Please,Dare answer if te know your history...caution:ITS LONG

Dont tell me to Google it,i tried but my internet(besides fanpop)is here te go:
i got some risposte from the movie The Mummy for these domande and i got them wrong. many canopic jars were there for mummification?
2.when was the sphinx built?
3.were the great pyramids the first ones to be created?
4.what took the soul to the underworld?
5.where were the pyramids of giza and the sphinx built?
6.what color was the crown of lower egypt?
7.who wore the mask of anubis?
8.were locusts the first plague?
9.why is the crown of seti I outdated?
10.what was the name of pharoah's bodyguards' sword?
11.was your cuore ripped out?
12 where was the first congolese prime minister born?
13.where was idi amin from?
14.what does the archimedes principle state?
15.what did marie curie die of?
16.what is the haber process?
17.what is dynamic equilibrium?
Ps:you can answer only the ones te know.
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Thrillie-jean said:
1.there were 4 canopic jars to represent the 4 sons of horus:imsety,hapy,duamutef and quebehesenuef. the 1st dynasty,so it wouldnt have been completed in the 19th Dynasty as the movie indicates.
3.the 1st pyramid was the pyramid of djoser AKA the step pyramid,it wasnt until later that those of giza were built. wasnt the chariot,it was the ferryman,the god Kherty,using waterways.
5.they were in Giza not thebes.
7.only the priest in charge of mummification wore the mask,not everybody as the movie shows.
8.according to the bible and hieroglyphics say it was the 8th.
9.coz the during the 19th dynasty,the pharaoh wore the double crown-a combination of upper and lower egypt to symbolise union of the two kingdoms.
10. The scimitar.,you needed it for judgement before osiris where your cuore is weighed against a feather.
12.patrice Heméry lumumba was born in Onalua in the katakokombe region of the kasai province of the belgian congo.
14.any body fully o partially submerged in a fluid is buoyed up da a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced.
15.radium poisoning
16.the haber process used to manufacture ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen.the reversibile reaction is
N2(g)+3H(g)<-->2NH3(g)+92 kj very simple terms in chemistry,its when the rate of the inoltrare, avanti reaction matches the rate of the backward reaction,eg:
there ya go.
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