Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

Mordecai & Rigby were watching TV, when a commercial came on.

Rigby: Aw, really?
Mordecai: Screw this.
Rigby: Hold up! There's a commercial for a videogame!!
Man: Now available in stores is an all new Sonic The Hedgehog game, that has all the sonic games in one disc!
Mordecai: Awesome.
Man: te can play up to 45 characters in any game.
Rigby: I want this!!!
Man: Only available in Canada!
Mordecai: WHAT?!!?
Man: Sonic Forever! Rated Everyone 10, and up.
Rigby: How could it be only available in Canada? That's 200 miles from here!
Mordecai: Well, we better get there fast, cause that game is ours.
Rigby: We don't even have a car.
Mordecai: I'm sure we can find something.

They both went towards Muscleman who was taking a nap.

Rigby: We'll take the keys to his car, steal his money, and go.
Mordecai: Are te sure about that?
Rigby: He has been mean to us for no reason!
Mordecai: Alright, just shut up, and let's make this quick. *steals money*
Rigby: *steals keys*
Mordecai: *leaves house*
Rigby: *leaves house* Alright, let's find his car.
Mordecai: I think it's in here *opens garage*
Rigby: *pulls off cover* Aw sweet!
Mordecai: Who knew Muscleman would have such a nice car? *gets in*
Rigby: *gives Mordecai keys* Sonic Forever here we come!
Mordecai: *starts car* Aw nice. Sounds like it has a lot of HP *drives*
Muscleman: *wakes up* My car
Mordecai: *turns left*
Muscleman: Aw great!! It's gone!! Why couldn't they take the van?! *goes back inside*
Mordecai: I still think this is a bad idea, what if Muscleman catches up to us?
Rigby: He won't. We just gotta return the car without him knowing.

Back with Muscleman

Benson: Have te seen Mordecai, and Rigby anywhere?
Muscleman: No, and my car is missing!!
Benson: They must've taken it.
Muscleman: AAAH!! *punches hole in door* Let's go! We'll take my van-
Benson: No.
Muscleman: What?
Benson: We are taking my truck. Grab your shotgun, and let's go.

Mordecai, and Rigby kept driving down the highway to Canada.

Mordecai: Ok, how much money do we have so far?
Rigby: $350
Mordecai: That's great. Now we just gotta spend it only on emergencies.
Rigby: Relax I got it.
Mordecai: Are te sure?
Rigby: Yeah man *drops money out window* Uhh.
Mordecai: What?
Rigby: About the money...
Mordecai: te Lost it?!
Rigby: $250 of it.
Mordecai: Aaaah. te idiot! te never hold something like that near a window!
Rigby: Oh. Hey, we're near a casino we can win più money!
Mordecai: Alright dude, but te better win.
Rigby: Relax, I'm good at this.
Mordecai: Ok.

They stopped at the casino. Then, they went inside.

Security: Go ahead in.
Mordecai: *enters*
Rigby: *enters*
Dealer: Any new players?
Rigby: Alright, here we go. *walks to table*
Dealer: Welcome. If you're joining this game, te need 20 dollars.
Rigby: Here te go. *enters 20 dollars*
other players: *put in 20 dollars*
Dealer: *deal cards*
Mordecai: te sure te know what you're doing?
Rigby: Yup. Just quit worrying dude. I got this
Dealer: te taking any cards?
Rigby: I'll take two *switches two cards*
player 1: Three
player 2: Four *shows ace*
player 3: Only 1.
player 2: He must have something good.
Dealer: Alright, start betting.
Rigby: I'm entering $45.
players: Ok *put in money*
Mordecai: (He may win this!)
Rigby: *shows cards* I have four of a kind kings.
player 1: Damnit! Three aces.
player 2: Full house of 3's and aces.
player 3: Four of a kind....
Mordecai: (Oh no)
Player 3: Of.......
Rigby: *is nervous*
Player 3: Jacks.
Dealer: The winner is Rigby.
Rigby: *recieves $240*
Mordecai: te did it!
Rigby: Alright. We have enough money dude, let's go.
Dealer: But te just got here. te sure te wanna leave?
Rigby: Yeah, we have a very serious thing to do.
Dealer: Whatever man.

Mordecai, and his friend left, when one of the players from the game left.

Mordecai: *gets in car*
Player 1: ciao wait!! *notices car* Whoa. Is this a '54 Caddy?
Mordecai: Yeah.
Player 1: Nice man
Mordecai: Eeyup. *floors it*
Player 1: Aw man... I gotta steal that thing!
Player 2: Aaron, come on man we gotta continue playing!
Player 1: Forget it. I have a car to steal!
Player 2: Are te meaning one of those '54 Caddies you've been obsessing about?
Aaron: Yeah man. Let's go!

Mordecai continued driving until he saw a billboard.

Mordecai: ciao check it out! Sonic Forever available at gamestop, 150 miles away, exit 42. te got that?
Rigby: Yeah man. I can't wait to get that game!
Mordecai: Yeah, me neither.
Aaron: *honking horn*
Mordecai: What is with those guys in the Prowler?
Rigby: I don't know, ciao wait a minute! They're those guys from the poker game!
Mordecai: I wonder what they want.
Aaron: GIve us your car!!!
Mordecai: Oh dude, we can't let them have this!
Rigby: Then drive!
Mordecai: Alright *floors it*
Aaron: *follows*
Mordecai: *drifts*
Aaron: *nearly hits car*
Mordecai: *turns off highway*
Rigby: What are te doing?!
Mordecai: Losing them!
Aaron: *slows down* Move!!!
old lady: *driving 4 miles an hour*
Aaron: *pushes car out of way*
Mordecai: *turns on dirt road*
Aaron: Which way did they go?!
Player 2: I have no idea!
Aaron: *turns on dirt road* There they are!
Mordecai: *drifts onto other road*
Aaron: *turns*
Mordecai: *passes SUV*
Benson: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Mordecai: *turns onto right side of road*
Benson: *drives off road*
Muscleman: How did te get air in this thing?!
Benson: The bump near the road?!! Aaahhh *lands*
Mordecai: Goddamn, I think that was Benson! *drives into someone's backyard*
Rigby: Why did te stop?!
Mordecai: We're hiding!
Aaron: *drives past*
Rigby: It worked!
Mordecai: Yeah. Let's get back on that highway.

Mordecai continued to the highway, but while they were doing that, Benson was infuriated.

Muscleman: I can't believe those guys ha rubato, stola my car!
Benson: I can't believe they RAN US OFF THE ROAD!!!! Now we have a flat!!
Mordecai: *drives past*
Muscleman: HEY!! Get back here te thieves!!
Mordecai: *does a burnout*
Benson: I am going to fuoco them when we get back!
Muscleman: If we ever get back.
Aaron: *stops nearby*
Benson: Oh great, help.
Aaron: Are te two trying to stop two guys driving a '54 Cadillac?
Muscleman: Yeah dude. How did te know?
Aaron: I heard te shouting at them.
Benson: What do te want if we catch them?
Aaron: Their car.
Muscleman: Nu uh dude. It's my car. I've worked on that thing with my dad.
Aaron: I see. Well how much would another car like that cost?
Muscleman: I don't know dude. We'll look it up, and give te the money.
Aaron: Thank you.
Benson: Oh hey, we have a flat, do te think maybe te can help us with that?
Aaron: I can go get a tow truck.
Benson: Thanks.
Aaron: *walks back to car*
Player 2: Well? Are they helping us?
Aaron: No. We'll ditch them here *drives away*

Meanwhile with Mordecai and Rigby

Mordecai: We're low on gas. We have to find a station soon.
Rigby: There's one we can go off here.
Mordecai: Alright *goes off highway*
Aaron: *drives past*
Rigby: Dude! I saw the poker players!
Mordecai: Forget them. They're not following us.

It was only 140 miles away. The game store with the video game Mordecai and Rigby wanted was only 140 miles away, but they had to stop for fuel.

Aaron: *thinking*
Player 2: What is it Aaron?
Aaron: I can't help, but think we saw those two guys again.
Player: te mean with the truck?
Aaron: No te imbecule, I meant the ones with the Cadillac! We'll get on to the other side of the highway, turn around, and go to the gas station they're at. *exits highway*
Rigby: Is it finished yet.
Mordecai: te should know it's no.
Rigby: What? Why?
Mordecai: Because te asked me 5 times already!

A campana, bell suddenly rang, and no più gas was going into the car

Mordecai: There! Now it's full. te happy?
Rigby: Sure.
Mordecai: Good, cuz you're paying.
Rigby: What?!
Mordecai: *takes money from Rigby* te heard me. *walks to cashier*
Rigby: Laaaaaame *sits back*
Aaron: *sees car* It's them! *floors it*
Player 2: Why are te going away from them?
Aaron: The guardrail between us, and them! *exits highway*
Mordecai: *comes back* Thanks dude. I knew te had enough money.
Rigby: Right, sure.
Mordecai: Oh shut up. I'll pay successivo time, how about that? *drives*
Aaron: *gets on other side of highway*
Rigby: Dude! It's the poker players!
Mordecai: WHAT?! I thought we saw the last of them *floors it*
Aaron: *catches up*
Rigby: They're gaining on us!
Mordecai: There's a lot of traffic in front of us! *turns right*
Player 2: They're in the right lane!
Aaron: I KNOW THAT!! *goes left*
Rigby: How do we get these guys to stop following us?
Mordecai: This is Muscleman's car. Maybe he has some weapons around here.
Rigby: *looks* Hey, I found a grenade!
Mordecai: What does he use those for?

Muscleman: *throws grenade at birds* WOOOOOHOOOOOO! Take that!!!
Birds: *die*

Rigby: Who cares? Let's use it against those guys
Mordecai: *lowers window*
Rigby: *pulls pin, then throws grenade*
Player 2: OH GOD!!!
Aaron: What is it? *sees grenade* AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *hits guardrail*
Player: Aww man. Wait, the grenade didn't explode! Haha! YES! *throws grenade away* How was that possible

The grenade then explodes, causing a policecar to hit the guardrail

Aaron: Oh no! *gets in car*
player 2: *gets in*
Aaron: *turns key* Come on, start!! *turns key* te peice of junk!
Player: Why didn't we get a Chevrolet? We'd never be in this shit.
Cops: *walk towards Aaron*
Aaron: *starts car* YES! *drives backwards*
Cop: *shoots Aaron's tire*
Aaron: NO!! *hits other car*

After Aaron got arrested, Benson, and Muscleman were still sitting at the same place where they ended up.

Benson: Where are they?!
Muscleman: I don't know. Why don't we just steal a car?
Benson: We're not leaving my truck here!
Muscleman: Dude, forget it! We're stealing a car, and therefore te can have it for free!
Benson: *sighs* Fine. Let's steal a car.
Person: *driving a viper*
Muscleman: Hell yes! *grabs shotgun*
Person: *stops*
Muscleman: Give me your car dude!
Person: Ok, here *gets out of car* It's yours!
Muscleman: Thanks *kills person*
Muscleman: He could've called the cops on us. *gets in* Hurry up dude.
Benson: *gets in*
Muscleman: *drives*

Meanwhile in the police car

Aaron; We're heading towards those guys with the pickup.
Muscleman: *Drives past*
Aaron: Whoa! They just ha rubato, stola a car?
Police: *go after Muscleman*
Benson: Oh great, now the cops know we killed somebody!
Muscleman: No they don't! We just gotta outrun them *drifts to the right*
Police: *follows* I need backup! Suspect is driving a '96 Dodge Viper, blue with white stripes!
Muscleman: *enters highway*
Police: They just entered the highway
Muscleman: Stupid guardrail!
Benson: What are te talking about?
Muscleman: See that guardrail on our left?
Benson: Yeah, so?
Muscleman: We can't get on the other side of the highway because of that! *exits*
Benson: What are te doing now?
Muscleman: Getting on the other side another way.
Police: *nearly hit delivery van*

5 miles ahead

Moredecai: I'm feeling tired dude.
Rigby: Yeah, me too.
Mordecai: Alright, we're about 70 miles from the game store, let's look for a hotel, and we'll continue tomorrow.
Rigby: Alright. *sees sign* Hey, there's a Hampton Inn on the successivo exit.
Mordecai: Perfect. *turns off highway*

2 minuti later, Muscleman passed da the highway exit

Police: *still chasing Muscleman*
Benson: Yeah, this is a perfect way to lose them.
Muscleman: Screw te man, te aren't doing a damn thing.
Benson: Oh yeah? *Grabs shotgun* Keep driving! I'll hold them off *shoots cop car*
Police officer: *spins out of control*

Eventually, all the pursuing officers crashed, and the chase was over

Benson: Alright, now what?
Muscleman: Now we find a place to make this car look different. All we have to do is change the license plate, and color on the car.
Benson: Can we do that tomorrow?
Muscleman: Sure.

While Muscleman continued driving the car, Benson was getting sleepy.

Benson: We gotta find a hotel.
Muscleman: I saw an exit for one a while back. *turns around*
Benson: te idiot, you're going the wrong way!
Muscleman: We'll drive on the grass. *turns right*
Police: Hey! He's coming toward us!!
Muscleman: *runs over cop* Losers.
Benson: How about, instead of running over police officers, why don't we find the exit to the hotel?
Muscleman: It's right there dude, chill *drifts to exit*
People: *stop, and honk horns*
Muscleman: *exits highway*
Benson: What hotel are we going to?
Muscleman: There's a Hanpton Inn here. We'll go there, spend the night, and then we change our car.

Meanwhile, at the hotel

Mordecai: Aw dude, check it out! We have a hot tub, in our hotel room
Rigby: I knew this was a good idea.
Mordecai: Yeah, sure te did. It was my idea.
Rigby: *looks out window* Sweet!
Mordecai: What is it?
Rigby: There's a Dodge vipera, viper pulling into the hotel.
Mordecai: A Viper? *looks out window* Oh no. Benson, and Muscleman are driving it, and they're coming into the hotel!
Rigby: At least they aren't anywhere near where we parked.
Mordecai: That's true. Ok, I got a plan. We can't be seen da those guys, so when everyone is asleep, we leave.

At the front scrivania, reception of the hotel

Benson: Hi, we'd like to rent a room for the night.
Clerk: Just for tonight?
Muscleman: Yes.
Clerk: Ok, just give me a minuto to give te guys your room key. *walks to another room*
Muscleman: *looks at list* Benson?
Benson: Yeah?
Muscleman: I think we might run into someone familiar tonight.
Benson: What do te mean?
Muscleman: Mordecai, and Rigby rented a room here.
Benson: Oh, perfect. Just wait when we get the chance to strangle those idiots.
Clerk: Here's your room key.
Benson: Thanks, oh uh we were wondering what room Mordecai, and Rigby were in.
Clerk: Uh, ok. *checks list* Room 211, a floor below the room you'll be sleeping in.
Muscleman: Perfect.

Benson, and Muscleman walked to their hotel room, 307.

Muscleman: When do te want to get those guys?
Benson: At midnight. When they're asleep, we go into their room, and bring them back to the park with us.
Muscleman: Why don't we just get them now?
Benson: We could do that.

In Mordecai, and Rigby's hotel room

Mordecai: *Watching TV*
Rigby: *Relaxing in hot tub while watching TV* Oh great, it's that commercial for Sonic Forever.
Announcer: All the sonic games, with all the characters in one disc. Available at Gamestop only in Canada.
Mordecai: That just made me want to get the game even more.
Benson: *knocks on door*
Mordecai: Who could that be? *walks to door*
Benson: *knocks harder*
Mordecai: *looks through peep hole* AH!!
Rigby: What are te shouting for?
Mordecai: Benson, and Muscleman are waiting for us out there!
Visitor: Hey, shut up out there.
Muscleman: te shut up loser!
Worker: Hey!! What are te doing yelling out here?
Benson: The two in this room have stolen a car from one of my workers, left without permission, and ran me off the road!!
Worker: A likely story. I'm going to have to get te two to leave.
Benson: What? te DON'T BELIEVE ME?!!!?
Worker: Get out, now.

And so, Benson, and Muscleman were forced to leave the hotel.

Benson: This is bogus!
Muscleman: Lame! Wait a minuto *sees car* My Cadillac!!
Benson: Where?
Muscleman: Right there!!
Benson: But we don't have the keys to it.
Muscleman: Do te know how to hotwire a car?
Benson: Uhm, no?
Muscleman: Would te like to find out how?

Since Benson, and Muscleman were kicked out of the hotel, Mordecai, and Rigby stayed until tomorrow morning. When they got to the parking lot however, something surprised them

Mordecai: Great. Muscleman got his car back.
Rigby: I think it was Benson's.
Mordecai: Who cares dude? We don't have a ride to get to that game store, and we'll never get Sonic Forever!
Rigby: I don't think we don't have a ride.
Mordecai: What makes te say that?
Rigby: That vipera, viper they showed up in is here.
Mordecai: And they left the keys over there *Gets car keys*
Rigby: Alright. Let's start this thing.
Mordecai: *gets in driver's seat*

Just when Mordecai started the car, the police showed up

Police: All units, the blue vipera, viper has been found.
Mordecai: *backing up*
Police: Someone else is driving. We better pull them over, and see what happened. *turns on sirens* te IN THE DODGE VIPER! STOP YOUR VEHICLE!!!
Mordecai: What did we do?!
Rigby: I don't know, floor it!
Mordecai: *Floors it*
Police: *Follow Mordecai*
Mordecai: *Drifts out of parking lot*
Police: *Following* Suspect has not stopped, I'll need reinforcements.
Mordecai: *Gets on ramp to highway*
Police: *following closely*
Mordecai: There has to be something to stop that guy!
Rigby: Ok, I'll check.
Police: *Ram Mordecai*
Mordecai: Ah! *nearly goes off highway*
Rigby: *finds wrench* Aha.
Police 2: *Following police* Car 24 to car 30, I'm right behind you, and will assist in the pursuit.
Police: Copy Car 30, get on the left side.
Mordecai: *rams police 2*
Police 2: Losing control. Watch out!
Police: *Slowing down*
Police 2: *Crashes*
Police: Car 24 to Headquarters. The secondary unit has been rammed off the road, but I'm still in pursuit.
HQ: Copy Car 24, keep us posted.
Rigby: *throws wrench at Car 24*
Police: Oh god!! *drives off road*
HQ: Car 24, what's going on?
Police: One of those guys threw a wrench at me!

Mordecai, and Rigby escaped the cops, and weren't that far from Canada.

Mordecai, and Rigby arrived at Canada.

Mordecai: Alright. We just need to find Game Stop, and get Sonic Forever.
Rigby: Agreed.
Mordecai: There it is *pulls into parking lot*
Aaron: *arrives*
Mordecai: Ah
Rigby: Oh no!
Mordecai: *hides da side of car*
Rigby: *hiding successivo to Mordecai*
Aaron: *walks into Gamestop*
Mordecai: Aw man. What is he doing in there?
Rigby: Buying a video game?

Inside the store

Aaron: Excuse me. Do te have Sonic Forever?
Clerk: Yeah. It's Eighty dollars.
Aaron: What? *pulls wallet* Fine, here's eighty dollars.
Clerk: *Counting dollar bills* Alright, here's your game. *gives Aaron Sonic Forever*
Aaron: *Walks out of store* Finally. I have Sonic Forever.
Mordecai: Oh no.
Rigby: Let's get it from him.
Mordecai: Alright. *gets into car*
Aaron: Hey!
Rigby: *gets in*
Mordecai: *Drives away*
Aaron: *jumps into car* I'm going to get te two! *floors it* Where's your Cadillac?
Mordecai: He's behind us! *turns right*
Aaron: *drifts*
Rigby: *Finds bat* Whoever owns this car must really like baseball.
Aaron: *shoots car*
Rigby: Slow down, and get successivo to him.
Mordecai: He's got a gun!
Rigby: And I've got a bat
Mordecai: *gets successivo to Aaron*
Aaron: te prepared to die? *aims gun*
Rigby: *hits Aaron*
Aaron: AH! *hits wall*
Mordecai: *Stops car* He's not moving. *gets out*
Rigby: *Follows* Is he dead?
Mordecai: *takes game* Who cares? We just got Sonic Forever for free.
Rigby: Nice. Let's get outta here.

So they did. When they returned to the park, Benson was infuriated.

Benson: te are in so much trouble!
Mordecai: Whatever, we've got a game to play.
Benson: Hello?! I am talking to you!
Mordecai: *Shows game*
Benson: Sonic Forever? te let me play that with you, and I'll forget about your punishment.
Mordecai: It's a deal.

The End

New Game, SeanTheHedgehog. Copyright, 2013