So I kind of need help with a story concept (will probably get results here quicker than on the Scrivere spot.)

It's a fanfic for my preferito mostra but I want general stuff not stuff that you'd have to watch the mostra to know.

So anyway, from the plotline I have, the main guy and the character I ship him with (female of course) have been dating for a couple of months. They've been keeping it secret because they're coworkers. However she's getting annoyed that this other guy (her police partner on the show, thinks he's hot stuff) is still trying to ask her out and won't take hints that she's not interested. Then somehow the annoying guy finds out who she's dating. And I'm stuck after that. I want a non violent and non smutty story that can be resolved in one chapter and ends with the annoying guy finally not hitting on her anymore.
So, if te could just help me find a little spark of inspiration...
 Jeffersonian posted più di un anno fa
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