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2ntyOnePilots posted on Nov 02, 2018 at 01:26AM
Choose your family of fanpoppers. Not like a friend group though. That’s too easy. The trick here is to create a family of people who act according to you as a certain family role. It’s kind of a vague statement on purpose, everyone has a different meaning for family + different ‘roles’ I guess.
(Ex: Mom friends, dad friends, that sibling who always pissed you off but you still love them, the really really close friend who could practically live with you, partner [husband wife etc] brother, sister, anything of the sort. You don’t have to get along. That’s the best part! You’re friends might see eye to eye, but this family doesn’t have to. XD and for those with a gang-style family... let me tell ya, that’s very true)
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·11 mesi fa 2ntyOnePilots said…
Oh also, you can change up your fam when you want, hav3 jokes, tease each other, meet up, just mess around if you want. For example the old Mauser-Prez ‘rivalry’ which I’d consider a kinda of sibling thing. XD
2ntyOnePilots commented…
Ha ha shoulda know it wouldn5 kick off. ·11 mesi fa
TheLefteris24 commented…
^ te never know. Just with the majority of Content here, give things some time !!!! ·11 mesi fa
·11 mesi fa TheLefteris24 said…
Welp, we have done this before so let me recall and sort out each one's positions... Ah yes, here I go:

GDragon is the Mother.

JetBlack is the Father.

Nomy and Zanhar are the Aunties.

The Prez and Springely are the Uncles.

Dreamtime is the Grandmother.

Blindy and DisneyPrince are my Brothers. The former being my elder twin one.

Riku and Candylover are my little Sisters. I also have a slightly older one over a few months. That being SilentForce.

whatsupbugs, CokeTheUmbreon, Seanthehedgehog, SwordofIzanami, EgoMouse, Zeppie, PureHeroine, LittleMissBook, 2012Jackson, Twinklestar are all Cousins of mine. The rest / majority of Fanpoppers that I have met are my distant Cousins.

Enya is my Lover.

And 2nty is my Daughter.

That's pretty much about it for now. Will probably be updating this !!!!
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2ntyOnePilots commented…
Yesss!!! That’s agr8 family! Wow I could so see ppl as those. XD I’m your daughter! ❤️ ·11 mesi fa
TheLefteris24 commented…
^ I'm glad te approve. Yep ❤️ !!!! ·11 mesi fa