Name a few things that your immediate family (or other family) does that annoys te

I Amore my family and I am very blessed to have the family I have but there are some things that they do that get on my nerves

Dad:Sometimes gets a cocky attitude

Mom:Gets very over-protective

Brother:Gets Bossy and sarcastic sometimes

 energizerbunny posted più di un anno fa
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alucard768 said:
mom & dad overprotective
brothers call me names and a always have to be right
sister complains to me about her giorno at work
twin says that he hates me
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posted più di un anno fa 
zanesaaomgfan said:
I can name a million!

Mom: TIME FOR BED!, yells often, cares about my school life, looks at my Friends when I'm not on

Dad: gets into my business

Sister: pokes me
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posted più di un anno fa 
ksbass said:
all of them: talk to me.
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posted più di un anno fa 
Monrose said:
They talk to me.
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posted più di un anno fa 
ScottishChic said:
I Amore them too but come on!

Mum: always sticks her nose in everything I do. I go out with my Friends and she thinks I'm going out drinking and snogging one of my Friends and it's always the GAY one she accuses me of snogging! She does it with everything, sometimes I wanna scream "stick your nose in somewhere else!" I wont though.

Step dad: tries to get all cocky and smart but I mostra him! He always (I mean ALWAYS) makes random noises and he's really loud and I'm just like SHUT UP!

Dad: His stupid temper. I have no idea what to say to him because anything will set him off.

Step sis- the constant fighting. We get on dead well but we kid on fight all the time because she starts it! o she hits me in the face with a cuscino when I'm sleeping!
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posted più di un anno fa 
DJ_Squeaky said:
Where do I begin?
My dad gives out about our house being messy all the time but, what he dosn't know is that when he was in France for a few days the house was generally tidier...because he wasn't there.
My older sister can be a cagna sometimes and will probably kill me when she sees this.
My little sister has the most awful attitude ever. She's constantly under the impression that she's always right and even argues with the fact that the sky is blue. She's the most annoying person I know and is one of the few that I can honestly say that I hate.
My little brother is adorable and I Amore him, but he can be such an annoying little brat sometimes. That's eight anno olds I suppose.
Does the dog count? Screw it, I'll tell te anyway. White alsation. I know you're probably thinking: how can she not like her dog?
It's not my dog. I never want anything to do with that dog. She's annoying, smelly, disgusting and I hate her.
Well, I think that's it.
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posted più di un anno fa 
HaleyDewit said:
33-year old cousin that screws up her own life and keep screwing it up and than calls us every single giorno to cry and complain about it
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posted più di un anno fa 
_claire_ said:
were do i start
MUM - always embarassing me infront of anyone and everyone
DAD - is always cool but occassionaly embarasses me about when guys are around
SISTER - OMG!!! Emma is soooooooooo annoying. She thinks she can sing, but can't, and i get the blame for everything she does.
BROTHER - never see him. hate him coz he thinks my mum ruined his life after he walked out on her.

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posted più di un anno fa 
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