Me and Henry were running to the albero house.I got out my phone and dialed nine-one-one.
"Nine-one-one what's te emergency?"A lady said.
"Hello.Me and my Friends found a woman in the forest,she looks like she was stabbed!God,please help!Please!"I begged.
"Okay ma'am.Where did te find her?"The lady asked.
"In the forest successivo to Flint Road!"I answered.
"Is someone with her?"She asked.
"Yes,my friend,Sarah.Oh God,when are they coming?"I asked as a I heard a moan.
"They're coming right away!Honey,go find your friend and the lady and wait in the forest,we're coming Hun."She detto in a sweet voice.
"Okay,Come on Henry!"I said.
"Okay,sweet heart,I gotta go.Other people are calling.Bye."She said.
"Okay.Come on Henry!"I couldn't wait.I ran and found the woman and Sarah.
"Sarah!Oh thank God you're alive!"I detto and hugged her.
"Sh!She's trying to remember!Ariana stabbed her!"Sarah whispered.
"She...she...Maybelle.Find her.Help...her!She...Wait.What are you're.Names?"She asked and stumbled over her words.
"Sarah and Alicia,and Henry."I said.
"Your swords...Find the key...Then te can defeat Ariana."She said.
"What?I need più than that!"I told her.
"Sh!Okay,you need to be calm.What is your name?"Sarah asked her.
"I'm,Amber.I'm...Ariana's...Sister."She revealed.
Me and Sarah gasped,and we both stood up.
"S-s-sister?But,you're so sweet!She's a evil little wench!"I said.Then Sarah nudged me.
"I,know.You have to bring me with you!"Then she gave Sarah a locket.When she opened it,a little picture of Amber appeared.
"When te find the key,open this."She said.
"Okay,I promise,I'll help you!"Sarah said.
A few minuti later the cops arrived and picked up Amber in a gurney.
After they left,we all went back in Freestone.
I stopped everyone in their steps.Ariana stood there.She smiled and tilted her head.
"Ha ha."She mumbled stepping closer to Sarah.
"Sarah,did te think I died?I think te did!Now,give up,you can't kill me!"She demanded.
"Stop,don't give in!No matter what!"I told Sarah.
"Ooh?Well I think Sarah might rethink that."Ariana stepped aside,and revealed a man in a army suit.
Sarah gasped.
"Dad?Dad!"Sarah ran to him and hugged him.
"Sarah!Stop it's a trick!"I told her.
"Is it?"Ariana asked.Then,I saw him.
"SPARKY!Sparky!"I ran to my old horse.
"Sparky?Is that you?I thought you..."I dozed of and hugged his neck.
"Now give me your swords!"Ariana demanded.
"No!"We both detto in unison.
Then,Ariana,Sarah's dad and Sparky dissapered!
"DAD!!DAD!Dad no!"Sarah dropped to her knees.
I stopped,tears peeking out of my eyes.
He was gone again.
We gave Sarah a minuto to calm down.
Henry and Sarah started to walk to the door.
Henry stopped and asked.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing."I said.
Then he walked away.
"Everything."I sighed.