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[edit]Ratchet and Clank - Skill Points

Ratchet & Clank~ The Ultimate Skill Point Guide.

1. Take Aim - {Planet Novalis} Shoot down any of the flying enemies with your Devastator/Gold Devastator.

2. swing It! - {Planet Aridia} Traverse the Swingshot course in the factory without touching the ground.

3. Transported - {Planet Aridia} Shoot down three transports.

4. Strike a Pose - {Planet Kerwan} Stand between the legs of the robot above Al's Robo Shack. T.I.P: Glide down from the final tower {before the train station} and land on the roof to get to the robot statue.

5. Blimpy - {Planet Kerwan} Shoot...
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Here's how to get unlimited bolts on Planets Rilgar and Kalebo III.

What te need.
• A copy of the original Ratchet and Clank.
• A PS2 o PS3.
• A memory card with save file that is up to Planets Rilgar o Kalebo III.
• The Gadgetron Hologuise.
• The Taunter.

How to do it.
• Go to the hoverboard race manager on either of these planets.
• Equip the Hologuise and enter a race while wearing it.
• te should find yourself on the hoverboard track, walking.
• Take off the Hologuise and equip the Taunter.
For Planet Rilgar.
• Find the massive jump that is about 2 thirds of the way through the...
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oro Bolt Locations

Planet Novalis
The path behind the ship leads to a bolt crank.  Inside at the end are some cracked rocks that can be blown up with the Bomb guanto on the right bacheca to reveal oro Bolt #1.                                                                                
Along the water works path to the Plumber, bacheca jump up to the ledge.  At the superiore, in alto will be oro Bolt #2.                               
Once te comeback with the O2 Mask (Pokitaru) and the Hydro-Pack (Hoven),...
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Clank is awesome! Here's 31 fun facts all about the little guy!
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Here i mostra te how Sonic Boom Video Games have the same Gameplay style as Ratchet and Clank Video Games.Even the part where they use a whip to attack enemies. swing on them. And get around the level is so similar as well.