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 raggio, ray raggio, ray ;)
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Faa all da raggio, ray raggio, ray innamorati :)..no bad commentss plz
raggio, ray raggio, ray
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This Ray Ray (Mindless behavior) foto might contain ritratto, headshot, primo piano, and closeup.

posted by prodigywife99
Name:randy rayon
Birthday:January 6 1997
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Influences:Michael Jackson,drake eninem
Fav food:tacos
Fav color:purple
Fav movie:twilight
Fashion style:he kinda dresses lyke a skater mostly
Luvs 2 eat Hershey
He iz the 2nd oldest of mindless behavior group
He iz also the 2nd rapper of the group roc royal iz the 1st hehe
He luvs mindless girls
He is best Friends with prodigy<3
He luvs 2 dance and be goofy
Afraid of elevators
.he luvs 2 draw pics
He takes hiz artbook on the tour bus with him all the time
I luv prodigy<3 and rayray<3 they r the best in the group 2 me and mindless behavior been together 4 4yrs and they have absolutely came a long way luv yhu Mb 143
Randy Rayon (born January 6, 1997), who performs under the mononym raggio, ray Ray, is an American singer and dancer. He is part of the Canto group Mindless Behavior. He attended marina Del raggio, ray Performing Arts where he honed in on his craft.
Randy Rayon was raised and born in Los Angeles,California da his two parents, Lopez Rayon and his mother Randy Norewood. His mother is African American and his father is Belize. He started his dancing career with Tommy the Clown, and went on tour with him. He also knows how to crump. He went to marina Del Rey Performing Arts, and there he honed in on his craft....
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posted by gottalovemb2
Um, okay I decided to cancella the Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. series (I thing u know what I'm talking about) because I feel like no one is Leggere anymore, plus I don't have a lot of time to do so, I might think about deleting it. But if te dont want me to cancella it and keep going with the series, then I won't but it will take a long time to do so. So tell me if te want me to keep going.

I'm out, bug bye xoxo
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posted by RayRaycutie
we walk about 5 miles n da the time we get out, its pitch black outside
me-we're here
ray-in the middle of nowhere?!
me-lmao no! we're at a pond
ray-there isnt one in ths neighborhood
me-yes there is, its a hidden pond i found it wen i waz 5
ray-i cnt see anythng
me-ur confused rite?
me-we cnt see anythng. *in his ear* nothng
ray-*tightends his grip on my hnd*
me-randy r u nervous?
me-okay *pushes him dwn on erba n gets on superiore, in alto of him*
ray-uh...Mariah shldnt we b-be g-gttn h-home?
me-*gets in his face* in a litttle while *licks his face*
ray-*clutchng grass*
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posted by xoRay-Rayxo
Birthday: January 6
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Fav Color: Purple
Fav ice cream: Cake Batter
Fav artist: Drake,Usher,Michael Jackson
Fav Sports: Football and skateboarding
Fav Athlete: Desean Jackson
Fav Movie: Twilight Saga
Fav actor: Robert Pattinson
Fav t.v. show: Tom and Jerry
Fav comic book her: Iron Man
Fav school subject: Math
Fav book: Twilight libri
Words used offen: Seriously,thats funny,thats cool
Inspirations: Michael Jackson and Drake
Best Natale gift resived (sp?): All the twilight books
Best birthday present resived (sp?): Money
Place most wanted to visit: Paris,France
Bad habbit: Talks when nervous Good habbit: Polite to strangers What makes him mindless: Charming personality, confident
Signiture accessery: Braids and googles
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