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There's this guy and his name his Ryan and I like him i had a crush on him ever since i saw him but then this girl named Sarah came along and had a crush on him and they're dating and they're one of the school's most popolare couples. I saw them baciare in dentition once and I got so jealous i cried!
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katiejames said:
I know how te feel =/ this guy that I used to like flirted with loads of girls even after he detto he loved me, and it made me so jealous that i scared myself!I started to hate the girls he flirted with...but I should have hated him. I also found out that he had a gf, and that he was just stringing me along....he still tries talking to me but i refuse to socialise with a bastard like him.
Jealousy can be one of the most unpleasant feelings ever,not only do te feel guilty with yourself for feeling this way but also te feel that te can't tell anyone because they will think badly of te :S but hang in there :)
Eventually te will forget about him, and someone will come along who is perfect for you! So there is no need to be upset :D also te shouldn't worry about being popular! I used to worry about it all the time (back when i was in school :L )but honestly, just forget about it and do what te want to do, you'll be much happier.
So, my consigli to te would be to sposta on, start up some new hobbies, meet new people and, should te find someone else that te like...tell them! Because we only get one life and its a fucking short one, so te may aswell give everything you've got to make it a good one!
I wish te luck :)
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