I need guy and best friend consigli please

Hi everyone for a couple weeks my friend has been crushing on this guy at school. Just about everyone is crushing on this guy hes a senor he break dances sings and plays chitarra and hes good looking. I wanted to be the one who doesnt like this guy. I didnt really like him. but during this week my friend has been trying to talk to him me da her side. On a days we have the same linch my friend and i but not on b-days. Me and this guy have the same lunch everyday. He always plays chitarra and sings when we walk past him. I would always look the other way. I finally looked at him and he smiled at me he didnt turn away he kept Canto and playing. Then every b-day when i dont have lunch with my best friend he always finds a way to get near me and talk o dance. He also looks like he is going to come and talk to me but then hesitates to and turns around. I kind of like him now ever since he smiled at me. what do i do? Do te think he likes me?
 brittannydubon posted più di un anno fa
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Bite_Me_Tender said:
lol i know how u feel a guy does that to me. always talks to me and touches my arm when we sit da each other but then he always deny it...wat i think is this guy likes u but cant express his feeling o dosent think u like him back try talking to him...txt him o call him LOL
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posted più di un anno fa 
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