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BanetteGhosneir posted on Jan 15, 2019 at 11:10AM
3rd june, 1942.

Middle of World War 2.

It's a little strange sometimes. have you ever seen a co-worker, doing their job. maybe they're hammering in the railway, maybe they're standing guard with you, or maybe they're huddled in the trenches, praying for dear life. and suddenly they just... vanish

you think they might've just wandered off, maybe gone to take a leak, maybe they're hiding, or playing a prank, but even if you searched, they don't come back till a while later. and when you ask where they went, they seemingly can't answer...

or maybe, they just won't.


okay, well, that is written from the perspective of others throughout history. the same 2 people would always just randomly... vanish, but, there was a reason for this.

God chooses 2 human beings, on opposite ends of the Moral Compass.

one human, so monstrous, so seemingly horrid as to murder, rape, pillage or destroy everything.

one human, so peaceful, so caring and loving, they'd harm themselves for the love of others.

these two humans throughout their lives will be taken by God, and made to vote on the many prayers God receives. and until both sides can agree to a decision they wouldn't return. these humans however are temporary, and will expire eventually. so God always chooses new humans when the previous voters die, be it age or other means.

this time, it seems it's you two...

If you have more questions, either ask God in Character, or ask me.


The 2 voters have some criteria to be met.

[1] The Voters must be of mature age, both sexually and mentally. God does not take Children. (meaning your character cannot be younger than 25)

[2] The voters must be of relatively sound mind, those that pursue Cthulhu, cults or non-holy entities are not diranged, and can be chosen, but those that genuinely believe themselves Gods, or those that hallucinate or pretend the company of Demons and Angels will not be chosen.

[3] The voters MUST be opposite in morality. which means that one of the voters in this current Era is likely to be a Nazi.

These are the only 3 criteria used in selection of Voters, meaning the voters could be any nationality, any colour, either gender.

[===][Voter Sheet][===]





[b]Morality[/b] (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil. note whomever posts their character first, the 2nd will need to be the opposite)



Alicia Nightingale Delton - Lawful Good
Jorg 'Jormungand' Gabriele - Chaotic (Neutral) Evil

Maria Helgast - the Kriegsarzt
Jonathan Conner - the Alpha Engineer

Jacques Bonne
Raven Vina
 3rd june, 1942. Middle of World War 2. It's a little strange sometimes. have te ever seen a co
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·6 mesi fa kingcesar67 said…
Do I create one character or two?
·6 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
(you creating the first voter would be preferable, since I'd like someone else to take the 2nd voter. but if you have bonus characters, that aren't voters, to add to your character's story (or to interact with the 2nd voter) you can. if we go long enough without a 2nd voter, you can create them.)
BanetteGhosneir commented…
I'll be off to sleep now. I'll check again when I awake. ·6 mesi fa
·6 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
(boop boop, no one interested?)
·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Is it too late to join?
·4 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
no, you can join. so one has joined yet anyway.
·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Yay! I can finally rp again! I’ll come up with someone soon!
·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
b]Name[/b]: Alicia Nightingale Delton

Age 26

Nationality British/American

Biography Since the day she was born, there was always a certain kind of golden glow to her. Like she was bathed in a heavenly aura. Everything she did and say was kind and thoughtful. She was the very definition of pure goodness. There wasn’t an evil bone in her body. Raised in a rich family, she has never acted like a spoiled rich girl but instead, has actively given money to charity and volunteer for the soup kitchen. Many people have asked if she was an angel but she would simply smile and say, “I am but a simple human. Nothing more, nothing less.” Her goodness is her greatest strength but also her greatest weakness.

Morality (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil. note whomever posts their character first, the 2nd will need to be the opposite) Lawful good

Extra Alicia is a bit clumsy and can be a bit spacey at times to the point where her friends worry about her safety when she is alone.
 b]Name[/b]: Alicia Nightingale Delton [b]Age[/b] 26 [b]Nationality[/b] British/American [b]B
·4 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
since no one has yet taken the other compass side, I'll create one.

Name Jorg Gabriele "Jormungand"

Age 29

Nationality German

well, as you might be able to tell from his uniform, and the Swastika insignia apon it. Jorg is a Nazi.

Jorg is a SS-Obersturmführer, an Oberleutnant, leading men to wage war against the United Nations, and reclaim glory for the Fatherland.

though his actions and decisions are solely driven towards achieving victory, he still understand the limitations of his fellow men, unlike some in command he does not use his men as fodder, and every life lost will not be used in vain.

smart and tactile, this man is dangerous, but in combat, he himself is only as good as the gun he holds.

Morality Chaotic Evil

'chaotic evil' for his compass might be wrong, he would seem closer to 'Neutral Evil' as he has no problem slaughtering millions for his cause, but he would prefer to put every life to use, rather than pointless slaughter. but, since it is from higher authority, endless slaughter it must be.
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 since no one has yet taken the other compass side, I'll create one. [b]Name[/b] Jorg Gabriele [i]"
·4 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
Name Maria Helgast the Kriegsarzt

Age 27

Nationality German


On the battlefield there is a rule between both sides. Medics, Nurses and Doctors, men and women under the vow of 'Do no harm' are, in summary, not to be harmed.

but Maria took the Hippocratic Oath as more of a Hippocratic Suggestion.

this sadistic monster takes to the field, and whether you are of the Allies or of the Axis, she cares not.
she takes whomever and practices medicine. whether it is humane or not, is luck of the draw, hence why German soldiers have taken to giving her the title.

Kriegsarzt... the Doctor of War.

Morality Not a Voter, so it does not matter.

Life or Death is of no consequence, whether a patient dies or not has plenty of information to give, and if they're dead, more bodies to dissect and experiment Neural Science apon. though her morals are indeed very questionable, she still draws a line at intentionally killing a patient, over advancing science.
 [b]Name[/b] Maria Helgast the [i]Kriegsarzt[/i] [b]Age[/b] 27 [b]Nationality[/b] German [b]B
·4 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
Name Jacques Bonne

Age 19

Nationality French

Jacques, or nicknamed 'Jack' is a radio operator, working for the Allies in assisting with Telecommunication.
Jack is a moral booster for many, his upbeat personality and friendly character is a great help, to both allies over the radio, and to the men and women he helps around with.

Jack is one of the many people working on solving the German 'Enigma Machine'.

Morality Not a Voter, so it does not matter.

Jack is able to speak a magnitude of languages.
French, English, German and Polish.
 [b]Name[/b] Jacques Bonne [b]Age[/b] 19 [b]Nationality[/b] French [b]Biography[/b] Jacques
·4 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
(I've created a voter, a character on the field, and someone to interact with among the UN. we can begin when you post first. if you want to create more characters, be my guest.)
·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Name Raven Vina

Age 29

Nationality French

Biography Being a pilot of the Allies, she knows the sky better than anyone. She can be a bit hard to get close to due to her tendency to take everything seriously and her only interest is in flying but she is honest and kind. Raven will only let a few selected people call her ‘Ray’.

Morality N/A

Extra Despite being a pro in the air, she tends to get lost a lot on ground level. She has a younger sister and always carries around a picture of her as if it were a good luck charm.
 [b]Name[/b] Raven Vina [b]Age[/b] 29 [b]Nationality[/b] French [b]Biography[/b] Being a pilo
·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…

Name Jonathan ‘Alpha’ Conner

Age 29

Nationality German

Biography The head engineer of the Nazi Army. He was one of the few people who helped create the Enigma Machine.

Being born with sharp and scary eyes, there is a presence about him that makes people think of him as a wolf. He’s strong and always looked out for others(even though most people can’t stand to look him in the eyes). The German soldiers came up with the perfect nickname for him. The Alpha Engineer.

Morality Not a voter

Extra He doesn’t talk about himself so his life before remains a mystery. But rarely, he will be spotted looking down at his pack of cigarettes with a lonely and dejected look in his eyes.
 [b]Name[/b] Jonathan ‘Alpha’ Conner [b]Age[/b] 29 [b]Nationality[/b] German [b]Biograp
·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
God can be cruel...but can also bring hope. Hope that it will get better. Hope that there was someone out there who cares about those who have lost it all. That hope took the form of a young woman and has brought smiles to many faces. And her name is Alicia Nightingale Delton. The Delton family is well known for their mass production of weaponry for the Allies’s army. Their money and support has given the allies a bit of an advantage and the government and the country can’t thank them enough. The eldest daughter, Alicia, look up to her parents and does everything in her power to help out the soldiers. At first, her parents didn’t want her anywhere near this dangerous war but after taking a lot of measures to keep her safe and their daughter’s undying goodwill to help, they finally gave in and allowed her to serve food to the soldiers inside their base.
Golden hair tied up in a neat bun, wearing the appropriate clothes for the kitchen, she handed a bowl of soup to a soldier with a warming smile.
“Here you are, sir. I hope this will keep you warm.” She said.
The soldier smiled in return as he took the bowl from her. “Just your smile is enough to fill me with enough warmth to last all winter. Thank you.” He bowed and walked away. Alicia giggles slightly and watched over the other soldiers in the mess hall. She knew she was doing the right thing being here, despite the danger she was putting herself in. It just felt right to her.


This would be the fifth time Raven checked her equipment. It was impossible for her to calm down if she didn’t check everything herself exactly five times. The number five has always been a lucky number for her. Not once has anything gone wrong with her piloting when she has done her checks. It’s not like she doesn’t trust anyone or doesn’t believe in their skills, it’s just she has seen enough death in the air from a malfunction that it has made her weary. Sitting in the cockpit with her radio headphones on, she started getting ready for takeoff. Raven reached into her front pocket and pulled out a picture of a young girl with wavy black hair and grin so big it went from ear to ear. Raven smiled slightly at the picture.
“I’m heading off now...” she whispered to the picture before putting it back in her pocket.


Man...I need a cig after this.

Thought the man working on the overheated engine of a carrier vehicle. He wouldn’t be doing this if the driver didn’t take it for a secret joy ride and pushing the vehicle past its limits. Jonathan grabbed a rag out of his back pocket and wiped the beaded sweat off his forehead. This truck was gonna need a new engine. And a new driver. He stood up straight and motioned one the engineers over.
“It needs a new engine and along with new brakes. See what you can get from the back and get to work.” Jonathan said. The engineer nodded but kept his eyes lowered to the ground. Jonathan was used to that kind of behavior around him. His eyes weren’t the best things to look at. Red eyes that glared at you and could eat you alive, if you let them. He didn’t ask for these eyes but it did come in handy when it came to battle.
Jonathan headed outside, his pack of cigarettes in hand already. Putting one in his mouth, he searched his pocket for his lighter and came out empty. He clicked his tongue and looked around. Someone around here must have a lighter...
·4 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
Paper after paper, documents on top of documents, the sheer number of paperwork being filed out was inhuman, and even worse the monster that finished with a sigh of relief. with a final stamp and signature the papers were complete. he rose from his desk, his uniform clearly of high rank, his silver hair and broken eyes displayed not only his experience, but too his damage, he coughed as he left his office.

once outside in the cold air of Germany, he heard a very agitated click... of someone quite familiar.

looking across the courtyard, was a fellow German... seemingly looking for a smoke. the man sighed, moving over across the courtyard to inspect the fellow.

"mein Genosse, zmoking is best done vith a drink."


"Je vous remercie!" the top-tippered man gave the lovely lady a tone of friendliness, before even receiving food on his platter, he gave her his usual ear-to-ear smile. "What's on the menu today, Mademoiselle?"



"It'll be great to see their responses once they're pulled, I hope they've got good reactions!"

hair flowing like a river made of stars, blues and purples mix together, as it's form takes shape.
"OOH! this time I'm a woman?.... or is this a mix?.... nope, I've got breasts, definitely a woman this time! time's ticking!"

·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Jonathan turned towards the voice and immediately straighten his posture. He knew this man well and knew it wasn’t polite to slouch in his presence. He saluted him.
“Sir. I would if I could. But drinking alone is not in my good taste. I enjoy company vith a cold Erdinger Weissbräu in hand.” He paused. This man was one of the few that actually looked him in the eyes and felt no fear. He expected as much from a high ranking leader. “You look like you could use one yourself.”


Alicia smiled brightly at the cheerful fellow. Every time she saw him, there was always a smile on his face. It was impossible not to return it. “Soupe à l’oignon, kind sir. I helped make it so I hope it will warm you up and fill you with strength!”

·4 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
The man gave a grizzled chuckle, the bags under his eyes might've suggested a drink was needed.
he pulled out from his coat a lighter, shaped to look like a bullet, and a flask. the contents suggested a stiff drink.

apon receiving the salute, he motioned with the hand holding the lighter to take ease. though if this man was motioning as such, it's unlikely to mean too much.

he stopped next to the fellow, holding out the lighter, and the flask.
"und vich first? a drink? or a smoke?"

the man give him a smile, but anyone could tell it wasn't a warm smile. it was a smile of cold courtesy. this meant whatever was in the flask, might be a horrid, strong or even inhuman drink. or the lighter might have a trick to it...


"Merci beaucoup! but Mademoiselle anything you make could warm up the sun! when you're finished, would you like to join me?"
he gave her a grand smile in return, singing a tune to himself as he happily took the food, waiting for her answer before he returns to take a seat.



1,573 deaths... 1574 deaths... 1575 deaths...
time continued to tick along, human after human dying, killing.
it's funny, I'm blamed and thanked for the things I don't do, but I'm ignored for the things I actually do.


(BTW, if you want, you can have Raven crash or be attack by planes near the french border, when she crashes, she can interact with Maria)
·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Jonathan took ease and looked at both with suspicion. He always trusted his gut feeling and something told him that if he took the flask, his liver wouldn’t survive. So, he picked the picked the bullet shape lighter. A drink always tastes better after a smoke anyway.
“A smoke. I appreciate it. ” He carefully picked up the lighter and stared at it. There was no reason for this to have some trick to it right?


Alicia giggled at the man’s words. Her parents always told her to be careful of men with smooth tongues. But she also loved hearing stories from the soldiers. Life outside her protection bubble was always so exciting. Plus she did have some free time after she was done before she was due to help out at the medical tent. “If you will have me, I will kindly accept your offer.”

(Sounds good to me!)

Being up in the air, Raven felt like she could go anywhere at any time. Like there wasn’t a war happening and she could simply pick up her little sister and fly around the world. Her sister would be thrilled. The thought of the tiny girl jumping up and down made her crack a small smile. When this was all over, she will make sure to show her this view. But for now...She radio in the base.
“Home base, this is Freedom Bird, heading over to enemy territory to scout the area. Do you copy? Over.”
·4 mesi fa BanetteGhosneir said…
the man chuckled.
"good choice... careful vhen opening ze lighter... ze frame heats up if you hold the flame out too long."
he opened the flask, a strong smell came out... Vodka... not any normal Vodka, Everclear Vodka.

"progress report?" he stated clearly, before taking a big swig of the flask.


Jack sat down at one of the tables, still with a smile he begun to eat.


"we read you loud and clear Freedom Bird, be warned, there are no rescue units out that far, at the first sign of trouble you are to radio in and evade, do you copy? over."


another failed experiment... the neural network burnt out during the initial testing, amps was far too high...
"SCHEISSE" a female voice cursed, another wasted body. after disconnecting her equipment from the corpse's veins, fingertips and temples she dropped the corpse apon a pile of rotting bodies.

"Gott, ich brauche ein anderes Experiment, diesmal werde ich vorsichtig sein, versprochen."
(God, I need another experiment, this time I'll be careful, I promise.)
she spoke under her breath, seemingly to nobody.


What're you asking me for?


Well... not like I even need to interfere, with what's gunna happen afterall.
don't you dare give me credit, you hear?!
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·4 mesi fa xXDreamWriterXx said…
Jonathan nodded and quickly lit his cigarette and closed the lighter. He took a deep intake and blew out a big cloud of smoke upward into the air. He felt his mind clearing up and the worries seem to fade away. “We are down a carrier vehicle for a few hours but will have it back up and running soon. Tanks have been upgrade and should last longer on the battlefield. A few men who went out to scout the enemy came back badly wounded and are being treated in the medical bay. There have also been an increase of enemy planes spotted. But they have been swiftly taken care of.” He took another puff of his cig once he was finished.


Alicia looked out at all the solider and couldn’t help but notice that their ages were all over the place. Young and old; all recruits for this never ending battle. She sent up a silent prayer for them, hoping they all will be able to go home once this battle is done.


“Copy that. Over and out.”
Raven took a deep breath as entered into battle. If they wanted any chance of winning this war, they needed more info on the enemy. What were they building? How many are there? And is there a secret weapon they should know about? She was determined to find what she could and get out before things get to hairy.
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