointments."
Dherma's left eye twitched, her fingers clenching tighter around her brass knuckles in irritation. But just as she was beginning to rage, a entire wall of rubble came crashing down mere feet away from her. Her eyes widened slightly for a moment, her head turning to where it had come flying from. When she looked to the demons, she saw that the faces that had been smirking only seconds ago now matched hers. Which meant that they didn't have the slightest idea of what was going on. Which also meant that she probably something else on her agenda to kill off. But to her surprise, a red haired woman emerged after more of the rubble was shifted around. And clearly, she wasn't human. And then a child was added into the picture, covered in dust and crying. Dherma squinted at the woman and the child. "What...the fuck..." She mumbled to herself as she listened to the woman ramble, and when the woman started to approach her with her sword, she was already on guard, her fist starting to raise in a motion to attack. That is, until the woman spoke.
"Mind if I join you"
Hearing these words, Dherma raised an eyebrow in question. She didn't know what this woman was, nor did she expect the sudden question of alliance. But what she [I]did[/d] know was that whoever this person was,
seemed to be just as frustrated at the moment as herself. Well that, and the fact that she hadn't heard words so relatable to a situation as such was kind of refreshing. She looked passed the woman and at the child for a moment, then to the demons, who seemed to have been still trying to assess​ the situation before they looked at one another. Then their mouths morphed into three rows of jagged sharp teeth, their eyes flickering into black pits on their faces in the same instance. And then they attacked.
"Two against five huh?" Exhaling from her nostrils, she smirked and fist bumped her knuckles together hard, sparks of lightning​ sprinkling from them . "Well then, olé." She ran at demons fearlessly, charging at the largest one right off bat. The one who had been laughing the hardest at her. Using the momentum she built, the toes of her white and grey link launched her forward and rammed her shoulder into the demon's upper body and sending them both crashing into the ground, snagging the attention of a second demon while the other three went at the red haired woman. She waisted no time rolling herself forward as soon as she felt the demon's body impact the ground and was back on her feet in no time.

The second demon jumped at her, mouth wide and serrated teeth reaching out to tear apart flesh. However, Dherma, being no stranger to close quarters combat, was faster, and was able to manuever out of the way. She went after the first demon she had attacked again, shoving her foot into it's face brutally before stomping on its throat using the same foot. Then it was back to the other one.
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
Seraphina admired the way the blonde haired chick moved, but she was quickly forced to focus as three demons charged at her. "By the Hell's!" She hissed, swinging one of her swords in an upward arch, catching a demon across the face. It screamed, placing its clawed hands over the wound.

"get otta here kid!" Seraphina yelled, at the child behind her. "find a place to hide."

Sera dug her heels into the dirt before launching herself at her next opponent.
it snarled at her dodging her attack "Stupid Nephilim Woman!"
Sera smirked, skid to a stop and uncorked a flask, she could see fear flash across the demons face, right before she splashed the Holy Water right into it's eyes. The one she couldnt blind grabbed ahold of her. Seraphina just smiled, she had been fighting these things since she was 15, she could handle herself.

Sera swung her legs up, wrapped them around the demons neck, and pulled down, breaking it's neck and flipping it over her, slamming it's body into the ground.
"whos next?"
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Dherma put her guard up to block a blow from the demon as she switched her stance to a traditional boxing and weaving on her toes as she evaded another attack. She found herself bumping into a wall of rubble, her back now against the wall while the black eyed scum charged at her, throwing a wild swing that she ducked and dodged out of the way of.

When the demon had swung, it's fist went through the rubble, and Dherma swung around behind it, striking at it's sides with two solid hooks before kicking her heel into it's calf, forcing it to one knee. Her knees bent in a squat, her arms wrapping around it's waist and her feet planted into the ground; She leaned back while picking up on the demon and deliver a suplex. It's head hit the ground with a this and a crack. She stood herself up straight just in time to hear the red haired woman's "Who's next."

She turned and spotted the demon that had been blinded by the holy water and picked up a slightly bent slab of steel before walking towards the demon as it was attempting to recover from the holy water and trying to get to it's feet. Once she reached the Demon, she swung it at it's head, then continued to do so repeatedly until it stopped moving, and then one last time just for the hell of it, then tossed it to the side. "Well," She breathed, "I guess that leaves nothin'."
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Seraphina praised the woman "Nice Job, Not once have i seen someone take down a demon with just hand to hand combat." It was true thought, anytime she saw someone fight a demon, they used guns and a variety of long range weapons, never close range and then they died..because they were stupid. But this woman, launched head first into a fight with a demon, with her hands and feet, and Seraphina admired that, seeing how normally it took a lot of courage to do that.

"i'm Seraphina, Seraphina Cael, but you can call me Sera if you want." She held out her hand, for the woman to shake. The small child raced out of hiding and hid behind Seraphina, clutching the red headed woman's baggy camouflage pants.
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Dherma grinned a little when the woman that she would soon come to know as Seraphinan Cael, complimented her way of dealing with the demons. "Heh, well I guess you could say that I've had a lot of time to go through the whole "practice makes perfect" ordeal." She said with a small shrug.

"Dherma Flynst, but Flynn or just Dherma would do fine for me. Preferably Flynn. Pleasure to meetcha." She said to her new acquaintance as she shook her hand. "And hey, you were pretty good yourself, we kicked ass!" She added. Her left hand rested on her hip, and her attention was taken by the child that clutched to the red head's pants. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at the woman again. "So, what's the deal with her?"
più di un anno fa grey_skies said…
Ariel's footsteps echoed in the abandoned hallway, despite her efforts to remain quiet. Ariel was overwhelmed with the growing number of demons roaming the Earth. She knew a war, an apocalypse was nearing, and everyone seemed to be on edge.

Ariel roamed Heaven aimlessly, not sure what her goal was. Her bow and arrow hanging on her. Every other angel she passed eyed her suspiciously, as if she were the human form of a bomb, ready to explode and no one knew when. Ariel wanted to talk with Father, Ariel wanted to go down to Earth, Ariel wanted to stop being stalked by her brothers and sisters, Ariel wanted to hunt. Ariel wanted a lot of things she couldn't have for this reason or that. But she needed a break from all the pairs of eyes on her, so she went to the one angel who either doesn't care enough about the world to watch her, or just doesn't see the need to.

The back of an angel much taller than her stood before her now, unaware that she was there.

"Gadreel," she said.
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
Seraphina followed Flynn's gaze to her pants leg, where the little girl was clenching the fabric tightly in one hand, the other held her doll.

'ah..yes..her..." Seraphina rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "she's my job, i've been hired to find and bright her home to her grandparents." then she crossed her arms over her chest "although...i feel as if 300 is not enough payment for the hassle i went through to make sure she didn't get crushed by her own house..."

The girl was staring intently at Flynn, almost as if the girl would leap at her and demand a hug or something.
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Flynn raised an eyebrow and chuckled when Sera had told her how much she was being paid. And the people that she worked for was suppose to be rich? Just the though of it almost made her chuckle. "300? I get paid more than that for a freagin' milk this one turned out to be." She gave a nod over to the demons, who's eyes had began to reduce to ash that spilled from their sockets.

It was odd, nothing like she'd really thought it would be before becoming a bounty hunter. She always thought that it would be more similar to how it was on Supernatural, a TV show that she'd binge watched throughout most of her childhood when she first discovered it. But of course now that she was older, even though it was a little disappointing at first, she had found that a lot of things weren't how they were supposed to be as she got older.

For instance, this woman's pay check. "I'll tell you what, let me help out and I'll make sure you get a more suitable pay. It's the least I could do since you helped me out​ and all." She said with a shrug. And with that in mind, she knew exactly who's account she'd be getting it from. Let's see how you like this mother fucker... won't even know what hit him.. A little off if her in savings wouldn't hurt either.

She looked down at the little girl for a moment, and then a gentle smile came across her face as she knelt down. "Hey, it's gonna be alright kiddo, we'll get ya home safe and sound, Kay?"
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più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
"yea well.." Sera streached causing her bones to crackles and pop. "i dont choose my work, my work chooses me..sometimes it's not the most glamorous work and sometimes the pay royally sucks...but it gives me a chance to look better then the other Merc's." Sera shrugged,walking off to find her swords and water flask.

The little girl smiled at Flynn. "okay...t-thank you.miss." she muttered in a soft voice, hugging her doll tightly, her eyes lingering on the demon

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Flynn gave the little girl a thumbs up when she had spoken, her eyes then following the little girls to one of the demons that had been killed. She turned back to the little girl. "Aaah don't worry about that thing." She stood up straight and stretched before kicking the dead demon in the face. "See? And if more come around then I'll stomped a hole in their asses and call it a day." She assured. "Say, what's your name kid?"
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
the little girl flinched when Flynn's foot connected with the demons dead. "i-i'm Lucinda.. J-Jordan.."

Seraphina walked over to Flynn and Lucinda, clasping her empty flask to her hip and adjusting her swords strap across her chest. "for a moment there, i thought it was still alive when you kicked the blasted thing." she remarked casting only a glance at the demons body, her eyes full of disdain
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Alright then Lucinda, you can just​ me call Flynn. You know, I have a little sister around your age. Is it alright if I just call ya Jordan?" But her attention was taken away when Seraphina came back over to them. And now she got a chance to look at two scars over the woman's eye. But she decided that she could entertain her curiosity later.

"Ha! Me? Leave somethin alive​? Eh, just showing the little one here that she doesn't​have anything to be getting worked up about." Flynn said. "So, where're headin?'
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più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
Seraphina knew exactly what Flynn was looking at, her two scars... She took a deep breath and pulled a map from her pocket, and unfolded it.
"well..i'm pretty sure it's a few miles due east of here..kind of a small town..the name is on the tip of my tounge.." she struggled, as Lucinda quickly started to become bored with everything,

(sorry it's short! I'm half's 5 am and i havent gone to sleep yet..)
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
((It's fine, I know the feeling xP))

"Plymouth?" Flynn said with a raised eyebrow. "I'm pretty familiar with the area, but that pretty much hits the spot. I was actually headed from that way, bout to go back now that the job's done of course." She began to walk backwards in that direction while motioning Sera to follow.

It was either a coincidence or just a heavy amount of luck that made a situation like this a possibility. She didn't know if it was because of the fact that she hadn't seen this woman around or that some rich snobs hired the gal and she didn't know the slightest about it. Either way, this was better than nothing. "Hell, you guys want any lunch while we're at it?"
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
Seraphina nodded in agreement "to Plymouth it is." She pulled Lucinda into her arms and started to follow Flynn, pausing only slightly when she mentioned food.
"i'm not really hungry, but Lucinda-" she was cut off by the little girls stomach gurgling. Seraphina couldn't help but laugh "must be hungry" she finished lightly.
Even though Seraphina wasn't a fan of the God's, this meeting must be fated or something, after all, Flynn wasn't there when the angels and demons were fighting, so she got there in between the time the house fell on Seraphina and Lucinda, and when Seraphina threw the piece of house.

"Oh!" Seraphina gasped "that's right, sorry for almost hitting you with the house."
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
Flynn laughed a little herself when the child's stomach had growled. "I guess we can take that as a hell yeah.from her then. We'll stop by a place in town before we get have home." Her attention went to Sera when she had gasped and scratched her head when she mentioned what happened just moments ago.
"Oh!--That's right, sorry for almost hitting you with the house."
"Huh? Oh, don't worry about that. Hell if anything, I'm kinda impressed." And if anything, Flynn was curious about what this woman was exactly. She thought she had heard one of the demons call her something, but she was to occupied to really pay it mind. And the way that she spoke of angels and demons earlier made her wonder...

"So, how long have you been in this line of work? You a hunter?" She asked.
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…

"Huh? Oh, don't worry about that. Hell if anything, I'm kinda impressed." Flynn was impressed? strange..when most people saw her strength, they were afraid.
"So, how long have you been in this line of work? You a hunter?"
Seraphina paused before answering her new..friend? could she call her that?, thinking back to her childhood for a moment, Sera answered. "uhm....about.....19 years or so..i started working when i was 6 or 7.." Sera adjusted her hold on Lucinda "and no, i'm not a hunter..i'm actually a mercenary.." She smiled sheepishly at the last answer. She knew mercenary's and bonuty hunters never really get along, normally when the two groups meet up it's verbal arguments or blood baths
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"Uhm... about 19 years or so...I started working when I was just 6 or 7."
Six or seven?! Flynn's mouth hung agape slightly when Sera had gave her an answer. It did surprise her some at first because of how young that was for a starting point. But then the next part cleared up a lot of things in just one go.
"And no, i'm not a hunter..i'm actually a mercenary.."
That explained a lot. Usually mercenaries came out of bad situations, so her being out to work at such a young age was cruel, but only to be expected. "So you're a, go figure. I almost hopped on that wagon myself really. But some things just sorta...changed to fast." She shrugged. To her, mercenaries were basically bounty hunters who were hired guns for...well, everything. Anyone who paid.
But for the most, she didn't really have any problems with mercenaries, mostly because some of them had the same goal as she did: Get the job done. The only time there was a problem between her and a merc was when they tried to cross her, or when they interfered with her job.
più di un anno fa 666demon said…
(When your laptop breaks and you're forced to be on your phone)

A woman stood up from the rubble not that far from where the women had been standing, she couldn't have been more than 5'4". She looked liked she dressed from the early 2000's; ripped skinny jeans, knee high chuck taylors and black tanktop. She stumbled a little like an infant just learning how to stand and walk. She moved long black hair out of her eyes, squinting and trying to get used to the sun again. She mumbled out something, a murmur, a name. Panicked now that the owner of the name didn't respond fast enough. "Gadreel!??! GADREEL!?!!? WHERE ARE YOU YOU STUPID FUCKING ANGEL!? JESUS CHRIST!" she screamed at the top of her lungs and then went very quiet, still as a statue. Smoke blue eyes that flickered to black masses sweeped across her suroundings. Where was he?! Where were those pistachio green eyes looking back at her like she didn't do a God damn thing wrong in her life. She screamed again, starting to throw or kick whatever was in her reach. She cursed Zacharia, Megra and Dean for fucking her one shot at happiness up. She cursed the others but didn't know their names. She kicked the other Angel's body, he had been Gadreel's torturer and wanted to bring him back, Gadreel refused. She's never seen him that livid, that scared. This asshole deserved to die then.

She heard it then, a low groan, a body sitting up against one of the ruined buildings far from her. She knew it was her Angel. He was hurt badly, looking as if he had been stabbed. He was, wasn't fatal but she didn't want to risk it. She ran, still stumbling slightly like a drunk before she collapsed beside him. She did what she knew from what he's taught her. He groaned and hissed, cursing in Latin a lot. She must be doing something right. The next thing the Demon did would make both their families look at them in disgust. She kissed him like a man starved. She would whimper things like ' I thought you died' or 'I couldn't see you.' It was uncommon to see such concern for him, the Angel had seen her cry, but mostly due to being angry or overstressed. Strong arms wrapped around her and held her tightly, not ever wanting to let her go. Black and broken wings provided her more comfort. She liked looking at then and brushing the remaining feathers out. She called them pretty and 'aesthetically pleasing' he's guessing that was a thing back in the 2000's. She's talked about the era's that he's missed from being locked up. Said he would have enjoyed 20's and 60's the most but looked like he belonged in 2019 when the grunge scene was coming back.
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
((xD Welcome to the club lol, I've been having to use my phone too))

[Meanwhile in Los Angeles]

"The City of Fallen Angels... pathetic." A veil of white feathers drifted in the swaying manner of falling leaves from winter trees down, floating through the clouds and towards the ground, reducing to ash beforehand they even had the opportunity to reach their destination. Crimson irises glazed over black schlera, their gaze resting upon the buildings and the many people that were below. "A mockery of a haven once, an insult twice over. Hath thee no shame..." A small smile of cracked, pale lips slowly came into existence, wicked in nature as it widened into a grin. "And thee...were supposed to be my brethren..." The gaze of the crimson eyes shifted to the two angels that were beaten bloody and held in a harsh grip, one by a torn wing that hung on for dear life by only a few feathers of white and skin, the other caught by the back of their neck. The two would be recognized as Archangels among their kind. Uriel and Raphael. They had originally been sent to assist in and oversee the capture of the Rogue Angel Gadreel, however, they found themselves being pursued the instant they left Heaven. And though they fought, they were quickly overwhelmed.
The individual that held them captive was dauntingly pale and dressed in an attire of black. A few pure white feathers picked themselves from the large black wings that stretched from his back. And when he spoke, his words carried a deep, scarring hatred. "Yet no finger was lifted when the very thing we were meant to protect was the very reason I plummeted. You all watched, praised Him, gave Him your hands in aid." His blood began to boil, yet he began to laugh. [U]"And's the turn of thee to fall...and you will REPENT!!" There was a loud snap, and Raphael's body fell completely limp, his neck now snapped as the laughter grew louder.

The clouds above Los Angeles parted in one sudden swoop as two burning balls of igniting feathers and silent screams, heard by only the angels, shot down towards the city like shooting stars, streaks of an angels dying light leaving a burning trail. The barrier dormant barrier made for the city was activated, but seemed​to have no effect on the outcome. As soon as they made impact with the ground, there was a harsh but brief flash of light before the ground gave a violent quake. The entire south portion ​of California along with some of the West of Nevada and Arizona had been obliterated, only crisped feathers and scorched Earth being the only trace of what was left.
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più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
"So you're a, go figure. I almost hopped on that wagon myself really. But some things just sorta...changed to fast."

Seraphina thought of her next word's carefully. "so you're a bounty hunter then? it makes sense from your words." It did, actually.if you weren't a merc, a lot of the time your a bounty hunter and vice versa. She turned her gaze to the sky, it looked beautiful, blue, not a single cloud in the sky..yet there were demons and monsters wandering the land under this same sky. "sometimes..i feel like the God's are laughing at us.."
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"So you're a bounty hunter then? Makes sense from your words."
Flynn shrugged. "I guess it kinda does. Hunting, it helps in more ways than a lot of people would expect." She glanced over at Sera only to find her gazing up at the sky.
"Sometimes...I feel like the Gods are laughing at us."
At these words, she sneered. "Oh trust me, they definitely are. A bunch of fucking pricks if you ask me. Trust​me, I should know." She turned her head and spit on the ground.
più di un anno fa heart-of_love said…
"Oh trust me, they definitely are. A bunch of fucking pricks if you ask me. Trust​me, I should know." Flynn spat on the ground.
"you and I are on the same page then, your not a fan of the Gods, and i'm not a fan of the Angels." Sera smiled lightly, turning her gaze to her new friend. "so..whats your story? if you don't mind me asking." Sera paused for a moment "i'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours."
più di un anno fa -Universe_COLA- said…
"You and I are on the same page then, you're not a fan of the Gods, and I'm not a fan of the Angels."
Flynn looked over at her new companion just in time to see her smiling. "Hm...I guess we are aren't we? I mean, angels are the wankers. You know, since the gods are dickheads." And if anything, the angels were just as bad. Well...some of them at least.

"So..whats your story? If you don't mind me asking. I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours."

Flynn furrowed her eyebrows and stared at Sera for a moment as they walked. But then she looked to the road ahead. "Well, don't have much of one really. I was born in California, raised in New York for a few years, then in California for a little while. Let's see...I went on my first hunt when I was twelve even though I started learning about physical combat when I was 10. I found out that my "dad" might as well have been a fucking trashcan when I was like, nine. Skip to fifteen, I pretty much winged it from there." She shrugged. "So, what's your deal?"
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Sera gathered her thoughts, then spoke them aloud " mother died giving birth, i was sent off to an orphanage in God knows where..then two Merc's adopted me for a job..i think i was 3 or 4...after the job they left me in a forest.. jumping to 6 years old i found out my father was kinda like yours...a trashcan. She laughed at that.
"I started working as a Merc around that time..uhm..what else.. when i turned 12 I dabbled in two handed and that holy crap..crosses, holy water, the whole shebang..and i've been traveling since then..long story's been shit."