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 Tan lines
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tan lines
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This random foto might contain bagnante.

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Miley Cyrus
silent night
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sweetest poison run into my mouth
bittersweet in taste
what te think I would do
i still just in Amore with te
your kisses are like fuoco
te take me to the stars and higher.
dark is the night,
but if we colouring dreams, it will be shine light.
a breeze of wind is in the air
it´s flying a leaf into your hair.
my cuore is flying like a butterfly.
Let`s be together te and I.
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For all Wreck-it Ralph fan out there, here is a club I made here to create and play as your own character from any of the games in the Movie! So far we have the Games of Fix-it Felix Jr., Sugar Rush, and Heroes Duty! I would have just made a link but it would not add it here, so here it is!

To those who stumble on this article, Welcome! This will be the Role Play for those who Amore the Movie Wreck-It Ralph. This page itself is for te to game jump. te can share things with different characters, go try your luck in another game, and mainly to make friends. There will be a couple rules, but...
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First Of All I like to Give examples of what i'm talking about
EX: Shall I like Miley cyrus for climb then i should like her personality ,taking all the package .
She Got nude inoltrare, avanti in future Shall I still support her to death
o Why?

other point people
there are different genres of Musica ,but teenager o fan go for pop most of all.
Like MJ fan
When i checked his song i didn't get amazed ,it's like Leggere newspaper it's not arranged like regular songs
Most of his songs he screams out loud ,not a song ,it's più like shouting in streets.
&his fan are crazy ,love every single stuff about him

I Didn't Mean to Insult anybody Just Thinking

Why I can't get respectable mostra o artist

why there is nudity ?

o fame depends on that
wear unsuitable clothes o grabbing crotch .
da telling me it was a mostra & they were recitazione only
how i can believe reality?
Why I Should accept that?

I fed up with all of that
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