Mordecai, and Rigby arrived at Canada.

Mordecai: Alright. We just need to find Game Stop, and get Sonic Forever.
Rigby: Agreed.
Mordecai: There it is *pulls into parking lot*
Aaron: *arrives*
Mordecai: Ah
Rigby: Oh no!
Mordecai: *hides da side of car*
Rigby: *hiding successivo to Mordecai*
Aaron: *walks into Gamestop*
Mordecai: Aw man. What is he doing in there?
Rigby: Buying a video game?

Inside the store

Aaron: Excuse me. Do te have Sonic Forever?
Clerk: Yeah. It's Eighty dollars.
Aaron: What? *pulls wallet* Fine, here's eighty dollars.
Clerk: *Counting dollar bills* Alright, here's your game. *gives Aaron Sonic Forever*
Aaron: *Walks out of store* Finally. I have Sonic Forever.
Mordecai: Oh no.
Rigby: Let's get it from him.
Mordecai: Alright. *gets into car*
Aaron: Hey!
Rigby: *gets in*
Mordecai: *Drives away*
Aaron: *jumps into car* I'm going to get te two! *floors it* Where's your Cadillac?
Mordecai: He's behind us! *turns right*
Aaron: *drifts*
Rigby: *Finds bat* Whoever owns this car must really like baseball.
Aaron: *shoots car*
Rigby: Slow down, and get successivo to him.
Mordecai: He's got a gun!
Rigby: And I've got a bat
Mordecai: *gets successivo to Aaron*
Aaron: te prepared to die? *aims gun*
Rigby: *hits Aaron*
Aaron: AH! *hits wall*
Mordecai: *Stops car* He's not moving. *gets out*
Rigby: *Follows* Is he dead?
Mordecai: *takes game* Who cares? We just got Sonic Forever for free.
Rigby: Nice. Let's get outta here.

So they did. When they returned to the park, Benson was infuriated.

Benson: te are in so much trouble!
Mordecai: Whatever, we've got a game to play.
Benson: Hello?! I am talking to you!
Mordecai: *Shows game*
Benson: Sonic Forever? te let me play that with you, and I'll forget about your punishment.
Mordecai: It's a deal.

The end