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This gioco di ruolo casuale fan art might contain sopravveste, surcotto, and tabard.

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posted by hiddennobodie
Name: Alexander Helsing(everyone calls him Alex)

Race: Werewolf

Age: 19(lived for quite a while)

Description: wavy light brown hair with golden-brown eyes. Loves to wear tight black t-shirts and faded blue jeans.

Personality: is very protective around girls especially a girl named Serena. Will do anything to protect her from others who wants to do harm.


Alexander is the son of the great furgone, van Helsing. When he became 19 he was attacked da a werewolf that killed his father.

Ever since that night be learned how to control the change. So he doesn't have to change on the night of the full moon.

When he moved into a little town named Hidden Falls, he fell in Amore with a human named Serenity Johnson. At first he tries to stay away from her. But now he is always around her.
posted by SuzutheNeko14
I awoke in a cold sweat sitting up rubbing my head. Another dream that had no meaning...This one was more....romantic than horrifying.

I was sitting in a garden holding a wilting white rose in my hand. A voice came from behind me "Hold me...Hold me close..Never let go"

I turned looking behind me. No one was there. A cold chill went down my spine. I followed the voice to the center of the garden and found a tall boy with short silver hair playing the violin oh so softly. He has his back turned to me.

"Who...are you?" I whispered walking closer. He stopped turning to me. His eyes were a deep crimson...
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posted by Paramore-CSI
ok for those that aren't in the forum this is from one of them, I turned it into a story this is page one and I'll go page da page so now te read it.
I thank demon_wolf (whinny) and princesspinkla(crystal)for letting me use there characters I hope te enjoy.
Two people were sitting da a lake, both had brown hair but one of them had longer hair. mostrare that it was a female.
"Hey Nick. When do te think the others will mostra up?" she detto as he put his arm around her shoulders.
"Be patient Whinny, the party doesn't start for another 30 minutes." He detto gently. A girl with black hair...
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 Rp with Friends
Rp with friends
Role-playing refers to the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, o consciously to act out an adopted role.

So basically "Role Playing" is being a character that te make up and put them into a story with other people. Its kinda like a play where te act out the role te have, except in Anime ROLE PLAYING te make up your own character and be that character.
So just have fun role playing a character te make up.

Be who te want when role playing it does not matter how weird of funky o cool your character is. As long as te are having fun and like the character te create there is nothing wrong. So all I ask of te is to have fun and enjoy yourself when the role play starts. ^-^

To me role playing is very fun and exciting I like the idea of being someone besides yourself. =]
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Winner: Sci-Fi future war between 2+ factions (maybe with Rebel group)

so far ya'll seem to want a futuristic Sci-fi based war between 2 o più factions, i'm awaiting for what the story is to be based off of, but for now I've already got a few scenarios set up for each result. i hope ya'll enjoy the roleplay when it's made, and if anyone has any specifications of what they'd like please leave it in a commento to this.

Winner: Tie between Ruler VS. Rebellious and Fight for Artifact, so why not both?

Since it was a Tie between 2 options, the result will be a war between a few...
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posted by demon_wolf
I was born into a normal family o so I thought.

My family was no where near normal, but not in the sence that we were demons, imortals o other mythical beings. My family is the soul ruler of Kumori. Many mythical beings live on the land and my father loved them, while my mother hated them. When my father died, I was about three, my mother took over. Her rule was a bad one, because she hated all mythical beings. She killed everyone she saw and told the people of the many surrounding villages if they saw any to let her know and she would kill them.
I was five when my mother brought me out to...
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"Why don't te just go on and tell me what's wrong?" Mizukai detto to Suki.
She didn't say a word as they continued walking down the small pathway heading who knows where.

Mizukai had gotten impatient and grabbed her wrist pulling her close to him. "Tell me!" he detto frowning. Suki looked up at him a bit suprised at how short his attention span was today. Mizukai soon noticed they were standing under a gazebo with rose wrapped around the columns. He looked up at the stary sky.

"I'm sorry to tell te this but...I Amore you," she whispered out of the blue. Mizukai smiled a bit but then got a worried...
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