Can te end this story? (5)

It is simple, I write down a situation without ending it. You'll have to type out how this girl ends up. Does she get saved? Does she get brutally murdered? Does something completely out-of-nowhere happen? te decide this girl's fate, without boundaries. (this is the random club, after all) Original, ain't it? Here goes:

‘I was sent out of the boss’s office with a final warning. Apparently, Facebook is a no-no here at the office. Can’t he see that I have friends? It’s not my fault that he hasn’t bothered to keep up with the time… I sat down on my chair, and started up my Personal Computer. I clicked on the FireFox icon, and clicked on the cerca bar…’

 Bond_Of_Fury posted più di un anno fa
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egyptprincess7 said:
After a couple of minuti of searching I finally found the website I wanted. This website allowed me to hide the site I want hidden from my boss. Finally! I happily entered in Facebook and noticing that my boss was coming this way,I went on the other tab I was on. "Glad to see te aren't on Facebook anymore,Mrs.Green." He said,looking at me with an approved expression. I simply nodded and went back to work,waiting for him to leave. Just then,somebody called for the boss and he went in to talk to whoever it was. I heard a scream then,the secretary ran out of the office looking like a madman was chasing her. Everybody jumped from their chairs and proceeded to run away as well after seeing that there was indeed a madman chasing her. I carefully hid under my scrivania, reception and waited. The person left the room we were in,following my co-workers. I looked in the boss's office. There he was,he was on the ground with a huge hole in his head and all his limbs taken off and were used to decorate the office. I felt the bile come up to my throat and I hoped I could hold it in. I walked swiftly out of the office,stopping at the bathroom and locking myself in. There I went to the nearest toilet and threw up my breakfast. After I was done,I called the cops and sank down the bacheca and rocked myself for a bit. Apparently I passed out after that and the police took me out of there. I was in shock,was what they said. I believed they were right. A lot of my co-workers were murdered. Brutally,might I add. I liked most of them too. The person who killed them wasn't caught but apparently he hated my boss,they found out about him due to the fact he wrote that he hated the fat glob on his back. I wished I never came to work that day. I couldn't forget the sight I saw.
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posted più di un anno fa 
Poor girl.
Bond_Of_Fury posted più di un anno fa
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