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posted by Insane4ever
Its sunday morning 5 pm..i mean am...damn it....charly mc picknose was just getting out of bed

charly: *gets up,rubs eyes n opens eyes*...aaaaaah!!...what the hell lary....whatcha doing in mah room!!?!???!??!
(lary bonerhead was charlys best friend)
lary:actualy this is my room,you fell unconcious at the middle of the party
charly:what party,i grigio, dun remember anything
rock:the best party ever!!!!how do te not remember it
(rock....idk his last name,no one knows...is a party crasher,he will sneek into any party)
lary:what the hell!!!how did i not notice te rock
rock: oh i was sleeping in your bushes outside your house
jarry:rock....you idiot
(jarry lick a lot is...well...everyones friend,everyone knows him n everyone respects him....)
rock:no te are the idiot,idiot
(....exept rock)
jarry:how am i the idiot,i didnt sleep in the bushes....i slept in your dog house.....

End of part 1
Chapter 3 The cult

“What are te on about?” I was shaking with anger. How dare she say what I am and what I'm not “Stuff you” I wanted to say much worse. I walked away from her. Suddenly James was in front of me, smirking at me then he slowly vanished. I had to get out of here. da the time I come back it will be too late.

I was walking down the empty strada, via the sun had set already. How long have I been walking for? I did not even feel tired. Some how I ended up at the park... thinking of Hannah, I walked past where it all happened Hannah screams echoed inside my head. I felt nothing...
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posted by Fangirl99
i dindnt say anything for a minute,then i spoke.

'do te know why?"

'well,she detto something about an old friend in texas." izzy told me.

"you dont think.."

"maybe.where else could she have gone?"

"come da my house after school,i have plan."

After school,izzy came over.We went to my room.

"what are we gonna do?"izzy asked,as soon as she walked in the room.

"wee gonig to find aslee" i siad,trying to sound as serious as possible.

"youre kidding,right? i mean,where are we gonna go?"izzy said.


she stared at me.Blankly.Not saying a thing.As if she was gonna drop dead.

"izzy?"i asked,trying to get her back to reality.

"you must be on drugs," she said


"youve got to be joking me.i mean,your mom is not gonig to take us,my mom is dead,and theres no way ere gonna..wait...your not saying?

"yep,wee going to texas"
posted by KatiiCullen94
This is what i would say to my jacob, if i can even say he is mine.

How do i even start off, do i start off saying that i dont know how to start off,or do i pour my cuore out,that first word, i dont know anymore..Because with you, nothing is the way it seems, o the way it was before. Everything changes even the way im supposed to write this, you've confused me.
OK,, i think is this part where i pour my cuore out right?? if not. im going to sound.. odd. but who cares now? not you. te wont even read this my love.
ok here i go, keep me from falling.
I meet te on a saturday, on the first saturday...
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posted by KatiiCullen94

why do i still say Alice?... start again

Dear Bella... *who was i kidding.. not myself.*

now im starting to talk to myself, . If im going to do this, i should make it a diary.no. i hope no-one ever reads this... they will think im crazy.. but arent anyway, according to jessica and her new cult...
Anyway. Today started to the sound of rain, like it always did, ever since you's left.The sound makes me restless,like it did when i first came here. i had a bad dream. te were in it. It so depressing,, not like i cant tell the difference anymore.
Jake kissed me today. i couldnt back out,...
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Miley Cyrus
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My friend shared this video with me and it really hit home....so I thought I'd share it too :) Maybe it will brighten up someone's giorno who can relate :)
posted by -SkySplitter-
Dramatic Song: da Toby Turner (A.K.A Tobuscus)

This song sounds dramatic
But I'm bad at Scrivere words
If te don't speak English
This probably sounds pretty good.

You'd probably think I'm singing
'Bout some pretty serious stuff
But in reality I'm Canto about
The lack of stuff I'm Canto 'bout

This part's intense, and emotional!
As long as te don't understand it.
Your foreign grandma would Amore this song
Please send it to her and she'll probably

Tell her foreign Friends about the song
Her grandson o daughter sent her today.
This song might hit the charts in her country
If parts sounded like Cold Play.

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