What do te think dreams mean? Do they not mean anything? o are they alot più important that we make them out to be.

For about a decade now I've had dreams that create a very long stories all out of order. one of them is my preferito as these dreams are always very vivid and have been happy for the longest period of time. There are 3 pieces to this story: the rebellion, the war, and the wasteland. I'll try to sum it up as quickly as possible. In my dreams the universe is run da supreme beings. Each species of supreme beings is dato a district to take care of and run. In our district what I call the “blob” creatures run things. They are basically large blobs of black tar with a blue & purple shine to them that can take on any shape.. but they tend to look più like an octopus/ jellyfish combo. These supreme beings came to us when they first saw us being created they loved us and hated us. We were different from lots of the other lifeforms in the universe. We could do anything we thought of and had the potential to become so powerful that we could overthrow the alliance of supreme beings that kept the universe in order. They decided against destroying us and instead decided to make the supreme beings incharge of us keep us in check. Whenever they sensed an area of power on earth they would go in and kill those people before they had a chance to grow. They couldn't allow us to realise our power because we are far too stupid as a race to use it wisely. If we kill our own kind without realising this who knows what we'd do if we'd do if we knew. So other species that wished to visit earth were dato very struck rules so the humans didn't quite even know what was happening. They ruled over and and we humans were all kept in the dark.

My dreams start taking place when the supreme beings came down to do one of their normal checks on is to kill any powerful beings. Except things didn't go as planned. One had a dream about them coming the night before (the character I play). I managed to hide from them long enough to find others like me and together we found out we had incredible power
We created a rebellion and with each and every giorno we grew in power and eventually we were able to fight off the supreme ones instead of hiding. That's when the war started. The supreme beings decided earth wasn't necessary and agreed to exterminate us. But many other creatures who visited watch o lived there though that wasn't fair. So our district of the galaxy diviso, spalato into 2 parts. Those who want humans dead and those who want humans Alive. There was a great battle and the entirety of earth was the battlefield. At this point In time all humans had realised their powers and helped In the fight. We won. But only to realize that this whole time we were only alive because of the beings we had destroyed. They ran the planet and kept us safe. They kept us from destroying the world completely. Any part of earth that was still intact after the war was soon ruined da those who remained alive. Not too long after our planet became a wasteland. A disgusting pool for all the leftovers of the galaxy and those who had no where else to go. My character died in slavery and humans were on the edge of extinction… used for nothing other than entertainment and labour. We destroyed ourselves because we couldn't control the power we possessed and put a whole district of the universe in ruins in an attempt to save ourselves.
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 kittykazami posted ·5 mesi fa
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But I shit te not, I had a spirit wake me up once.
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