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So I found out that most people here don't have much knowledge about creating banners after they made fan clubs. So, if te created a fan club and it is in desperate need of banners, please answer here because I happen to know how to create banners and I just found out how to add glitter to a banner.

So if te need any banners, feel free to answer this domanda o message me on my wall!
 halle1283 posted più di un anno fa
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a11-swift said:
i want to make a luvly banner 4 a club
n the celebrty name is Taylor swift
i would to have a banner 4rm u
but plz add 5 percent glitter out of 10
thank u 4 solving my prob
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posted più di un anno fa 
Your banner is under construction. I'll probably carica tomorrow
halle1283 posted più di un anno fa
thank u but where??
a11-swift posted più di un anno fa
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