random HoW rAnDoM aRe YoU fEeLiNg RiGhT nOw?

Pick one:
Pretty random!
Pretty random!
Eh, not that random. I&# 39; m kinda bored, really.
Eh, not that random. I'm kinda bored, really.
I do not know
I do not know
So RaNdOm, I&# 39; lL kNoCk YoUr SoCkS oFf WiTh My...
So RaNdOm, I'lL kNoCk YoUr SoCkS oFf WiTh My RaNdOmNeSs!!!!
Added by missracoon
I&# 39; m feeling normal, Gamzee
I'm feeling normal, Gamzee
Added by SecraLas
spazzy* twitchtwitc- htwitch*: B
Added by dragonchick
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