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So I published a 3 part set of articoli over on the Musica spot, and I wanted to post them here as well (hope that's alright with everyone) because random has just such a wide variety of people and I think getting two sets of opinions is cool.

If anyone cares I compiled a lista of bands I personally Amore that I think could use some più recognition. I'm gonna have links to some songs da them (if te care to take a listen) and a bit about why I like each as well as a picture of the band, if te wish to base on appearance alone and the genre(s) they fall under.

Within Temptation

Genre: Symphonic Metal (some also consider it to be Gothic Metal)

Okay so these guys are pretty well-known on this site, but I put it on them on anyways because I Amore them so much and think everyone should know about them. Within
Temptation is a Dutch band formed in 1996. They have taken up various styles (their last album was più popish but they usually have a più Gothic and Celtic/folk influence to their songs) Sharon tana, den Adel (the lead vocalist) is super talented and very friendly with her fanbase. She is really good with high notes (heck, she has one of the best vocal ranges I’ve heard she can go super high and low), and her live performances are superiore, in alto notch; her stage presence is amazing she always seems like she enjoys herself and tries to keep the crowd involved. On superiore, in alto of this the lyrics Sharon and her band mates come up with tell great stories, te can practically see them in your head, it's like Leggere a book (particularly her Mother Earth album). If I could describe her songs in one word, it would be enchanting. The band has this fairy-tale quality to it.

Here are some of the songs;
Mother Earth: link

Jane Doe: link

Our Farewell: link (My Personal Favorite)

Enough about them (I could praise them all giorno but te all probably don’t want me to). Moving on…

Omega Lithium

Genre: Industrial Metal

Omega Lithium is a Croatian band formed in 2007. They’ve only released two albums as far as I know but they are amazing. This band has più of a rock influence and I don’t know about others but I can hear some Trace in some of their songs. Lead vocalist, Mya Mortensen has a rougher voice. She doesn’t do much screaming, but she has a voice for it if that helps with visualizations. The great thing about Mya though, is she’s actually good with the symphonic metal style vocals too; she can hold out high notes pretty smoothly and she hits them very well. So with her it’s not just flat out classic-rock style roughness. Lyric wise the band has some pretty interesting concepts—like Andromeda, that one is about a sort of humanoid creation. Pretty cool if te ask me.

Some of their songs;
Andromeda: link
Dance With Me: link
Kinetic: link


Genre: Symphonic Metal

Delain is another Symphonic Metal band formed in the Netherlands (one of the members, Martijn, actually used to be in Within Temptation :P). The band formed in 2002. And apparently their band name was taken from a town in a Stephen King novel, pretty cool if te ask me. The band, much like Omega Lithium has a huge rock influence. First and foremost I Amore their cover art; it’s not just immagini of them and the band. They actually have these really cool cartoon but life like people on the album covers and these creepy birds wearing gasmasks. carlotta, charlotte Wessles is a great vocalist with a wide vocal range. She has really powerful lyrics, her song we are the others is pretty inspirational. This is just one of those bands that I just Amore and I can’t explain quite why. So if te care to, why don’t te just take a listen, I can’t really put the wonder of these songs into words

Generation Me: link
April Rain: link
We Are The Others: link

Die Antwoord

Genre: Zef (also categorized with rave, rap and hip hop)

And here we have the very odd and kind of creepy Die Antwoord they are a South African band formed in 2008. They are a part of this genre called Zef (now I don’t know if they just made this up o what lol but I like it). Zef is kind of this rap like style that’s blended with funky techno beats. Yolandi (the female of the group) describes it as "Associated with people who la minestra, zuppa their cars up and rock oro and shit. Zef is, you're poor but you're fancy. You're poor but you're sexy, you've got style." It creates for a rather interesting style and concept. I haven’t quite heard anything like it. Now they have some beef with Lady Gaga, legit they had her mauled da a lion in one of their Musica video and she got back at them over Twitter, pretty crazy. Anyways Yolandi has a really different voice; it’s soft and almost child-like. Ninja (the male singer) has più of a rough voice, he does most of the rapping. Fair warning these guys can be pretty vulgar (they actually do have a song about masturbation, so if you’re not into that avoid Orinoco Ninja Flow ).

Here are some of their songs;
Fatty Fatty Boom: link
Rich Bitch: link
Cookie Thumper: link


Genre: Indie Pop, Witch house, Industrial (and a lot more)

Grimes also known as Claire Boucher redeemed Canada when she formed Grimes in 2009. I’d like to start da saying that this woman is mad original, I mean come on, witch house!? I haven’t even heard of that until Grimes. She combines a lot of styles like the mentioned above and darkwave, electronic, and such which really creates for a rather unique sound. Her voice is practically inhuman. The best way I can describe her Canto is to say that it reminds me of something I can only conjure up from my subconscious during a dream. Her Musica is like the stuff I’d imagine you’d hear during a near death experience thing. Ya know how they say Musica is a drug? They were talking about this. Even più than Delain I really can’t put what her songs are like into words so you’ll really just have to take a listen to know what I’m talking about. All I can say is Grimes is one of the most strange and one of a kind things I have ever heard.

World Princess: link
Genesis: link
≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈Ω≈: link (Legit, those symbols are the name of the song!)


Genre: Power Metal (Also considered da some to be Symphonic and Gothic metal)

Pythia is from the UK and was formed in 2007. They have a large Celtic and folk influence. Emily Alice Overden has a super powerful and strong voice. She is much like the others in her genre in her ability to hit a good high note and then be able to hit really low notes. Very wide vocal range. This band is very unheard of on fanpop last I checked I was the only one on that spot. if there’s anyone on here te check into please let it be these guys they are super talented and super unknown. The lyrics are crazy good like Within Temptation the lyrics are of a fantasy theme and create pretty cool stories and immagini in your head. Besides the lyrics their general appearance is amazing, te should see their photoshoots and album covers.

Some songs;
Cry Of Our Nation: link
Bury Her: link
baciare The Knife: link


Genre: Gothic , Darkwave, and Synthpop

Last but not least for part one is the German band Blutengel founded in 1999. These guys have a much darker style than the others above. They are the ones with the vampire Musica video and the suicide-note style lyrics (I don’t mean to offends as it’s a sensitive subject) and Chris Phol has a thing for guyliner. I am a pretty big fan of the women who sing along side Chris they have such beautiful and peaceful voices. Blutengel’s Musica is basically a complication of dark lullabies. They are an odd mix of rock, techno, and Gothic music. Pretty cool but at the same time eerie and melancholy in a good way. They’ve also got some pretty wicked instrumentals.

Some songs;
Seelenschmerz: link
Reich Mir Die Hand: link
Schmerz 4 (Tod): link

The Lovecrave

Genre: Gothic Metal & Alternative Rock

The Lovecrave is an Italian band formed in 2004. Francesca Chiara, the lead vocalist had actually created a computer generated alter-ego for herself that she named Rain—the cool thing about this is that her entire album (The Angel and The Rain) comes with this booklet that is basically the story of this character, and this story is actually built around the songs! Super cool and unique to Lovecrave. As for the band’s complessivamente, generale style they mix the whole Goth and rock thing with some electro and almost techno sounds. It’s a neat mix and Francesca has a very distinct voice. She actually reminds me of the lead vocalist in another group called Mandragora scream, which I may talk about in future articles.

Here are some of the songs;
Can te Hear Me: link

Vampires: link

My Soul: link


Genre: Alternative

Okay, successivo to maybe Grimes and Die Antwoord these guys are da far the weirdest I have come upon yet. Formed in 2008 this band originating in London, this band has—legit—21 members (Alibi, Belle, Bennett, Coughlin, Culwick, D, Dana, Green, Gusset, Honey, Kiki, Kumari, Launette, Lipstick, Luddite, McClean, Missmiss, Namsoo, Polydorou, Strick, Wunderla) yes I did have to cerca up all their names as I can’t even dream of memorizing them all. It’s crazy. These 21 have created such a unique concept between the visuals (all that face make up and crazy costuming) and the actual vocals. Each member of the band puts forth something special and they have that almost dream-like quality I described with Grimes. I personally hear some of that witchhouse style as well as electro and a dash of Indie with this band. But don’t take my word for it, judge them yourselves;

Hello Spider: link

Power Of Money: link

From The Mouth Of The Cave: link

Malice Mizer

Genre: J-Rock (Japanese Rock) some also like to call it Gothic Rock and Symphonic Metal

Don’t be deceived da the picture, every single one of them are males. Malice Mizer is a Japanese band formed in 1992, so they go pretty far back. They have this very dark Gothic style to them and they flawlessly blend the Goth and the rock with più of an orchestral take. Like Gaggle, I think they have a pretty cool visual concept; they wear feminine Victorian era clothing (often dresses). And that’s pretty much the era most of their Musica video and song lyrics are set in. I’m pretty keen on the Victorian era and they nailed it, costumes, instruments, vocals and all. I quite fancy them, they take me away to a new time period.

Some songs;
Hakai No Hate: link

Saikai No Chi To Bara: link

Gardenia: link


Genre: Symphonic Metal

Xandria was formed in 1994 in Germany. Before anything else I’ll point one thing out; this band has gone through lead vocalists like no tomorrow (though they kept their male vocalist since the band formed), so they get a much of different sound and style every once and a while. So below I’ll post songs from each singer—because with this band te may find that te like one album but not another. The first lead vocalist was Lisa Middelhauve from 2000 (so it was just the male vocalist Marco for the longest time) to 2008 (and came back briefly in 2010. Lisa was my personal favorite. I think she had the most powerful voice and the widest range—though she was più soprano than alto. She was very good at harmonizing. And the lyrics written during her time in the band I do believe were the most mythical and storytelling. In her era they sang about più fantasy themed things. She released 4 albums with the band (India, Ravenheart, Kill The Sun, and Salome). Kerstin Bischof started sometime in 2009 and ended only a anno later in 2010. I’m not as familiar with her era as I am with the other singers. Honestly Kerstin didn’t do much with the band, most of her stuff was live and she didn’t even release and album with the band. But I don’t mean to trash talk her, she was a pretty good singer and I do enjoy her solo songs. So last we have Manuella Kreller from 2010 to 2013. She actually announced her departure only a couple weeks fa on the 25th of October. She has a very beautiful voice and did good in holding a candle to Lisa’s flame. She and the band released an album titled Neveworld’s End. They managed to hold out the enchanting theme that they had started with. Though I feel they got a bit darker and some of their songs almost harder rock. As mentioned earlier though, Manuella is now leaving the band to peruse a solo career (best of luck to her). And now the band has Dianne furgone, van Giersbergen, they hadn’t a chance to release anything yet, but I’m looking inoltrare, avanti to what Dianne will bring to the group.

Here are some of their songs;
Now And Forever: link

The Lioness: link (couldn’t decide which of these two Lisa songs to post)

Snow White: link (If I have my facts correct this is one song with Kerstin

Forever More: link (And last but not least, Manuella Krellar)


Genre: J-Rock (Japanese Rock)

Born is a Japanese band formed in 2008. They defiantly have a harder rock style in which they incorporate scream. And man can they scram good. The band’s lead vocalist, Ryoga can do some pretty unique things with his voice (such as make himself sound più feminine). And in one of the songs he does this wicked psychotic laugh that I quite oddly enjoy. To be honest though, they sound a lot like most others in their genre vocal wise but they are still awesome. I do wish I could talk about the lyrics, but they are in Japanese and I do not speak Japanese, I think ya’ll can see where the problem lies. But based on song titles alone, I can imagine they sing about some pretty cool stuff.

Here are some songs;
Radical Hysteria: link

Psycho Diva: link

Criminal Berry: link


Genre: Bubblegum Pop and Eurodance

Moving right on from the dark and heavy Born to the up-beat and happy smile.dk, this band is from Sweden and was formed in 1998. You’re all going to shoot me for doing this again, but these guys have went through a ton of singers too. And honestly I can’t even keep track of who is who and who sang what outside Veronica Almqvist who has been there the whole time, Nina Boquist, (who was there for the first album) and Hanna Stockzell (who was there for the most recent). No clue where Cecilia Reiskog and Malin Kernby come into play. And to be even più honest until I searched up immagini of the band (like 5 years ago) I didn’t even realize that they had switched singers at all, so fear not their style didn’t change much at all album to album. Despite the confusion I think the band is super adorable. They have the cutesiest, happiest sounding voices and sing the up most cheerful songs. They also have some really cute video like the one for farfalla which takes place in this sort of virtual world. farfalla is one of their most popolare songs—in fact te may have even heard it before, just not knowing who sang it. They have a very tecnoy style and actually add in some tropical, beachy type to a good number of their songs. These guys also do stray from their happy-go-lucky style sometimes and make più peaceful, softer songs too, like ‘Nothing’s Missing’ that one is just very soothing and relaxing compared to their party-hard ‘Bumblebee’. Before linking te to some songs can we just discuss something for a second? Bubblegum Pop—this is the only band I know that actually falls into the genre bubblegum pop. Much like Die Antwoord this group leaves me wondering if they just made that up! Anyhow enjoy the bubblegum;

Butterfly: link

Coconut: link

Bumblebee: link

Dazzle Vision

Genre: J-rock (Japanese Rock), Screamo, Alternative Metal, Metal Core

Formed in Giappone in 2003, Dazzle vision is a pretty insane band. Lead vocalist, Maiko has got to be one of the most badass female screamers. Her screams send chills down my spine, but then she goes back and sings so sweetly and soothingly it leaves te wondering wtf just happened. Maiko is just one of those singers that allows te to feel the emotions in the song. ‘Second’ in particular gets pretty intense. Not even joking, it sounds like she’s having a mental collapse, while she’s screaming te almost want to scream too. Part of what I really Amore about this song is that she does this crazy thing—it’s like that psychotic laughter that turns into violent cries (sort of like that thing Azula did in the Avatar season finale). And this is pretty much how a good number of her songs are. I don’t know how Dazzle vision doesn’t have più fans. The instrumentals are pretty kick-butt too.

Take a listen;
Second: link (you all saw this coming right?)

Evolution: link

Vision: link

I know it's been a while since parts 1 and 2 but I found some più bands I thought were cool that don't really have a fanbase at all.


Genre: Folk Metal

Eluveitie is a band formed in 2002 that comes from Switzerland. As te can imagine from a folk metal band they play the bagpipes and the fiddle and even a thing called the Irish bouzouki. To go with all of these folk instruments te got your guitars and drums and your roaring. The band is huge, at one point they had a good 10 members. Chrigel Glanzmann and Meri Tadić are the two that have been in the band from the very beginning. Merin left in 2013, I'll miss her. And then there's Anna Murphy, she's probably my favorite. She and Meri provide the softer female vocals that contrast Chrigel's rougher voice.They sing in a what is labeled an "extinct language Gaulish". Their Musica video and photoshoots are pretty cool as well. All around cool band.

Omnos: link
Thousandfold: link
A Rose For Epona: link

One Eyed Doll

Genre: Gothic Punk & Horror Punk

Where do I even begin to describe this band? Kimberly Freeman is so wonderfully weird. She and Jason Rufuss formed the band in 2007. They are from the U.S--Texas to be exact. If you're into dark humor, you'll Amore One-Eye'd Doll. Their songs are rather morbid and have a degree of satire, but that's what I think makes them cool. They sing a song called 'Be My Friend' (twisted song really) it's basically about a girl who kills people and wonders why no one likes her. One-Eye'd doll also made this creepy version of Wheels On The Bus. If you're a Bellatrix Lestrange fan like myself, then you'll know exactly what I'm referring to when I say that Kimberly is the Bellatrix of the Musica industry.

Be My Friend: link
Battle On: link
The Wheels On The Bus: link

Ancient Bards

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Ancient Bards is an Italian band that formed in 2006. What I like about these guys is that they don't sing about break ups o parties o even really Amore songs at all--they sing about dragons, the 4 elements, raising evils, and basically fantasy related stuff. If te want a song with a story, a fantasy story to be exact go for Ancient Bards. Sara Squadrani, the lead vocalist has a really unique vocal set and a pretty great range. They put out a few neat Musica videos.

The Birth Of Evil: link
Daltor The Dragonhunter: link
In The End: link


Genre: K-pop

Wa$$up is a super new Korean band that formed in 2013 (as of this date, just last year). The group, like most Korean Pop groups is great at dancing. The choreography is really fun to watch. There Musica is super up beat and good to dance too. Being such a new band they only have about 5 o 6 songs released currently. Nari and Nada are awesome dancers and even better rappers (both of which hold positions 'lead rapper' and 'main dancer'). Jinju is also an important member as she provides the main vocals. They have this tomboy, sporty theme going on.

Nom Nom Nom: link
Hotter Than A Summer: link
Wa$$up: link


Genre: J-Rock

Established in 2004, Nega is a Japanese band. They do a lot of screaming and roaring as well as più clean vocals. What makes them really cool are their borderline-horror Musica videos. The costuming for the band is really neat as well. Jin is the lead vocalist and does most of the screaming.

Muddy Cult: link
Guilt Trip: link
Deluge: link


Genre: New Wave/Nu Metal

These guys formed in 2001. They are an Austrian band with a Polish lead singer--named Agata. These guys are pretty neat. They managed to take yodeling and make it metal. This is a band that can go from dance(ish) Musica to a metal style in seconds. If I have my facts straight they were initially gong to name their band Suicide Mission. They mostly sing in English but some songs are/contain Slavic languages.

calzino & Doll: link
Play With Fire: link
On The Run: link

Emma Hewitt

Genre: Vocal Trance

I know I mention her quite a bit. Emma is was in a band called Missing Hours but went (whilst still working with Missing Hours) solo in 2007. Her first solo album was released in 2012. She's an Australian singer whose done both rock and trance/house music. She as a really sweet and light vocal quality (which is why I'm glad she went for trance). Her lyrics are really calming and rather inspiring. Most of the bands I've been mentioning are either really dark, metal, and/or up beat and dancy. Emma's songs are più mellow and soothing. She's sung with some notable artists of the same genre like Chris Lake, Armin furgone, van Buuren, Dash Berlin, and Cosmic Gate.

Still Remember You: link
Waiting: link
Calm Down: link
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Song: link

Man 34: *Driving a silver Malibu. He honks his horn twice as pedestrians trying to attraversare, croce the street*
Ian: *Pulling a freight train*
Man 34: *Gets a text on his phone, and puts the phone on his steering wheel. He increases his speed, going over the of 45*
Sean: *Pulling a passenger train*

The two engines were heading for a railroad crossing. So was the man texting while driving.

Man 34: *Turns right, driving on the train tracks*
Sean: *Blows his horn twice*
Man 34: What the? *Looks in front of him* How did I get on the train tracks?!
Sean: *Goes up into the air with his whole train,...
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It all started back in November of 2013 - I finally received a new cellphone, a Nokia Lumina 520, and along with it, I finally got my own email account and password.
While it was nice having those, I didn't really use them, not even to make a Facebook account. However, in Natale of that year, while watching some YouTube videos, it suddenly dawned on me: I could use the email and password to create my own Google account and commento on YouTube videos. I liked Leggere other people's commenti (When they were not rude.) and I wanted to do it, myself.
After creating my Google account, I immediately...
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