what was ur most romantic date?

 rj1995 posted più di un anno fa
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BabyBlud said:
Well mine is really corny but here i go -

My secondo boyfriend was called Dave and to be honest things were going great at first but then he started to be very clingy, always wanting to be around me, wanting to know where i was all the time and who i was with and what we had said.
Well anyway when i was thinking of braking up with him as i couldn't take any more, i was painting my mam's front room for her when i get a phone call off him saying something's come up can i get to his place asap as he really needed to talk to me. Thinking something was wrong i rushed over in my scrubs, covered in paint only to find out he'd set me a candle lit cena on the tavolo and cooked everything himself (which must have taken him ages as he's never been that great of a cook). At that time i was a vegetarian so i know he must have struggled finding something meat-free and not too bland as i Amore spicy food. He set the tavolo so romantically with rose petals, wine glasses, candles and little presents wrapped in paper and everything.
Tore my cuore out and gave it him to bleed to death as he'd never done something like this before.

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posted più di un anno fa 
not corny at all i think that is so sweet!
rj1995 posted più di un anno fa
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