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posted by LadyL68
♥If you're asking if I need you,♥
♥The answer is forever♥

♥If you're asking if I'll leave you♥
♥ The answer is never♥

♥If you're asking what I value,♥
♥The answer is you♥

♥If you're asking if I Amore you♥
♥The answer is I do♥


READ THIS!!! I didn't write this poem, I found it earlier today.
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posted by jeniffer2200
-Get a magazine and get a pen and start making funny faces to the pictures

-If te have a video game turn it on and play and if te play with protagonist start making funny deaths to him/her

-Write a song

-if te are a girl go and make a new hair style (it's fun)

-go and play online games

-Hear some Musica and try to sing a-long

-Watch a comedy movie/series

-Try to help your mum da cooking o cook yourself

-if te have a pet go and play with it

-call some Friends and tell them what have te done along the day

-plan for a party and create invitations

-if te like to draw,draw a member from your family and give it to him/her as a gift

-Chat with Friends online on fanpop,facebook,twitter ETC.

-Go and cerca for some new wallpaper online for your computer
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