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Welcome new one, to We Deliver Plus, the quite literally galactic delivery service that makes sure that every order gets to our customer in safely, timely, and in perfect condition. Here at WD Plus, the variety of items in which we deliver are nearly endless! Ranging from but not limited to footwear, clothing, portable electronic devices, food products of all kind, vehicles from the early Earth eras to the more recent of today, space yachts, robots, body modification pieces, across the galaxy WIFI and Outernet services etc., to over the counter psychedelics and body enhancers, clones, dwarf stars, atomic weaponry of mass destruction, nuclear weaponry of mass destruction, weaponry of planetary destruction, energy harnessed from suns, and even planets! Yes, you heard us correctly, planets!

Hm? You don't seem to be very pleased about the last few. No worries, most of our workers tend to...forget a few selected choices of words. For example,

Anyhow, our aim is to satisfy our customers by ensuring that they receive the best of WD Plus with the lowest percentage of delays and always remaining in stock with whatever product that may give them that satisfaction. Though some of our regulations are quite strict, we try our best to see to it that not only just our customers are happier after us. With well over twenty million employees, we aim to ensure that their will being of one of many top priorities here at WD Plus. We'll go over everything in full detail so that you'll have everything you need to be successful during your time with us to ensure both your success, but also our own! Come, we'll get you settled in."


[We Deliver Plus]

We Deliver Plus is a corporation that first appeared publicly in 2087, starting off as only one of the many existing world wide delivering companies that had actually began as a highly funded project. A project that had been in existence since the early 2000s.

(Around this time, humanity had already discovered wonders of information and had countless amounts of fresher knowledge and more advanced techonology. Other intelligent life forms had also been discovered by this time.)

What made this company stand out from the rest was that not only was that it was secretly funded by governments all across the world, but also some of the wealthiest individuals and other corporations like China's Sinopec, Apple, Microsoft, and even Walmart. Yes, Walmart.
This caused the corporation to quickly grow in large portions yearly, making more advances and even bringing new technology to surface. Soon after their public appearances, they bought Apple, Microsoft, Fed Ex, and UPS after they were on the brinks of running them out of business. Which had been just a cover up device for them to further along with their progression, of course.

By the year 3010, WD Plus had oddly enough "partnered" with NASA who by then had become the UASA, the United Aeronautics and Space Administration. This partnership was said to have been necessary in order to go beyond the limits of the WD Plus Co. But there was something strange, off, about the entire ordeal, for it was merely shrugged off and forgotten by the majority for almost a century despite the the overwhelming increase in space explorations in the prior years. And right above their heads, hundreds of thousands of light years away, something was in the midst of being constructed by many.

It was in year 3075 that humanity made one of the biggest leaps of its existence when WD Plus Co. announced itself as the first ever galaxy wide delivering service with the largest space station that any earthly life form had ever built.

But...perhaps it is also the biggest mistake. The mysteries and dangers within this station are more present than one may think.


[We Deliver Plus Co. Space Station]

link is definitely enormous, having a complete diameter that is twice the size of Jupiter's, ranging at roughly 173762.8 miles.

Being of this size, this space station has multiple sources of energy that it can rely on, the heaviest abundance being in the very place it floats about. Space.
Also relating to its enormous mass, it is not capable of light speed traveling just yet, however, it is only a little under its mark. Which means yes, it is a mobile station.

The station has a constant force field enabled to ensure the safety of its packages, passengers, and its overall well being. Meaning that it is able to push through asteroid fields with ease. The barrier itself is said to be durable enough to endure the impact of a Neptune sized meteor with only minor precautions.

The entire station is divided into four large sections known as the 'Wings'. There's the North Wing, the South Wing, the East Wing and the West Wing.
The North and South Wing inhabits a large abundance of workers and residences that reside in numerous city like areas that are called Sectors[/b. Each Sector is around 43440.7 miles (or 27802048 acres), and has six sections labeled with a number and letter ranging from A to G and from 1-6.
For Example: His living quarters are in the North Wing Sector A3
[b]NOTE:The West and East Wing are slightly smaller than the North and South. This is because the items and crates that are delivered throughout the galaxy are stored here. There are only within these Wings.

For crucial meetings that involve all of the station's employees, each Wing has a designated MH (Meeting Hall) equipped with holographic screens.
Likewise, each Wing also has its own Mess Hall.

This station is large enough to have a "Smart Transit" that travels well over 400 mph across the Wings for easier access and as one of the alternatives for transportation. This train hovers above its tracks a bit for maximum fluid motion.


Upon recruitment onto the WDP workforce, each employee branded with a bar code that contains a small chip that they know of. With the number of employees within the station, there needed to be a way to organize, supply, and monitor them. This was that way. Each bar code ends with the Wing and Sector that the employee would be placed in.

NOTE:Also because not everyone there are employees, the bar code either begins with E, for employee, or R, for resident.

Each individual employee has more than one field of work that they are able to work within on different days to switch things up a bit.

Unlike they would on earth, the WDP employees don't get paid in cash. Instead, their currency is converted into credits (link) and transferred onto the chip in their bar code.

Like the employees, the residents of the WDP station are branded with bar codes for identification purposes and to seperate them from the employees. Residents are usually either family members of the employee, individuals who managed to pay a $999999.99 fee for an exclusive ticket to stay, or individuals with less important jobs than the actual WDP employees (gardener, house keeping, train security, Sectorhood Watch, etc).

Also like the employees, their revenue is also transferred onto their chip as credits. Those who paid to stay are of course granted their fee onto their chip, or have a choice to get a job there at some point.

((There will probably be more added to this, so keep on the look out!))


The Four Wings - The entire station is divided into four large sections known as the 'Wings'. There's the North Wing, the South Wing, the East Wing and the West Wing.

Sectors - Numerous city like areas in which employees and residents reside that are called Sectors.Each Sector is around 43440.7 miles (or 27802048 acres), and has six sections labeled with a number and letter ranging from A to G and from 1-6.

Mess Halls - Each of the four Wings has their own mess hall that is accessible 24/7, 7 days a week with the only closing day being Saturday. They serve mostly the employees, but the residence are able to use their credits to buy food from there if they so choose to.

Smart Transit Station - The Smart Transit Station is a train station that enables a more efficient way to travel between Wings and Sectors on the daily. Which means that it is a very occupied place to be in, especially when there are employees or residences rushing to get home or to work. There are two transit stations and a potential installation for a third due to the amount of people the Space Station holds.

The Boarding and Delivery Docks - The Boarding and Delivery docks are where cargo spacecrafts come to drop off products, as well as where spacecrafts are loaded and boarded to make deliveries to other planets within the galaxy.

The Airlock - This is where experienced personnel such as the station's maintenance crew as well as the OHSR (Occupational Hazard and Safety Rescue), when their needed, exit into the darkness of space in order to tend to repairs/possible repair and damages. In order to exit the airlock and sometimes enter or reenter(from the outside) it, an EAC (Employee Access Code) and Vocal Recognition is required.

The WD Museum - Th



The year is now 4021, and rumors have been going around. Perhaps the station is in danger. Or...maybe it's what the inhabitants of the WDP station doesn't know that's the real danger. Its ore become noticeable that some employees, more than usual have started acting strange. Some disappearing and coming back with odd cases of amnesia. A few have gone insane out of the blue. Sudden explosions, large ones at that, occurring outside the station's force field. Something's not right....

"But as long as you're with WDP, everything is always alright. Because like our products....We Deliver."



Employee or Resident:
Wing and Sector:





Edwin 'Marshall' King/28/Packaging and Payload Specialist/South Wing, Sector C2--((COLA))
Zchec Mnion/27/H20&O2 Analyst/ West Wing, Sector D4--((COLA))
'Sheet'/???/N/A/ Somewhere[??]--((COLA))
Yiana Vixley/30/ Station Officer/ East Wing, Sector F3--((COLA))

'Omega'/ Literally 2/ Artificial Intelligence/Ȩ̴͞r̸͟͟r͡or/Ȩ̴͞r̸­͟͟r­͡or­--((Banette))
Aníthikos/ 61(Earth Years)/ Hazard and Safety/ North Wing, Sector D3--((Banette))

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