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Chibi_lou posted on Nov 11, 2017 at 03:30PM
Earth, what a simple, boring, habited planet, somewhere in the endless expanse of space. Secluded from...well, secluded from everything. Earth is the type of place, no one really knows how to get there but once you go there, you can't go back. The amount of "aliens" that are habited on this planet, having to learn how to blend in with the human race, is a small number. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if they were even "Alien to begin with".
It's a norm, no matter how you get to Earth, there’s no way back, many have tried, many have failed, it's a haunting discovery. Sometimes, beings go there to prove theories wrong, but that's the last they are ever heard of again, if they can get there that is.
No one knows what goes on on earth, it's all mystery, nothing solid, stories passed down from generation to generation, beings go in, nothing goes out.
It's funny though, to get to Earth, is almost impossible, it's only a special few that go at a certain speed, in a certain area, at a certain time, that can mysteriously find their way to this planet.
And that's what happened to this sad group of diverse...things?
It all started in the Galaxy -This has been left intentionally blank for confidential purposes-
This Galaxy -This has been left intentionally blank for confidential purposes- was the top school for young individuals to come and learn more about the universe, and go on wicked space adventures to gather information. Well, that's what it's meant for, except for the fact that there was a certain group of students, a certain team, so shitty the the teachers created a fake ass mission to get their asses out of the galaxy -This has been left intentionally blank for confidential purposes- without use of expulsion.
As you can guess, it didn't go as planned, and they ended up crash landed, somewhere in the US of A, in a dense woodland area, unsure, unclear of literally everything.
Though something strange seemed to happen once they entered the earth’s atmosphere…their bodies began to change, kinda like puberty, kinda not, but it started to change into a more human body, giving them one more challenge to deal with.
So let's hope that at least one of the beings on that ship had some brains, to either get out, or blend in, or well, not get caught by NASA, who are under the orders to kill them.



Human-ised name:


Galaxy -This has been left intentionally blank for confidential purposes- number:
Family: (sister, brothers, how many, etc)


Star sign:

Backstory: AHA JOKES AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. (Unless, you want to that is)

- Human appearance –

Eye colour:

Skin colour:

Amount of freckles on your body (exact number):

Blood type:



Hair length (in centimeters, exact):

Hair colour:

Skin colour:

How long are your nails:

Eye colour:

What makes your pupils dilate:

Lip colour:



Body shape:


Jaw line: (e.g strong, weak, mediocre)


Colour of teeth:

How many teeth do you have:

Are your teeth straight or crooked:

Overbite, yay or nay:



Dog or cat:

Sense of humour:

One major fear:

One stupid fear:

Best traits:

Worst traits:

What attracts them to other beings:


If in a zombie apocalypse, which celebrity would you kidnap:

Which is your favourite American president:

Which is your least favourite amierican president:

What do you believe the government is hiding:

Selfish or selfless:

You are about to die, what are your last words:


Pic of human self: (optional)

Pic of alien self: (optional)

-Hitman Character sheet-
Requirements: Must be a zombie american president | Must be as American as possible | Assigned to kill the “aliens”




Skin colour:

Any missing limbs:

-You have been cryogenically frozen for (how ever long you were meant to be dead for) by NASA, and are unfrozen to be part of a Presidential Zombie Hitman gang, to persecute and annihilate the given victims (Aliens)

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