Is he cheating? o is she just a friend? ?

Well my boyfriend for about a mese and a half now has been talking to other girls, but there is one girl I'm worried about. She always is around him, she texts him a lot and tag him in a lot of pictures on Facebook. Him and her both claim that they are just friends, but is that really all they are? The girl is way più closer to his family than I am so that scares me. I even think his mama likes her better than me. He says he only loves/likes me but Is that really true?? He always spends time with me, but yet he spends time with her too. What do te think??
 aneedham99 posted più di un anno fa
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Ayaka said:
She sounds like the type to be close family friends, if your bf says he loves you, I suggest te trust him, after all a healthy relationship starts with trust XD I can understand that te will feel that way but in my opinion, she is just a friend. :)
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posted più di un anno fa 
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