If te were stuck on a deserted island and could have one person from fanpop with you, three items, and one book/series, what would te bring?

I would bring:

- A watermelon
- A blanket
- A raft
- Harry Potter
- I honestly have no idea who I'd bring, so my choices would be:
Mrs-Grint (Annie)
Twilightzook (Zook)
xneville_rocksx (Rose)
LilysLittleTwin (Izzy)
Oh, and BatBogeyHex (Grace) and ABDCFan- (Vicky) too :)
BellaCullen96 posted più di un anno fa
 BellaCullen96 posted più di un anno fa
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criminalminds15 said:
I would bring:
-A helicopter with fuel
-A satellite communitcator
-A guide to helicopter driving for dummies

The book/series I would take:
Chris Ryan's Alpha Force books, becuase there are quite a few and they have a lot of survival tips. There's even a whole one about surviving on an island!

Who I would take:
I choose not to answer as that could get me in alot of trouble!
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posted più di un anno fa 
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