1.If someone at your school o not at your school is being bullied tell a teacher o someone else dont wait until it gets out of hand.

2.if someone is bullying someone else tell the bully to stop it but not in a way that gets te a punch, punzone in the face.

3.if te know someone who is depressed o is always da themselves go talk to them o do something that would make there giorno not just because its a nice thing to do but because it could change there life in ways te wouldn't understand.

4.If a person is consantly being annoying to others da teasing them about who there going out with o teasing them about who there Friends with dont do nothing tell the bully to leave them the hell alone but only get physical if te need to protect yourself o somone else.

5. IF your a bully (which i hope te arnt) dont hurt others for your own pleasure it just makes it hard for te and who ever your bullying if te have bullied somone in the past o still are try and change yourself say sorry to the people te have hurt it may not help te da saying sorry but it will help another person.

6.Ok if a friend of yours is saying there going to commit suicide ask them if there serious o joking because suicide is nothing to joke about and some people take it very seriously if there joking about it tell them its just not on and it can really scare people if they are serious tell a parent o guardian just because your friend tells te not to tell anyone does not mean te should let them kill themselves TELL SOMONE!.

7.if there is a cyber bully dont just let them keep Bullying people o yourself do anything to get them to stop like segnala them,tell a parent,send a message to whoever owns the site o tell the police because cyber bullying is against the LAW!.

8.helping a person out is not just about being nice to them if there carrying lots of libri o having money trouble help them out but DO NOT give a person online o a stranger money o your adress but help them out as best te can.

9.ok if a friend is being abused my there parent o anyone else TELL someone DO NOT confront the person right then and there unless your with atleast another person o it will only get te and maybe another person hurt.

10.Love one another as te have loved te if te dont Amore yourself atleast Amore others because it could help another person in many ways.