UTAU help!

I want to make my UTAUs, but I don't really have the software needed to make them, and I have nobody near me who would help me make the voices.
So, I was wondering if you, the people of the internet, that KNOW how to use UTAU, want to have their voice made into UTAUs. All of them are females, so far. I'm working on a male design now, but do te want to have your voice put into a program to sing?

I have five, and here they are:

Aki Motatsu: link

Tiru onigaku: link

Akachan Nota: link

Saku Oto:link


If te know how to use the program, and want to volunteer your voice, tell me.

What I want te do is make a voice bank, o make a recording of your voice, and post it here so I and choose which ones I want (If I get any at all).

And if te don't want to volunteer, please don't answer.
Thank you!
Sorry, new ELLEN link:link
numnumyellow67 posted più di un anno fa
 numnumyellow67 posted più di un anno fa
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legend_of_roxas said:
Oh! I would Amore to volunteer! I pretty much know how to use the program, I just can't remember the lista of sounds to make a whole voicebank...
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posted più di un anno fa 
that's part I always get wrong XD and thank you, I could really use the help :D I'll lok up the sounds to make :3
numnumyellow67 posted più di un anno fa
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