What makes te proud of your family?

My family is awesome!
So my cousin DD Jackson is a very talented famous jazz pianist.
His website: link
Wiki: link
He teaches a blind kid how to play the Pianoforte too. (the kid is amazing!)
And then my uncle worked on the lenses for the odyssey and galileo spazio probes.
My other cousin is also a very talented photographer.

 RobinFan360 posted più di un anno fa
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trainofdoom82 said:
Me and them will always be tight.
Family every single giorno and night
Even when they start actin like a fool
They know that my Amore for them is true.

They make me scream
They make me wanna sing.
They push my buttons, they make me wanna hug em'

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posted più di un anno fa 
Omg, I loved that mostra as a little kid!!!
Lacerta3 posted più di un anno fa
Me too lol
RobinFan360 posted più di un anno fa
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