Hello, I'm gonna do a superiore, in alto 5 episodes of the first few seasons, starting with the first. Since I kinda stopped regularly watching after Fuzzy Dice, I might not do the later seasons. Instead, I'll just lista any of the recente ones I saw & liked. Sorry if my reviews end up kinda short, I'm not too good at explaining stuff. :x Let's start!

5. Meat Your Maker

While I thought this episode was great, there were others I found funnier. The plot was pretty good with some funny moments like when Mordecai crossed his arms & went "you pissed me off." haha. It sucks CN had to censor that part, but I guess I can kinda understand why.

4. Mordecai & The Rigbys

I enjoy episodes like this, so obviously this would be one of my favorites. The song was cool & plot was interesting.

3. The Power

The first episode of RS & of course the first one I saw. I had my doubts at first before RS premiered, but I'm happy I watched it. It was tough to decide whether this should be #3 o #2. I just Amore everything about this ep. Now give us a raise loser! lol

2. Just Set Up the Chairs

Definitely deserves to be on this list. I could never get tired of watching this one over again.

and #1 is....

Prank Callers

Oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard since idk when. This episode is just fantastic.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I was gonna mention my runner-up was Caffinated concerto Tickets.

Well, there ya have it. Season 2 to come later.