What subject could te read 500 libri about without getting bored?

 MaryZaki posted ·10 mesi fa
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TheLefteris24 said:
Pretty much, anything that happens to involve major interests of mine. Some among them being:

- History
- Mythology
- Supernatural (Angelology and Demonology being two primary examples)
- Religions
- Philosophy
- Animals
- Prehistoric Life
- Martial Arts
- Details about preferito Series of mine (Shows, Movies, Video Games, etc.)
- Comics / Manga
- Erotica
- Certain aspects of Music
- Natural Phenomena
- Travelling
- Various Civilizations and Cultures around the World
- spazio !!!!
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posted ·10 mesi fa 
unicornqueenfl6 said:
Yesh but only for 100 libri
after that im like im not bored ima be smart and then I paint
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posted ·10 mesi fa 
JetBlack__ said:
Animal world.
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 Nature. Animal world.
posted ·10 mesi fa 
2ntyOnePilots posted ·10 mesi fa
Mauserfan1910 said:
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posted ·10 mesi fa 
twinklestar11 said:
um idk cuz im not a person that loves to read. libri get really boring to me, even if they r really good
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posted ·10 mesi fa 
Rihanna312 said:
Maybe psychology
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posted ·10 mesi fa 
8theGreat said:
Theres a few.

-Art obviously
-Lolita also obviously. Yes there are libri about Lolita.
-Philosphy and essays
-History also probably? libri on culture and subcultures too.
-Any sort of thing that I can like... dissect and pick apart thematically that also aren't just straight up boring like the scarlet letter.
-Uh. Manga. Does manga count? Weeb 4 lyfe
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posted ·10 mesi fa 
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