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posted by nmdis
It's the boy te never told 'I like you'
It's the girl te let get away
It's the one te saw that giorno on the train
But te freaked out and walked away

It's the plane te wanna catch to Vegas
Things te swear you'd do before te die
It's the city of Amore that waits for you
But you're too damn scared to fly

[Chorus x2:]
Hit the lights
Let the Musica sposta you
Lose yourself tonight
Come alive
Let the moment take you
Lose control tonight

It's the time that te totally screwed up
Still you're tryna get it out your brain
It's the fight te had when te didn't make up
It's the past that you're dying to change

It's all...
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posted by jessy_an
Most of time when te talk to a person and start to talk about another person with them like how much they are nice and especial for te so the person with whom te are talking feel jealous that te like another person più they think about it più and più and they start to hate te can see how jealousy turns to hate and in this world we should Amore each other because hate can destroy the world and the earth is only place where te can live don't destroy it don't make anyone jealous I know it's happens to te too.
PS: I'm bored lol idk what did i just write.
posted by sid1123
So i would like to write about this since it has been happening very often now and i would like to share my thoughts on this very pressing issue .. all of us hav the right to criticize .. But the domanda is not how we criticize others o why we do it ... It is what if someone did the same to us .. Not everyone has the ability to take criticism that well.When we say something rude to someone it mostly depends on how they take it. Us fanpoppers have our own way of doing things and we are random who cares but we should not hurt others .Because of this we fail to correct our biggest mistake which...
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posted by RandomOne
Note: These have been all tried da me.
1) Go around saying "I'mma ninja" to random people and pose like a ninja

2) Throw popcorn at random people and run away if caught

3) Go to the mall, clothes section, and ask the worker where the baby clothes is. Go to the bathroom. Come out and ask the same worker the same question.

4) Go up to person and say "Why were te following me? Huh?". Then leave, hopefully, te run. If they follow. turn around and say: "See? WHY do te follow me?" Run off for good.

5) Knock on a persons door and ask "Do te have gum? I need some for my little cousin..." Before they...
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(Intro Music)
We wonder, are te ready to unisciti us now?
Hands in the air, we will mostra te how come and try caramell will be your guide (be your guide)
So come and sposta your hips,
Look at your two, do it
You and me can sing this melody

Dance to the beat,
wave your hands together
Come feel the heat,
Forever and forever
Listen and learn,
It is time for prancing
Now we are here with Caramelldansen
Fron Sweden to UK we will bring our song Austrailia,USA,and people of Hong Kong They have herd...
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