random If te were stuck on a deserted Island, what would te choose to have?

Pick one:
Lady Gaga
An Ant Farm
A Yo-Yo
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Water a lot of water
Added by aitypw
My ipod (Can't live without my music!)
Added by sapherequeen
Rémi (:
orso Grylls
Added by ThatDamnLlama
sharon tana, tana, den adel
Added by zanhar1
never ending cake
Added by orangeturnip
My mom
all my Cibo that ill need
all my Cibo that ill need
Added by jefferyw52
Selena Gomez
Added by Prajjwalyash
Allen Walker :P
a good friend
a good friend
Added by pokeman101
A genie
A genie
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