Character domanda Game

I was thinking making this little game for a little while so might as well do it now.

lista 10 characters and put them in a scenario and answer the questions. Also, don't look at the domande before listing your characters.

Character 1:
Character 2:
Character 3:
Character 4:
Character 5:
Character 6:
Character 7:
Character 8:
Character 9:
Character 10:

1. [Character 3] tried to confess his/her Amore to [Character 7], but been rejected. What does he/she do afterwards?
2. [Character 10] noticed that [Character 6] is crying in the corner. What will [Character 10] do to cheer him/her up?
3. [Character 5], [Character 3], and [Character 4] are waiting in the long line for the big roller coaster. Which character is most likely will cut in line and which one would give up and leave?
4. [Character 3] became a Chosen One that’ll defeat the Big Baddie/Goodie. What will the public’s reactions?
5. [Character 2] had murdered [Character 6]’s most precious toy. How would [Character 6] react to this?
6. [Character 1], [Character 9], and [Character 2] are having an argument of who gets to pilot a jet. Who would eventually end up piloting?
7. [Character 1] had stabbed his/her best friend, [Character 2], in the back during the zombie apocalypse. What is [Character 1]’s motivation of his/her action?
8. [Character 6] witnessed an edgy man and a clown fighting each other in his/her birthday party. What will he/she do?
9. [Character 8] has a choice between Bulbasaur, Charmander, o Squirtle as his/her Starter Pokemon. Which Starter Pokemon will he/she pick?
10. [Character 9] decided to become [Character 8]’s rival. Is he/she an asshole, a friendly rival, o a mix of both?

 SwordofIzanami posted ·2 mesi fa
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